With the slogan, “U.S. Government can’t do alone to reduce illegal immigration”, the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces the Hiring Foreign Employees Services to bring workforce from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

  • U.S. Employers can take advantage Start hiring skilled workers very talented , cheap and efficient. All foreign participate will have a solid background, screened and cultural orientation to qualified.  The visa authorization H-2B allow labor for 6 months and renewable .  
  • The Chamber will prepare a “ Temporary Season U.S. Job Fair” next March 10-11, Tegucigalpa,  Honduras 

Miami, Florida. February 14, 2022.  

The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce announces the official launch of  its Hiring Foreign Employees Services for U.S. Employers with interest to bring  workforce from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The mission is to facilitate  information, logistic and support for all those U.S. Employers are shortage of  available U.S. workers to fill certain jobs. In addition, In the short term visa H2B, by  connecting US employers to employees in the region through the Chamber. To do  so, the plan will consist in the following: 

  1. Establish a Bilateral workforce centers in Tegucigalpa, San Salvador and city of  Guatemala to organize virtual interview with traductors  
  2. Educate participants about security, compliance and labor law in the United States  3. Bilateral labor agreements through the Chamber with U.S. Employers and local  candidates to facility the information of duties, responsibilities and benefits.  4. Develop an outreach strategy for legal migration pathways through job fairs 5. The Chamber will coordinate paper work, drug test, background checks, health  screening, biometric ID and list of recommendation

In an effort to stem illegal migration, the Biden administration has unveiled a plan  to reduce poverty in Central America program with the initiative for the Northern  Triangle as a call to action to impulse Reform, Digital and Financial Inclusivity,  Food Security and Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Climate Change, Education  and Employment, and Healthcare to ensure inclusive access to healthcare. 

“ Since 2010 we visited Honduras, we know very well that country. The  Chamber is commit to assist federal government with the powerful sector of  minority companies. Our initiative has a goal aimed at assisting U.S.  employers to fill current job openings with skill workers. The H2B visas to work  temporally in the United States will help Honduras to stabilize their economy said Doug Mayorga, CEO and Founder of the U.S. Minority Chamber of  Commerce, “ Federal government believes partnering with the U.S. private  sector will make the plan of action a reality, and we are set to be part of this  great effort of president Biden’s administration. So far, 150 companies have  committed to the goal of developing the Northern Triangle with 400 positions  for skill workers.” 

About the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce: Founded in Miami Dade  in 2000 continues to have a rich tradition of staging one of the best initiative to  reduce poverty, illegal immigration and the organize crime in the region. Working to further its mission to promote and connect global commerce; provide access to  trade opportunities; and develop capacity for minority business development to  understand culture in Latin America and the Caribbean. The U.S. MCC is nationally  recognized for its work with major corporations to promote minority business  development and growth. For more information: www.minoritychamber.net  

For more information, contact Maria Loaisiga at maria.l@minoritychamber.net or  call (202).250.0260.