Why Should You Choose to Use a Firewall?

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A firewall is a security system created to monitor and control the network traffic on a computer system on a port to port basis. A good example of this is the Fortinet Firewall. It acts as a security guard that intercepts and screens all incoming and outgoing traffic for threats and anything else that could compromise the security of the system and the data stored therein. There are several more reasons why you should look into using a firewall. Some of these are:

Reasons to Use a Firewall 

  • Antivirus Protection 

One of the common security threats that a firewall guards against is a virus. As technology advances, computer viruses are constantly evolving along with them. Therefore, a firewall is your first line of defence against websites or links that might infect your system with viruses, ransomware and so on. A firewall intercepts these and alerts you to the dangers thereby keeping you from unintentionally installing dangerous software or clicking on suspicious links.  

  • Protection Against Spyware 

Spyware is a type of malware that is often confused with a virus. However, there’s a slight difference in the way they behave. Spyware is covert malware. This means that it imbeds itself into your system and lies undetected. It is installed without your consent or knowledge and could be an application or it may be hidden from your list of applications on your phone or computer. It steals your sensitive data, logs your keystrokes and saves your passwords. It then sends this information to someone who then uses this to gain unauthorized access to your data. The danger that spyware poses cannot be overestimated. spyware have been used to impersonate people, gain access to their online banking services and steal money as well as other benefits from the victims. Often these Spywares are not detected on time until severe damages have already been done. Even then, it takes a while to get around to setting everything back up and this could be stressful for older citizens who are often the targets of such malicious malware attacks. A firewall is a good defence against situations like this developing. The fortinet firewall price offers great value for your money. 

  • Protection Against Cyberattacks 

A cyberattack is a coordinated attack by cybercriminals wherein they enter or infiltrate a computer system or networks to gain control of that network and steal data, alter commands, launch attacks or disable the entire network system of the firm, organizations or even parts of the country. Cyberattacks can happen to an individual as well as a group of individuals who rely on the same computer network for services. In the past, cyberattacks have been targeted against the infrastructural system of a state or country. This could seriously cripple the targeted people. A firewall comes with a protective measure against cyberattacks. Constantly updating your firewall ensures that you are well protected as cybercriminals are constantly engineering ingenious ways to gain unauthorized access to your system and steal your data. Your firewall blocks any unauthorized access to your information and protects your privacy while you use the internet with peace of mind.


It is strongly recommended that you always keep your firewall turned on. In addition to the basic firewall that comes with your operating system, you should look into getting a subscription to a third-party firewall, preferably one that comes with a whole security suite, a multilayered security service. There are many excellent choices with pocket-friendly prices and one of the best in this category is the Fortinet Firewall which is affordable and offers quality services. You cannot go wrong with any of the many excellent choices available at Fortinet Dubai. Having a good firewall ensures that you are adequately protected against viruses, spyware and cyberattacks. 

       In addition to acquiring a firewall, you must also take common-sense precautionary measures when using the internet, connecting to a public Wi-Fi or using a public computer system. Do not click on any link in a suspicious unsolicited email. Do not click on suspicious links that require you to fill in your banking details. Do not disclose your online banking details on any websites or use unknown and unverified financial payments platforms. Report any suspicious activity. Stay safe. Keep your firewall always turned on.