Why is Node.js So Popular?

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Why everyone in the fields of technology is talking about Node.js all of a sudden, well, that’s not entirely valid. Ever since Node.js has been in the development space since 2009, it has been the blue-eyed boy in the class of technology. While a lot of content online addresses the benefits and drawbacks of this open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, there is no real analysis about its growing reputation and significance in 2021.

Before you even address the reasons that contribute to Node.js popularity, it is necessary to understand the scope of technological progress in the last decade. The internet itself has developed as a union of prominent platforms that revolutionized the way people do business or communicate. This increasing dependence has eventually resulted in more websites and, indeed, more internet users. Statistics show that the last decade alone has seen over 2,837  million unique users, approximately 62% of the global population.

Why is Node.js Successful?

Node.js popularity in 2021 can be associated with several things, including the independence and fluidity it allows for building various apps models. But, of course, some very valid and undeniable reasons have today made it one of the most robust JavaScript runtime environments in the world. In this article, here is a list of some of the top reasons that we’ve curated from specialists across the globe who offer Node.js web development services.

Node.js Speed and Agility

Undoubtedly, it’s fast. Node.js has all the features which make it agile in execution time. One of the most important and notable reasons for Node.js popularity is the fact that it is lightning fast. A V8 JavaScript Engine powers it. Considering that Google built it initially to compile and execute JavaScript fast, there is no disputing that it does it excellently. V8 expedites the accumulation of JavaScript codes into machine codes which lends it the speed. In counting to this, something recognized as the magical event loop assures that the event loop responds to the task to complete the callback after every synchronized operation. The magic event loop methodology is very different from typical conventional looping, which overwhelms a lot of memory and makes it much slower to undertake. Magical event loops make Node.js light magically. 

Node.js Open Source Libraries

Node.js libraries are the biggest and get implemented with the most comprehensive repository of open-source data. The more the number of open-source Node.js libraries, the more successful it becomes. The more popular it becomes, the higher the number of contributors adds to the open-source Node.js libraries. You can not only hire Nodejs developers for your projects but also drive the expansion of its library. 

There is a perpetual evolution in terms of what you can accomplish with Node.js. With more and more developers worldwide accepting it to be a solution, its libraries are increasing, and with that, its reputation and popularity are rising.

Ultimately, the whole idea of having a technology stack is to make the developers’ life easy to develop great apps and websites. That is what developers get with Node.js precisely. With the sort of repository of Node.js modules that are available, it becomes infinitely comfortable for developers to develop as they like and be more productive while they are working on it.

Node.js Cost-Effective Performance

From the business perspective, it is evident that people want to overcome their costs while enhancing their performances. Now, you already understand that I am biased towards Node.js, and I fully believe that it is extraordinary, so instead of relying on my words, I am conferring you with some quick stats. It will also be helpful for any web app development company or any organization providing NodeJS web development services.

Popularity Stats

(Source: Similar Tech)

Out of the 63,000 reviewed websites in the US, more than 37,000 use Node.js. When applied to all websites, you end up with over 6.3 million websites for the US only. We know the US is the most significant enthusiast of Node. Well, startups do enjoy Node.js big time.

(Source: Linux.com)

First eBay, now AliExpress?

Two of the largest online marketplaces run the same, relatively new language on their backend. It is a much credible testimonial to its agility and reliability.

Due to its popularity and easy availability of learning resources, hiring nodejs developers also becomes an easy task as the resources become available in abundance.

Bottom Line

I believe this article has given you a brief idea of the important reasons that contribute to the popularity and demand of Node.js. But, word of caution, if you are a web app development company, whether you think Node.js is appropriate for your business in 2021 or the coming years is a subject that only your business goals can decide. However, one of the quickest, lightest, and most productive frameworks makes Node.js successful. It furnishes you the capacity to pivot your digital presence with honor to your enterprise models, scale smoothly, and facilitate secure hosting anywhere.