Why is my projector not turning on?

Projectors malfunction more frequently than any other electronic device. However, most of the issues are easy and quick to fix. The frequency of malfunction does not indicate that the projector is of poor quality. It rather means the said electronic device must be used carefully.

The two most common issues the projector users face are overheating and the projector not turning on. The overheating issue can be resolved by placing the projector in a well-ventilated room and cleaning the dirty air filter. The projector not turning on is a more serious and complex issue that demands a specific solution. 

Since the same issue brought you here, allow us to guide you what might be the reason.

Why is the projector not turning on?

Frankly, the projector can refuse to work up to expectations for various reasons. To be able to find a cure, it’s mandatory to know the common causes. Here are a few common causes of the issue.

  • Improperly plugged the power cord
  • Inefficient power source
  • Faulty batteries
  • Overheating
  • Restricted A/V signals
  • Burnt out projector lamp

Improperly plugged power cord

When the projector refuses to turn on without any legitimate issue, an improperly plugged power cord can be the cause. No matter how stupid it sounds yet the improperly plugged power cord remains one of the popular causes. So even when you are sure that the power cord is plugged properly, you should always head out to check the power cord first. 

Inefficient power source

If there is nothing wrong with the projector and you have double-checked the power cord as well, the power source can be blamed. An inefficient power source can also prevent the projector from turning on. So, plug a phone charger and see if your phone responds or not. If it doesn’t, the inefficient power source is causing the issue.

Faulty or improperly installed batteries

It must not be forgotten that the projector can refuse to turn on for one of the several major or minor issues. Before unplugging the wires and uninstalling the projector, we suggest you double-check all the minor things that can lead to the problem. When you would be examining the power cord and power source to identify the issue, do not forget to check the batteries as well.

The batteries that your projector’s remote control operate on can be faulty or improperly installed. According to Projector Patch, Whether the batteries are faulty or improperly installed, the projector would not turn on. So, carefully examine if the batteries are properly installed? If no issue is found, remove the batteries and place them in the TV remote and see if the batteries work or not. If they do not, replace the batteries.


Overheating may not seem a serious issue in the beginning, if it remains unbothered the projector shuts down unexpectedly or the bulb will physically explode. Most of the time the untreated overheating issues also prevents the projector from turning on. If overheating has brought the projector to this point, placing the projector in a well-ventilated room and cleaning the dirty air filters would resolve the issue. 

Restricted A/V signal

A restricted A/V signal can also make the projector stopped working. The A/V stands for Audio/visual signals. If the projector is not receiving appropriate image signals the screen immediately will go dark. Restricted A/V signals is not an alarming issue. You can easily bring the projector back to its functional state without any professional help. 

Find and press the A/V Mute button on your projector’s remote, if the projectors start working again. The A/V signals were temporarily muted. However, if the screen remains blank and dark, you may have to check the cables and play with the settings.

Burnt out projector lamp

Even though lampless projectors has been ruling the market yet lamp projectors are not any less common. The projector lamps usually have a lifespan of 1500 to 2000 hours. Once the lamp has brightened up the screen for a good 2000 hours, it begins producing less bright and sharper images. If the lamp is still not replaced, it burns out eventually. The light emits from a projector that forms the image on the screen. So, when the lamp is burnt out, you will get to stare at the black blank screen. If this is the case, replacing the lamp would resolve the issue.

In brief, the projector can refuse to turn on for a variety of major and minor reasons. Improperly plugged power cables, inefficient power sources, faulty batteries, overheating, restricted A/V signals, or burnt-out lamps are the few common reasons why projectors fail to operate up to expectations. Most of the causes of the problem do not even demand professional handling. However, to fix the issue, you need to identify the cause first.