Why are electric bicycles in fashion? 2022

Since its inception, bicycles have been one of the most versatile and adaptable means of transportation. Today they exist in many varieties, be it road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes (or touring bikes) and so on, but the ones that have been grabbing the attention of the market for some time are electric bikes. Electric bicycles are based on traditional bicycles, but they have a small electric motor that is capable of propelling the movement when necessary. But why have they become fashionable lately? What has made them so popular?

E-bikes, as they are also known, are fashionable for many reasons, several of them related to the environment, physical exercise, and also because of their convenience for people’s routine.

Use of clean energy

The issue of environmental care has always been important, but in recent years it has gained greater importance and attention because its effects are becoming more and more obvious, affecting the way of life of all species and reaching extreme points, putting in mortal risk to many forms of life. For this reason, new inventions by electric bike manufacturer companies in any area seek to affect the environment as little as possible, reducing any gas emissions. Unlike private cars, which emit toxic gasses that go into the atmosphere, electric bicycles do not emit any type of gas.

Inclusion of roads

Most cities are opening up to new ways of living with healthier and more environmentally friendly routines. The streets no longer consist only of spaces for cars and pedestrians, but now also include cycle paths open to everyone. This makes people consider the possibility of acquiring a bicycle or an electric bicycle, since they notice that they have their own space enabled to move.

Variety of environments

And they are not only functional in urban environments; they are also suitable for sports and other more extreme environments. Its uses are so varied that, today, in the market there are specific models for climbing mountains, for riding on roads and others. In our country, it is not difficult to choose the ebike that we really want at an affordable price because there are already many shops that wholesale electric bikes from China.

Boost power

This is one of the big reasons why electric bikes are catching on; the motor of electric bicycles serves as a motor of movement. It could even be said that e-bikes are a perfect hybrid between the power of a motorcycle and the lightness of a traditional bicycle. When the motor is activated, it causes a higher and constant speed level to be reached, which helps people to arrive on time to their commitments without the need to use a mass means of transport, such as trains, buses or taxis. There is a limit: electric bicycles reach a constant speed of 25 kilometers per hour using their motor, and if it goes above this speed, the motor will stop working until the displacement is below this mark.

Scrolling simplicity

Bicycles are a personal, inexpensive and effective means of transportation, and electric bicycles implement their motor technology to make getting around even easier. This makes them ideal for avoiding car traffic on the streets and avenues, taking into account that, with security, their size is capable of passing through almost any space between them. In addition, you will not always have to go on the street, since you can go through the cycle paths with greater peace of mind. The motors of the touring e-bikes are designed to travel between 15 and 20 kilometers, while those of the e-bikes for cycling or road can travel from 60 to 100 kilometers maximum.

Economy at all times 

It is true that the prices when buying an e-bike will vary according to its type, its brand and its characteristics, but, compared to the budget to buy a vehicle or a motorcycle, electric bicycles are quite cheap. When using an electric bicycle to move around the city on a day-to-day basis, following a routine, it is undeniable to notice that transportation costs are greatly reduced.


Judging from their environmentally friendly nature, the power they can produce, their adaptation to various road conditions, prices, and affordable maintenance costs, it can be concluded that electric bicycles are the best means of transportation in the future. The use of fossil fuels is decreasing in many countries and electric bicycles are an affordable start. Are you interested in buying one?