Why are App Demo Videos Essential for App Marketing?

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After the digitalization of the era, portable devices are now ruling the world: the small compatible and portable devices with thousands of features and hundreds of applications. 

Today’s mobile phone users are crowded by millions of applications, raising the competition among apps and making it a lot challenging for the app production companies.

 Suppose a company has made an app, tested it, received reviews from the beta users, and is now ready to launch. At this stage, the company must have an innovative marketing strategy for the app’s successful promotion. 

App demo video promises you app’s promotion that will convert success into sales. 

What is an App Demo Video?

App demo video demonstrates the app, features, and its working thoroughly in a simple and understandable way. 

Demo video grabs the attention of the viewers and increases the app download. 80% of the people prefer to watch demo videos before installing the app to their phone. App demo video demonstrates the working of the app, which makes people aware of the working and interface of the application.

Kind of preparation!

Application with complex interface and features should definitely use app demo video while launching the app, and it will make the users a bit familiar with the app.

Demo videos help you build app awareness, increase sales, and set the trustable image of the company. 

While making an app demo video, keep some tips & tricks in mind to increase popularity and sales. Memorize them:


Start your demo video project with research. While making your app demo video, do research about the competitors, targeted audience, and similar solutions available in the market.

Must learn about your targeted audience and their problems. You can perform survey research to learn more about what your audience is looking for in your app. 

Observe about your audience and post your survey forms on those social media platforms where your targeted audience gathers the most. 

Keep a few questions in your survey:

  • What problems your targeted audience is facing?
  • What solution are they looking for in an app?
  • Will they like any solutions you are proposing?

while researching:

  • Keep an eye on your competitor’s work.
  • Look for the different app demo videos for reference.
  • Look for the information missed in the videos and add those details in your app demo.
  • Check the tone competitors are using to allure their audience. 
  • You can gather information from social media platforms, online video websites, and google reviews. 

The research will help you make impactful content for app demo videos for more audience engagement and conversion. 

2.Easy and simple

If you want your demo video to be an attention grabber, then keep it simple, easy-to-understand, and short to watch. 

Research by Ad Age shows that 33% of the viewers stop watching any video after 30 seconds, 45% after a minute, and 60% after one and half or two minutes.

To verify the stat, you can see the TikTok videos or short video ads and calculate their viewers and the revenue the video maker or company is generating.

To demonstrate the app doesn’t mean to explain each and every feature in detail. Instead, you can just give an overview of the primary key elements of the app to provide an idea to your viewers. 

You can add animation and color schemes to make the demo video more attractive. Then, with understandable content and attentive graphics, you can deliver the app demo effectively. 


The thing that makes your video content impactful is excellent storytelling. So while writing the script, keep a storytelling tone to make the demo video more engaging. 

P.S: the story should be revolving around the problem the targeted audience is facing. 

Connect your targeted audience with their problem and then suggest your app as the solution to their problem. 

You can make the video appealing to watch by adding animations that resemble the story of your demo video, and it will help to keep your audience connected. 

Put effort while writing the script because the whole demo video revolves around the script. So it not just help your audience understand but helps the video maker know how to give the demo video a flow. 

P.S: be creative! But for reference, watch the tutorial on scriptwriting or get professional scriptwriting assistance. Contact BuzzFlick! 

4.Use tools appropriate for an app demo video

To give your competitors a tough time, you need to outrun competitors’ marketing and to do so, you will need the right tools to make a blasting demo video.

Use a good camera, perfect lighting, editing software, and H.D. quality audio to make your app demo video an attention grabber. 

If you are shooting an app demo video, try to make your app team be a part of the video. It will be the step toward building connection and interaction with your audience. 

People like a video where characters build a scenario of talking to the audience directly; it raises your image as a company that cares for every individual related to the app. 

P.S: You must greet your audience. Make them and their issues feel valued. 

A GoodBye

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