What is sustainable fashion and what advantages does it have for the planet?

Did you know that each year approximately 80,000 million garments are sold in the world and the fashion industry is the second most polluting on the planet? When we talk about sustainable fashion, or ethical fashion, we talk about fashion that is not dangerous for the environment and that is socially responsible. It is based on the conservation of natural resources, the low ecological impact of the materials used and respect for the working conditions of the workers who have participated in its production and sale. Here are some advantages of sustainable fashion:

1.- Reduces the negative impact on the environment. As we mentioned, sustainable fashion reduces the negative impact on the environment, using natural materials such as natural stones in the making of  handmade jewelry pieces.

2.- Promotes recycling and reuse. Sustainable fashion is committed to the need to reuse garments as well as second-hand clothes. Let’s give those clothes a second chance and not throw them away for the simple fact that they are out of style.

3.- Promotes fair and responsible consumption. Sustainable fashion promotes a new approach to the fashion and textile industry, based on respect for the environment, betting on a new form of moderate consumption and always with quality products.

4.- Promotes respect for the labor rights of workers. Ethical fashion is committed to fair conditions for companies and their employees and that their rights are fulfilled.

5.- It favors local and ecological production. Sustainable fashion avoids the damage caused by long-distance transport and promotes clothing from the country itself, which contributes to enriching local industry and commerce.

6.- Bet on the quality of the garments. Sustainable fashion uses high-quality fabrics and garments are made to extend the life of the product.

7.- It is made in small collections. This type of clothing is made in small quantities and much of its production is done by hand, which avoids the pollution generated by the machines used to make clothes conventionally.

The situation in the United States supports the trend of sustainable fashion

11 years ago, President Barack Obama signed a new Health Act that requires restaurants to disclose the caloric intake of their products, thereby providing an opportunity for all Americans to know what impact they can have by eating food from the restaurants.

3 years ago the FDA passed a new law to enforce full compliance and today, the fashion industry will probably see such a law enforced on them. 10 days ago there was a new bill passed in New York state (it was drafted since October 2021). The new bill emphasizes the need for transparency of at least 50% of every item sold from raw materials, to shipping and the environmental impact it produces. 

This bill was introduced by Assemblyman Dr. Anna R. Kelles and New York Senator Alessandra Biaggi, and they have the support of several fashion nonprofits, including renowned designer Stella McCartney. This bill is based on the fact that the global fashion industry is responsible for approximately 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions. So far, the fashion industry has been under-supervised, including its activities involving the exploitation of children.

There are several reasons why the fashion industry is relatively difficult to monitor, one of which is the large number of short-term investors who “go in and out” at will. The presence of this bill is expected to start a global revolution in the global fashion industry considering that New York is one of the world’s fashion mecca, along with Paris and Milan. This bill is also expected to ensure that every element in the fashion industry such as ethical standards, environmental sustainability, and achieving targets can be met properly.

Many parties have high hopes for this bill and if the sustainable fashion trend goes well, it is hoped that small and medium-scale fashion industries can grow and develop. After all they are the basic pawns of the global fashion industry. Finally, sustainable fashion is a trend that cannot be avoided, along with the increasing awareness of fashion industry players in aligning the industry with moral values ​​and how it can contribute to the environment.