What Is a Popunder Ads?

In today’s tough competitive market every idea is adequate in the way to attract visitors. However, there are lots of advertisements platforms to generate leads and attract more traffic. Search engine ads, banner ads and native advertising are interrelated to loyalty advertising. On the other hand, some aggressive ads like Popunder and popups irritate users. In this context you might have a question: what is a Popunder ad? Or how it works? In this article we will discuss all of the details.

What Is a Popunder Ad?

It is an advertisement which opens in the new window at the back the tab, the user is used. It actually depends on the javascript that is responsible for showing it’s configured. However, sometimes it’s enough to visit a website with the code or sometimes you have to select any section of it. They are more fragile and appear inconspicuously under a tab. whenever the user closed the tab that they used, they can see the advertisements.

Advantages of Popunder Ads:

1.Best format to learn affiliate marketing:

Unlike for further ad formats, users don’t require any creative or banner here. the landing sheet is the entire you require to start on an ad movement. Consequently, you have less steps to change, therefore, learning is greatly more undemanding. The smaller number of variables you need to examine, the easier you will find the advertisement variant which drives conversions.

2.Work well:

Those tabs are difficult to miss particularly on popunder traffic as it works really well with banner sightlessness phenomenon.

3.Affordable cost:

One of the best parts of it that it is very cheaper compared to other advertisements. It just sold for a minimum price.

4.Accustomed to monetize websites:

These ads are not spoiling the appearances of your site so that you can’t always trail from that tab was opened for the ads.

5.Adaptable for all devices:

Laptops, tablets, mobile phones or computers; no matter which device is used, you can find these ads on your device.

Disadvantages of Popunder Ads:

1.Negative attitudes:

When a consumer sees a few banners advert, they determine to reply to it or now no longer. So they display interest. For popunders, the consumer has no option: the marketing and marketing tab will seem irrespective of their wishes. Thus the response can be pretty negative.

2.Depends on browser:

These types of ads are depending on browsers and also suffer from blockers. This kind of marketing and marketing, similar to no other, and suffers from the updation of browser regulations which can be designed to shield customers from marketing and marketing. Moreover, the long-time period war with it has now no longer but been won, and you may nevertheless earn cash on them.

Popunder Ads eCPMs:

Some biggest Popunder Ads eCPMs are

Platform or Network eCPMs/Revenue traffic
Propeller Ads $7 US
PopMyAd $4 for the United States. Asian revenue is lower US
RevenueHits above $4.5 US
PopCash $8 US
Adsterra Around $2 – $3 US



In the end we can say that Popunder Ads are very effective compared to other advertisements. Users can easily check the advertisements without closing their tabs where they are working so that they dont feel disturbance.