Use ice Plate to prepare tasty ice cream rolls

Children and adults alike love ice creams. These days, they are easily available at offline and online stores in various flavours. However, using the most appreciate devices and a variety of ingredients, it is possible to prepare delicious and healthy ice creams right at your home, restaurants or at events and occasions. There are available cooler freezer packs that can keep prepared ice creams in good, fresh condition allowing everyone to eat to their fill without losing its taste or flavour. 

Preparation made easy

You can easily get hold of essential freezable surface for ice cream preparation without having to spend a fortune. Ice cream rolls are considered to be favourite street food sold in different Southeast Asian countries. It is also stated to be a super cool way to consume ice cream. It could be that you reside at a place where there are not present shops that scrape and serve such delicate treats. In such a case, you might be compelled to settle for the plain cones. However, modern technology has helped changed this miserable scenario. You can now avail the ice cream plate that is considered to be an at-home solution offered by the leading portals. Buying them will allow you to prepare delicious ice cream rolls right from your home using desired ingredients. This also means, your children can get to consume homemade ice cream rolls as desired without having to feel guilty or falling sick. 

How to use ice Plate?

To use it, first prepare ice cream mix. This can be done through a simple and easy to do process. Simply combine milk, sugar and cream. Then chop some desired mix-ins and spread evenly ice cream mix across pre-chilled plate. Now to roll up ice cream, you are to use the spatula. The entire preparation process takes just about two minutes to complete. You are to keep the cold plate inside the freezer for over twelve hours before starting. Each freeze is to last for a long time, say for about half an hour of rolling. 

The plate usually is offered with a recipe guide and two spatulas. You can find here hundreds of mix ideas. You may also search for the web for more ideas. 

Check out if you own a marble slab, stone or metal skillet. If so, then you can start preparing ice cream roll. Otherwise, you may choose to buy freezer ice packs that allow you to prepare and store ice cream in fresh condition. 

The 9” x 11” 5 pound weight plate when purchased from reputed portals like does offer numerous benefits. You can enjoy having a large surface that is designed exclusively to undertake this task. This way, you can prepare more quantity of ice cream than possible by using a skillet. Also will not be required to lug the heavy stone slab from the freezer both ways!

These days, there are readily available lunch box freezer pack and cool plates for various purposes. Buy them only from well-established stores!