Tree Guards against Deer, Rabbits and Other Animals

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People with gardening obsession must know about tree protectors. It’s not new for most people to buy and install tree guards against animals and other unusual conditions. You might be thinking that tree protectors may restrict the growth of the tree. It’s not true because tree protectors are highly flexible and can be adjusted according to the length and width of the trees. 

However, tree bark protectors from animals are available in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it’s ideal for measuring the size of the product before buying anyone. The accurate size would allow you to live a worry-free life, and the flexibility will let the tree grow easily. Thus, fruit trees need more protection against animals than the other ones.

How to protect trees from deer and rabbits?

Deer always find trees for rubbing and cuddling. Male deer always find a tree for mating season and make their territory to warn the other male deer. Thus, it’s essential to protect the trees from deer and adapt some comprehensive ways to get rid of deer and other animals. Deer like trees hide and rub their antler to the bark of trees. Thus, a proper tree guard will keep the deer and other animals away from the tree trunk.

However, damaged tree trunks are not suitable for the healthy growth of plants. So, they should be protected against many unusual things by using tree protectors. For example, deer and other animals may chew the branches, and broken branches would make you sad. Thus, to protect your trees, you need to install some comprehensive tree guards that could help make a shield around trees, and you don’t need to watch your lawn daily. 

Well, many tips could help you get rid of animals from your lawn, and the plants will grow in a healthy and protective atmosphere. So let’s have a look at some methodologies that could be beneficial for the long run. 

Fencing and tree guards to protect trees 

If you have damaged trees, you consider putting fences around your lawn. In addition, big gardens need some woven fences to get a defense against animals. Hence, deer can jump the fences, so; you need to install fences with accurate length. For this purpose, six to eight feet (2 to 2.5 m.) high and angled about thirty degrees fence would be suitable around your premises. 

However, putting a fence is no more difficult if you have hired a person or done this job yourself. Plants are grown with care and love, and it’s our responsibility to provide them a favorable atmosphere to grow and live. Thus, a happy place needs some protection and maintenance, and you don’t need to watch your lawn 24-hours. So, a woven fence can do this job for you. 

You must be thinking why I’m talking about a woven fence rather than a wired fence. Animals also need care and love, so a wired fence may harm them, and a woven fence will be ideal for installing around your garden. 

Moreover, you can buy a tree guard for the tree’s protection. The tree guard with comprehensive size and width will provide complete protection. Therefore, you don’t need to get doubted about the growth of the trees when thinking about tree guards. 

So, never get worried about a tree’s growth because tree guards are facilitated with holes and durable, expandable material to ease the proper growth. 

Thus, suitable holes and high-quality material will help to grow trees healthily. In addition, some tree guards are small, and you can make them larger by joining more than one unit. Thus, there would be no hurdle in protecting your trees against animals and unusual weather conditions. 

Are deer repellents the permanent solution?

Deer repellants are effective in some cases. For example, if you have time to change the repellant after some days, you can use them for your tree protection. Now, deer repellents can be prepared in many ways. For example, you can buy them from the market or make them at home to save your hard-earned money. In addition, you can use repellants along with tree guards for extra safety features. 

However, you can use a mixture of egg and water to make a perfect repellant. Deer don’t like the foul smell, and this mixture will be adequate to let them stay away from the trees. Thus, you can polish the tree bark with this mixture, and deer won’t get near the tree for rubbing and breaking the branches. 

Moreover, you can use deodorant soup as a repellant. Deer don’t like the smell of soup. So, you can wrap the soup in mesh fabric and hang the fabric on branches. This smell will keep the deer away from the tree, and you can use this way un till some gets vanished. 

Furthermore, tree protection is necessary to create a healthy atmosphere for plants. You can use them for trees, plants, young seedlings, and other plants. 

Thus, stay tuned to get a list of some of the best tree guards to help you grow a healthy and beautiful garden. 

The best tree guards against deer, rabbits, and other animals 

When buying the best tree guard, you must be confused after watching many products of the same sort on the market. Thus, I have searched hard to provide you with a product with some variations in sizes that could detail your needs without any trouble. So, with easy installation and favorable design, you are all set to go with one. 

  1. Superb Symbols Tree Bark Protector 

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If you are looking for durable and compatible tree guards with breathable holes, easy connection you must watch for a superb Symbol tree bark protector. It’s an ideal bark shield with UV Protection, a water-resistant, moisture-absorbing guard to protect plant and tree sapling from the summer sun, winter frost, dew, and cold. You can choose this product because of its easy installation and long-lasting nature and is available in on amazon US, amazon UK, amazon Australia, amazon Germany.

It is made to protect the trees and plants from rabbits, rats, squirrels, deer, weed eaters, and harsh weather. Thus, you can use them to live a worry-free life. You have to fix the product once because it’s stable and firm, and you don’t need to use tools for its installment. 


Super Symbol is a reliable brand to provide incredible tree guards. It’s a flexible and adjustable tree protector for your tree trunk. Say thanks to its built-in holes that provide air circulation and proper sunlight across the trees. It wraps the tree’s base, and you will see your tree grow freely with proper growing essentials. 

With built in connection its installation is not difficult, and you can manage to protect the tree trunks, sapling from lawn mowers, trimmers, deer, pet urine, frost, and sunscalds.


The product is made with anti UV polypropylene plastic and comes with 20 plastic stakes for fixing the bottom in ground against winds. It’s highly flexible and adjustable to adapt to the shape of the trunk. In addition, there are holes in the structure for air circulation. 

You just have to open the protector and stakes to fix it to the tree trunk without using any tool., you can choose from three different heights for your tree trunk and may expand horizontally to protect smaller to larger tree trunks and allow the plants to grow without any harm.

Thus, its durable and high-quality material will inspire the users because of its easy installation and bending angles.


Well, it’s essential to talk about its sizes because it’s an ideal tree protector with variable sizes. You will get three comprehensive sizes of this product. 

  • 24X4.7 Inches for columnar trees 
  • 32X4.7 Inches for young plants 
  • 45X4.7 Inches for larger trees 

So, you can choose the one that could be suitable for you. Hence, there will be a package of five products, and you can make it longer horizontally according to your need. 

Main features 

  • Comes with breathable holes and allows healthy growth with proper air circulation 
  • Facilitated with joistless bottom design for an easy fix using included stakes against winds, animals sliding the tree guards up for buck rubbing
  • It can expand horizontally for larger trees, protecting sapling growth 
  • Can be installed with built in connection, and there is no need for ties 
  • Available in three sizes with stable stake sockets 
  • The 24-inch size you may use for squirrels, saplings, seedlings protections, lawn equipment
  • 32 inches being bigger can do the job as 24 inches of size offers, but it provides extra protection from rabbits and cats.
  • 45 -inches is the biggest of all and is beneficial to protect the trees from deer, rabbits, rodents, cats,  other animals

What do I like about it?

  • Excellent Tree guard from animals like deer or rabbit, and squirrels
  • Plastic tree protector absorbs the moisture
  • Jointless bottom for easy fixture 
  • Shield against winter frost and UV light 
  • Durable and breathable material 
  • Effective in windy areas for seedlings protection
  • Protect the trees from sun clad and pet urine 
  • Provides comfortable growth and expands freely

What I dislike?

  • May not stand against sharp equipment like trimmer, blades
  • Prices are variable for each size 
  1. Dimex EasyFlex Grey Tree Trunk Protector

Dimex is a big brand to provide flexible and high-density tree protectors. Now, say bye to lifeless, damaged, and unattended tree bark when you have this product on your lawn. It’s effective shield for young trees against trimmers and other gardening tools. It comes with handy expansion tabs, and you can make it bigger by joining two tabs. 

However, with three sizes and the broad specificity, this product has been remarkable up till now. You can adjust its size, and an easy fixture would allow you to install the product without any hassle. In addition, the durable plastic material and UV protection features make this product favorable for outdoor planters. 


The product is made with sturdy material and is round in shape. It’s 9.5″ tall coils that are adjustable and can be fixed by closing tabs. You can use it for smaller and larger tree trunks to accommodate the required height. So, the product comprises 100 % recycled material and complete protection for the planters against animals and lawn tools. 

Main features

  • Comes in attractive greyish brown color and matches with most tree barks 
  • Flexible and you can adjust the height ,width by joining multiple units 
  • UV protected and made with high-quality recycled plastic material 
  • Round shape and slotted design for air and water circulation

What do I like about it?

  • Expandable and adjustable to fit any size 
  • You can adjust the length ,width according to your requirement
  • It won’t change the color and provide extreme protection 
  • Plant protectors with durable structure against sharp lawn equipment

What I dislike 

  • It is small and not easy to connect, use soft hands for the installation
  • May not be perfect against deer or big animals 
  1.  Voglund Nursery Mesh Tree Bark Protector 

Voglund Nursery has introduced 4 tree guards made of mesh plastic material to shield the tree trunks. It measures 12 inches ,24 inches ,36 inches, and 48 inches and both have a 4-inch diameter. Hence, the product comes in a pack of five, and you can install it easily with free ties. So, the product is made with polyethene material that is considered an ideal composition for mesh. 


The product is designed to protect deer, rabbits, and other animals. Because of its simple construction, you can fix this product easily. So, for best installation, you have to lay down the product lengthwise then fix it at the base of the trunk. It’s highly flexible and easily trimmable mesh to cut as per requirement.

Main features 

  • Its height is just perfect for the tree to prevent any loss 
  • Its best for deer, rabbits and squirrels
  • Served with 5 tree guards and ties for easy installation 
  • Made with high-density polyethene material 
  • Protect the tree trunks from mowers and other lawn equipment 

What do I like about it?

  • Good size tree guards and protect against rubbing and chewing 
  • The product is UV treated and breathable for a favorable growing atmosphere 
  • Comes with forty zip ties and is easy to install 

What I dislike 

  • It is bit flimsy and animals like deer may slide it up easily for rubbing
  • A bit pricy for some people 

Over to you 

Finally, I have provided a list of some of the best tree guards to help you detail your needs. Now, you don’t need to worry about deer, rabbits, weed eaters, pet urine, and other damaging conditions because you have terrific and expandible tree protectors for your planters. You can buy them, and there would be no hassle installing them because these are adjustable and can be fixed without any tools. 

Moreover, the products are handy and flexible enough to detail your needs, and attractive colors make them favorable for the users. Thus, never get worried and buy the one to accomplish your needs.