Top Tips That Will Make You a Pro in Hacking

Many negative connotations are linked with the word hacking, but hopefully, not all the people reading this are interested in negative coding. A hacker is an individual with extensive knowledge of programming and computers. The hacking culture is popular and is not as negative as many people perceive it to be. Here are tips on becoming one of the trusted hackers for hire.

Learn the fundamentals before you try to do anything

To be a hacker, you need to have expertise in computers. Begin by understanding Unix, a multiuser and multitasking computer operating system meant to offer excellent security to the systems. It is the internet’s operating system. You can learn Unix well by getting an open-source version such as centos and install it. You can read books on how to use the operating system. It would help if you also learned the internal workings of Unix to get in depth knowledge about it.

Learn the proper attitude of a hacker

Imbibing the correct attitude is vital for everyone who wants to be a professional hacker. Apart from knowing the intricate nuances of computer programing and computer systems, you should know that it is unnecessary to adhere to any hacking stereotype. Remember that hacking is not always negative. Work on what you want to achieve with your skills. People involved in unethical and illegal activating in the hacker community are called crackers, and you should steer away from such activities.

Gain networking skills

It is also vital to understand networking basics like routers and switches, NAT, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6, Subnetting, ARP, MAC address, OSI model, and VLANs. Expert hackers exploit these technologies, and when you understand how they work, you will be more successful.

Gain Linux Skills

It is essential to be skilled in Linux to be a professional hacker. Many of the tools that hackers use is developed for Linux, and it provides them with capabilities that Windows does not provide.

Become proficient in using virtualization software packages

Being proficient in using a virtualization software package like VMWare Workstation or VirtualBox is vital for hackers. It is advisable to have a safe environment to practice your hacks before taking them out to the real work. A virtual environment is safe for testing and refining your hacks before going live with them.

Understand security technology and concepts

Good hackers are knowledgeable about security technologies and concepts. Being familiar with the roadblocks that security admins establish is the only way to overcome them. As a professional hacker, you should understand things like public key infrastructure (PKI), firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and secure sockets layer (SSL). As a beginner hacker, you can gain these skills in a basic security cause like Security+.

Understand wireless technologies

To hack wireless, you need to understand how the technology works. This includes encryption algorithms (WPA, WEP, WPA20, and the four-way handshake. You can read about Wi-Fi hacking guides to know each kind of encryption algorithm and how every hack works.

Know how to write in HTML

Hackers need to have skills in HTML. Websites with images and text are built through HTML. You can write HTML in basic word processing programs, including Notepad. Mastering the art of writing this language is not difficult, and you have to keep improving over time.

Be proficient in several programming languages.

As an expert hacker, you need an in-depth and sound knowledge of programming languages. You can take advantage of a starting platform like Kali or r3. Some of the best programming languages to start with are Python, C, and C++. Learning modern computer programming languages like PHP, Perl and Java is also essential. You can learn these languages by reading books from professionals. It is also advisable to learn data formats like Protobuf, JSON, and other formats used in transferring data between clients and servers.

Learn Cryptography 

Mastering the art of cryptography is also essentials Encryption and cryptography technology is vital for networking and the internet. It is the study and practice of techniques that are used to communicate securely in the presence of third parties. Encryption is performed for a variety of aspects of information security like the integrity of the data, confidentiality of the data, and authentication. Furthermore, cryptography is extensively used in computer passwords, ATM cards, and ecommerce. During hacking, it is necessary to break the encrypted codes, which is called decryption. Cryptography is used heavily in SSLbased internet communication. Expert hackers need to understand how SSL works and how cryptography helps in keeping SSL secure.

It is helpful to read about different encryption algorithms and find out why it is not easy to decrypt them. Also, participate in challenges involving decrypting powerful encryptions. Professional hackers can demonstrate weaknesses in algorithms and write programs that display how to perform decryptions without a lot of information about keys. 

Also, make sure you understand the different techniques used to crack passwords. Dozens of tools are available to crack passwords. To ab an expert hacker, it’s essential to know how to create programs that can decrypt passwords from the ciphertext.

Think creatively and unconventionally

Hackers think creatively, analytically, and unconventionally. You need to try and think uniquely to be a professional in hacking. There are no set rules that you should follow to do your work. Therefore, you need to assimilate the textbook knowledge you have gained in programming and use it practically. As a hacker, you also need to have great problem-solving skills. You should diagnose a problem accurately and break the problem down into distinct components.

Continue practicing your skills.

To succeed in your hacking career, you need to learn continuously. Read blogs on hacking and participate in relevant forums. They are an excellent way to refresh your knowledge. Online video forums are also helpful. They can let you know about emergent hacking technologies and techniques, which are being deployed. As a hacker, you also need to keep up with the advancements in programming.

Participate in hacking skills challenges

Healthy competition is an effective way of making professionals or students give a hundred percent effort. You can improve your hacking ability and skills by participating in several online hacking challenges where you can test yourself and find out how you stand compared to others in the field. As an expert hacker, you need to know how to work under pressure. Therefore, challenges can be a great way to gauge how fast you can act when things become tough.

Apply for a corporate job if interested

Many people are interested in becoming expert hackers and landing corporate jobs. Large companies look for trusted hackers for hire to ensure that their data is well protected. Professional hackers understand how their counterpart’s work. Therefore, they can take the required precautions and ensure minimal damage to essential data.

Be persistent

Hackers need to be persistent. This means trying again if you fail. If you lack the solution, use a new approach to try again. Being persistent will enable you to hack highly secured systems.


The steps mentioned above are what you need to do to become a hacker. Hacking is complex, and not everyone can accomplish it. After learning the basics and mastering them, you can become an expert hacker. When executing the steps, remember to put the gathered knowledge to positive use instead of wasting it on negative things. Be a responsible citizen by not using your hacking skills to breach the security of institutions because you may get into problems with the law.