Top Things To Consider When Choosing an Event Tent

Whether buying an event tent for your personal or business purposes, you need to know how to buy the best. Today different types of tents are being introduced in the market. You might find it difficult to get the best event tents for these reasons since you will have so many options. Sometimes, you will want to go for a customized tent if you want it to promote your business. It would help if you also looked at when buying the tents are the sizes, color, and quality of the same. For these reasons, you should consider the following content to know the different types of tents in the market.   

1.Tent Type    

Tents are made in different types to fit different purposes, that is, pole tents and frame tents. However, some additional options to help you find the perfect one, such as marquee tents, canvas tents, and clear tents. Below are some of the types of tents you will get in the market.   

  • Tension Pole Tent   

The tension pole tent has a center pole that holds the roof. They depend on the pattern of piles, so they should be placed in soft soil such as grass. There is a large pole in the middle, forming the ceiling of the tall tower, giving the tent an elegant element to the event.   

  • Frame Tent   

A-frame tent is a free-span structure with a metal frame supporting the roof and having an open space under the canopy. They are self-supporting and can reduce weight if the ground does not allow stakeout. They usually require an internal curtain to hide the inner frame. This can increase the cost of buying a tent, but it’s also a great way to add lush curtains and fairy lights.   

  • Marquee   

Marquee combines the concepts of pole tents and frame tents to create beautiful structures. The self-supporting metal frame makes a high roof height. This type of event tent has not had a central bar.   

  • Canvas Tent  

Canvas tent uses poles to create a structural base that can be combined with beautiful canvas materials. Remember that this is a pole tent and should be placed where the stakes can be pierced into the ground. Its poles and fabrics are beautiful, so you can keep the structure as it is.   

  • Transparent Tent   

To get a more modern, a transparent tent is the right choice. Like the base frame tent, it is made of a metal frame. However, using a transparent tent creates a transparent canopy that can take in a lot of light. This option can be left simple to shine the surrounding nature.   

2.Do You Want A Tent With Sidewalls?   

After knowing the types of tents in the market, you should see if you want the sidewalls for your buying tent. One of the best additions to the tents is the sidewalls that provide guests with additional protection from various things. The sidewalls are easy-to-install panels that can be added to any tent. For custom tents, you will get customized sidewalls to fit the type of tent you have. But you should ask yourself if you need a side wall before buying the tent. It looks beautiful and provides some protection to be required for individual tents. The good news is that you can order a sidewall after purchasing the tent.  

3.Space and Size   

All other tents require 1 to 10 feet of clearance around them to provide space for tie-downs and stakes. The tent can be adjusted to almost any size, from intimate backyard dinners to serving more than 800 people. If you are planning a dinner and dance in your tent, plan 25 to 30 square meters per person. Only 20 to 22 square meters per person is required for dinner. For example, a tent serving more than 200 people with dance requires a 50 x 100 event tent with a center pole. You can also go for a 30 x 130 frame tent to fit all your needs. The smaller popular options are 20×30 and 20×40 frame tents serving 60-80 guests.

4.The Price Of The Tent   

Since you have an idea of the event tent you want to work with, it is important to know how many tents are sold. In your mind, you should know that these tents have different features and are made in various types and this is why you will get them sold at extra costs. At this time, you need to look at the amount you have to purchase the event tent. With good research done, you will get a tent that will fit all your needs at an affordable price. Always compare the costs from the online stores.   

Finding the right event tents can be difficult because of the many options and manufacturers involved. But this guide is the perfect place to understand the key factors that will help you buy the best. Many tent providers are passionate about helping you create your custom tents. Whether you still have questions about the process and seek professional advice from a team of passionate designers and tent makers, or you are ready to realize an individual tent.