Top data science training courses

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Data science is booming in the global tech-driven industry because of its unrivaled ability to assist businesses in making better decisions that result in increased income. Aspiring data scientists desire to work for well-known and recognized global organizations to have a professional career in data management. However, to add value to their CVs in this competitive market, these aspiring data scientists must have a thorough knowledge of data science and method. Simplilearn – India’s best data science program has thus come up with its top data science training courses that one can choose to have a clear understanding of data management and data visualization. Let’s have a look at some of the best data science training courses that beginners can have.

Data Science Training Courses for Data Scientists

Post Graduate Program in Data Science 

Post Graduate Program in Data Science, in association with Purdue University and collaboration with IBM, is ranked as the top program by ET. Masterclasses by Purdue academics and IBM professionals, unique workshops, and IBM’s Ask Me Anything sessions are all part of the curriculum. 

Beginners in this Data Science Bootcamp program can learn R Python programming, NLP concepts, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Visualization with Tableau, and many more, in a depth. Simplilearn’s India’s best data science program, offers students an interactive learning paradigm in which they may learn from global practitioners, IBM workshops, hands-on laboratories, and industry projects.

Data Scientist Course 

For the ultimate training experience, this Data Science course, developed in conjunction with IBM, includes special IBM hackathons, masterclasses, and Ask-me-anything sessions. This Data Science certification course provides hands-on exposure to vital technologies such as Machine Learning, R, Python, Tableau, Spark, and Hadoop through live contact with practitioners, practical laboratories, and industrial projects.

This course helps beginners to learn everything that they need to know about data manipulation and data structure. Being a learner you can also learn ways to supervise and unsupervised models including logistic regression, dimensionality reduction, linear regression, K-NN, and pipeline to solve problems.

Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation

This Post Graduate Digital Transformation Certification Program, in cooperation with Purdue University, by Simplilearn can help you develop effective digital leadership abilities. With this Digital Transformation course, you will also learn the most complete foundation for a successful corporate transformation. 

The course will concentrate on the most important components of becoming a digitally ready company. You will study everything from recognizing and utilizing transformational forces to developing a digital business strategy, leading businesses, and assisting them in navigating digital disruption.

Data Science with Python Certification Training Course

The Digital Science with Python certification course’s online training provides a thorough overview of Python’s Data Analytics tools and methodologies. Python is a required skill for many Data Science jobs. Learning Python will be the key to launching your Data Scientist career. The Python Data Science course will teach the ways to grasp Python Programming principles.

Here you can learn Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Web scraping. After completing this course, you will be able to use Python to learn the fundamental Data Science tools.

Data Science Job Guarantee Bootcamp

Simplilearn’s data science program, through this Bootcamp can help you to boost your career with this Data Science course that comes with a job guarantee. Return your money if you don’t get your ideal job within 180 days of graduation. Simplilearn guarantees that you will learn from the best sources and be placed in a top job by investing in a risk-free course.

Data Analysts

This Data Analyst Course, developed in conjunction with IBM, will turn you into a Data Analytics specialist. You will study analytics tools and methods, ways to deal with SQL databases, R & Python programming languages, how to construct data visualizations, and how to use statistics and predictive analytics in a business setting. This learning path is particularly intended to provide you with tools that you will need to be successful in Data Analytics and get a competitive advantage. 

Simplilearn aids in the understanding of central tendency, correlation, dispersion, and regression, as well as other fundamental statistical concepts. Here you can understand SQL terms, implement ideas of variables, loops, functions in the Python program, and learn the differences set between conditions and branching, objects, and classes.

Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering

Simplilearn’s Postgraduate curriculum in Data Engineering, developed in conjunction with IBM and Purdue University, is the ideal program for professional exposure. This practical learning curriculum, which is aligned with Azure and AWS certifications, will assist everyone in mastering critical Data Engineering skills. The Hadoop framework, Big Data on AWS, Data Processing with Spark, Azure cloud infrastructures, Data Pipelines are all covered in this Data Engineering certification course. 


Choose carefully to further your career after studying about the finest data science training course that Simplilearn can provide.