Top 5 VPNs To Watch Winter Olympics Online

The days are not far away when the winter Olympics will be finally coming alive. There are plenty of fans who are waiting for the great Winter Olympics to start. Being said that, there are millions of fans who won’t be able to watch the current Winter Olympics. Reasons can be plenty but with the help of a VPN, such issues can be fixed as soon as possible.

Before that, if we speak a bit about the Winter Olympics, the event is all-set to get started from the 4th of February. Plus, it will conclude on the 20th February, 2022 and the fans are pretty excited for the same.

The stadium that is chosen will be the Beijing National stadium. This has been one of the oldest stadiums having massive seating capacity.

Currently, let’s go ahead and unveil the top 5 VPN that can help you watch the Winter Olympics online.

Top 5 VPN for watching Winter Olympics Online

Given below are the top 5 VPN brands that can help you watch the Winter Olympics 2022 online from any Country.


Speaking about one of the best VPN companies will bring NordVPN into the limelight. The company has been known to deliver exceptional VPN services and they are doing the same since years.

Coming down to their servers, NordVPN has thousands of servers spanning an area of 60 countries. This is an exceptional number where the company can offer you the best of all VPN services.

Plus, in terms of the pricing, NordVPN has kept their pricing absolutely reasonable. Here, you will not find any issue in choosing the package and you can choose almost any package, without issue.

Additionally, you can access almost anything using NordVPN in the easiest way. Keeping such thing into consideration, you can simply use NordVPN and watch the Winter Olympics 2022 from your home comfort.


Moving ahead towards another VPN service provider, ExpressVPN is a quality one. Over the course of time, this very own VPN service has gained some of the best attraction for online viewers. It’s known to unblock sports events and helps viewing of the same, from almost any location.

Speaking about the features of ExpressVPN, there are countless to take into consideration. First of all, the company has got ample servers that are widespread all across the globe. They have got 160 server locations that are spread in over 94 countries.

However, the plans from ExpressVPN are slightly expensive but they do offer effortless unblocking and streaming.

You can even choose their free trial and then see whether you like to go for their services or not.


Taking you through to the third VPN service provider, Surfshark is among the best names. Yes, it’s one of the fastest VPN companies which offer VPN services at a much lower cost price.

Despite offering VPN at such a low cost, Surfshark has been known to deliver exceptional services. Right from their outstanding server support to good unblocking of channels, Surfshark has been known to do that all.

Plus, the user interface of Surfshark is friendly and you will not find issues or any hiccups while using Surfshark.

Also, the VPN company offers some of the better security options where it effectively works with tons of streaming devices.

With that, you can unblock almost any channel and use Surfshark to watch the Winter Olympics live online.


Windscribe is among those quality VPN service providers which offer 10GB for free. At the start, if you are searching for a VPN service provider which offers free VPN services initially, then Windscribe is a perfect one.

Additionally, Windscribe doesn’t have any speed limit or even throttling to their plans. This guaranteed you to have high speed from them without any issue.

Plus, they even offer a unique plan building where you can build your plan as per the convenience.

With that, you can freely make use of Windscribe and watch the Winter Olympics online using Windscribe, the better way.


Last but not least, Cyberghost is another VPN service that can offer you affordability along with an extra set of features.

Here, with Cyberghost, you can trust their plans along with services where you will get some of the best features.

Starting with server support, the company has got servers widespread across almost all over the world.

This makes server accessibility amazing and you can easily use the VPN company for different shows.

Plus, the user interface offered by Cyberghost is friendly too. With that, you can access almost anything without keeping a burden on your brain.

What’s more? The VPN company does offer some good days of free trial offers. With that, you can test them and then go ahead to buy the Cyberghost VPN plans.


The top 5 VPN are right here and it’s up to you for which VPN brand you are going for. In such a scenario, you must know that each of the VPN service providers are offering their free plans.

With such things in place, you can test and then see which company can be a better one for you. Rest, you can try out different VPN and then choose the good one for watching the Winter Olympics 2022 online.

Of course, you must look at the features, compare each VPN and then see which one suits you in budget.