Top 3 Things To Do In Dubai

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Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates and a connecting point for humans worldwide. Dubai may be famous for the city of gold or holidays, but it certainly has reasons to be called from the numerous names attached to it. One of the names for the surreal city is the land of attraction and this is rightly so. That is why today, we have compiled the top three activities you can do in Dubai that is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

The full list of our things to do in Dubai is based on evaluations on many different factors and levels. Most importantly, we try to compile a list that has fewer activities but is more comprehensive. So, without further ado, we present the top three things to do in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Marina

One of the best things you can do in Dubai is enjoys the waters, especially through the Dinner Cruise Marina. This can combine many experiences in about a 2-hour cruise. From mouth-watering three-course meals to the beautiful views, it is certainly the activity you are looking for. There are many time slots available and even specific ones like sunset to help you maximize the experience. 

Enjoy the view of the blue waters, the skyscrapers, the water activities with the delicious high-end three-course meal, and you will be all set. The price range varies, but it is free for kids under 5. For adults, it costs a little over a hundred and fifty AED. Furthermore, this also includes live performances of resident vocalists and other performers that will surely take your trip to the next level.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is another must-try thing in Dubai. This, similar to our first pick, is also a great and comprehensive activity. Professional services offer many activities on this one trip. You will get to experience the Bedouin life straight out of the past. From living in tents to excellent barbecues, you will surely spend the time of your life there.


There are many routes, but the most popular is going on 4×4 into the desert and even sandboarding, similar to snowboarding where snow is replaced with sand. There are many other desert activities one can do, and get to see the desert wildlife too. You can even spend the night stargazing, especially under the open sky, to know what marvels the universe has in-store for us.

City tour

Lastly , after spending some time in the deserts and the water, it’s only fair to enjoy the city’s attraction too. The city of gold offers many day tours where you can see many skyscrapers and other city attractions such as mosques. This can be extremely helpful since it will also take you to Burj al khalifa, the tallest building globally, with an entry pass.


Dubai is an excellent place to go even if you go there on business instead of pleasure; you can still enjoy some of these at night or on the weekends. The city welcomes people all around the globe to enjoy and be enchanted by it’s mesmerizing views.