Top 10 Dragon Ball Characters

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Dragon Ball is a Japanese tokusatsu series, loosely based on the manga of the same name. The show was popular in the ’80s, and is the longest running, consecutive anime series in history. Manga Era is well-defining in terms of the history of the anime. Let’s see the most favorite characters/anime of Dragon Ball.

1.Kamehameha Kai

Any Dragon Ball fan will tell you that the greatest Dragon Ball characters are by no means characters who wear the stereotypical grey or black. Goku is one of the most popular and widely recognized characters in the entire franchise.

Goku uses his highly charged and powered up Kamehameha to devastating effect, crushing lesser foes with the power of the waves. His Kamehameha is one of the most feared attacks and is capable of knocking back giants. Kamehameha has since become the symbol for the strength of Goku.

2.Namekian Gohan

Gohan is one of the best examples of a character who fought his way into Dragon Ball’s cult status. The Namekian, or member of the Saiyan race, is a young Saiyan who battles the Dragon Ball. 

Gohan’s energy from his favorite dragon ball is passed onto Gohan Jr, before he finally gains access to his own in the far-off past. Gohan would go on to become a Dragon Ball Super fan favorite, becoming a strong Saiyan, as well as fight by his father’s side. 

3.Future Trunks

What makes Future Trunks an interesting character is that not many fans know about him. Future Trunks, or Uub, was Goku’s Saiyan son who would later become a good friend to Goku, Bulma, and Piccolo.

During the Saga of Dragon Ball Z, he became one of the most skilled fighters in the Dragon Ball universe, as well as assisting in the fight against Android 16 and Cell. Future Trunks was a very powerful character, which makes his death in Dragon Ball Super even more brutal.


In the past Broly was known as ‘The World’s Most Powerful Martial Arts Master’. In the past Broly was immortal and invincible.

It would take Super Saiyan God Goku to defeat Broly in Dragon Ball Z, before he was defeated in the Marvel Universe comic book, as well as many other sources.

5.Goku’s Testudo

Goku’s Testudo is a prideful, cowardly spider-like creature who was created from a human and a spider by Broly. The sole purpose of Broly’s creation was to capture Goku, as his testudo was designed to digest people.

Testudo only managed to survive because Goku chose to release him back into the wild. Testudo is best known for his relationship with Goku’s niece, Pan.

6.Virgo Saiyan

Virgo Saiyan was not just a member of the Saiyans, but an evil member of the entire Dragon Ball universe. Virgo was created using false blood from the Dragon Balls. He was an extremely powerful Saiyan, capable of launching attacks that could kill other Saiyans.

His desire was to bring the Saiyan race back to greatness, and was willing to kill others in the name of this. He was in a rivalry with Virgus, one of the Saiyans who was sent to Earth to train.

7.Piccolo’s Special Aura

The Special Aura is a shape-shifting power held by Piccolo in the first Dragon Ball movie. Before Goku and Piccolo were able to steal the Super Dragon Balls from Dr. Gero, Piccolo had a vision of the Super Dragon Balls returning to a safe haven, where they would eventually be used to create Piccolo’s brother.

Piccolo’s power was not like other Saiyans, and the Special Aura was a way for him to use this special power, to cause his body to transform into a mix of Piccolo and Frieza’s energy.


Gotenks is one of the most unique Saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe. Gotenks is so strong, that he was able to take down an entire planet with his bare hands.

After Goku defeated an entire army of aliens, Gotenks was able to smash their ship into oblivion. This level of power was achieved by Gotenks simply eating everything he could, absorbing the star that they were in, and the universe they inhabited, and digesting them.

9.SSJ Goku

Saiyan God Goku was far more powerful than his father Super Saiyan God Gotenks. SSJ Goku is able to drain his energy, and use it to create an aura that would normally completely immobilize his enemies.

SSJ Goku is extremely strong, powerful, and is one of the strongest Saiyans to ever exist in the Dragon Ball universe.

10.King Piccolo

King Piccolo was the first Saiyan created by Broly, the being that became his brother Virgo, and was even more powerful than his brothers.

King Piccolo had the ability to fuse together with Goku, who’s power would be able to crush the universe. However, Goku refused to combine with King Piccolo. King Piccolo’s intense pride, and his desire to prove himself as a superior warrior kept him from becoming a Saiyan God.

Thanks for reading our list of the most powerful Saiyans in Dragon Ball history. Would you add to this list?