The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Self Storage in Surrey

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Self-storage is a great way to increase your storage space without breaking your bank. People all around the world use self-storage services for several reasons. Some people find it convenient to put all their stuff out of the way during renovations, while some just use it to store their belongings.

Whatever the reason may be, the self-storage sector has proved to be quite helpful for the public, given that they fully utilize its potential. Self-storage companies often cater to people that are long-term clients and rent a storage unit for years! 

If you, too, are thinking about renting a storage unit, you may come across people giving you storage advice. We urge you to go through our list of storage mistakes that you can avoid to experience a hassle-free storage experience. 

Overstuff your storage unit

This is the most common advice people give, and it makes the situation worse once you have done it. Over-stuffing your storage unit results in so many problems that can be inconvenient for you in the future. Once you fill your storage unit to the brim, you cannot reach for things in the back. Storage experts advise leaving ample space in your storage unit to let air ventilate and boxes breathe. 

By placing all the stuff in a compact space, you maximize the chance of damage and breakage. Your stuff is prone to get damaged if it is stacked on top of each other like a messy game of Tetris. 

The boxes are likely to topple over each other if they are over-stacked. Do not pay head to people who advise you to fill your storage unit to the extent that there is no room to place your foot. It would help if you left a walkthrough between your stuff so that you can easily reach for stuff at the end. 

You don’t need a climate-controlled storage unit

This is the worst advice someone can give you, as it does the most damage to the contents that are stored in the unit. The weather of Surrey can get pretty chilly in winters and sweltering hot in summers. If you want to rent a storage Surrey for the long term, we highly recommend getting a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Climate-controlled storage units make sure that your stuff remains in top-notch condition even when the weather outside gets unbearable. Suppose you store stuff that can get damaged with intense weather, such as leather jackets, leather sofas, books, and other perishable items. In that case, a climate-controlled storage unit is highly recommended.

You can store anything you want

People will tell you, you can store anything you want in a storage unit, and contrary to popular beliefs, it is not true. Even though you are the tenant of the storage unit, you cannot chuck in everything you want. Every storage facility has its own rules and regulations, but most of them follow similar guidelines. There are definitely some things that you can’t store in storage units, including food, potted plants, illegal substances, flammable items, and valuable items. 

Food and plants should not be stored in storage units as they will rot in no time producing bad odour and harmful bacteria. Keeping illegal substances and flammable items in storage units are prohibited by law. Experts also strictly advise not to keep any valuable things in storage units. A locker service should be used for this purpose. 

You don’t need to buy insurance

Even if you rent the safest self-storage Surrey storage unit, you have to think about worse situations. People will tell you not to buy insurance as it is not primarily beneficial. They tell you that you will spend on it uselessly, so it is better to skip it. Storage experts are in favour of buying storage unit insurance so that you have mental peace. You just have to pay a bi-annual fee and be done with it, as simple as that.

Don’t ever follow the advice of skipping on the insurance of your storage unit. Bad times often come unannounced, and you have to be prepared for everything. Buying storage unit insurance will provide you with a financial cushion to make up for any damage in case of arson, robbery, or theft. Most storage companies in Surrey offer the option of storage insurance to their tenants. Many insurance companies will happily ensure your storage unit against a fee. 

You don’t need to overthink about storing stuff

People will tell you that you can literally just pack up everything as it is and chuck it in the storage unit and call it a day. They argue on the grounds of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, saying that once you put away everything, you don’t have to worry about it, wrong!

You have carefully organized the contents you want to store. You have to let go of things that you will not use and will just take up space. You also have to get rid of stuff that qualifies as trash. You cannot just toss everything in the storage unit and be done with it. You have to categorize everything and label every box. It will save you so much hassle in the future. If you store everything in an organized manner, you can utilize the storage space much effectively.

The location doesn’t matter

When you choose a storage a Surrey company, people will try to tell you the location doesn’t matter. They will just ask you to choose the cheapest option, even miles away from your residence. If you make such a decision will, you will regret it later on.

Although storage companies that are away from residential areas cost less, they prove to be more expensive in the long run. You have to gauge in the logistic fares, transporting fares that you will spend reaching there. You will also face difficulty if you need to grab something urgently from the unit. You will end up wasting time and money!