1. The elite Visa Summit gathering in Bogota will be held in-person for  immigration attorneys and project developers from United States, Israel, Canada and Spain.
  2. This premier summit of the Year offers interactive workshops, high-powered discussions, and cutting-edge advice on today’s visa issues most important to businesses, professionals and leaders in Colombia and rest of south America at all levels.

December 21, 2021. Bogota, Colombia

The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce, announces its premier of the year 2022, The Visa World Summit Conference Bogota with high level immigration lawyers and agencies throughout U.S.A, Israel , Spain and Canada  will be in attendance at this educational forum, along with representatives of embassies accredited in the south America country, Colombia.

The 2022 Bogota Edition will have several multi-topic seminars on the agenda, a roundtable and exhibition about resources and legal opportunities to leave, work and business. Attendees will be able to learn more about important program issues such as updates to the visas , new regulations , cost and process, and discussion about a new extraordinary opportunity like national interest among others.

The 2022 Bogota Edition has a mission to present and intended to function as a starting point for guests to discuss further and to share their interest, capacity and expertise with prominent lawyers. 

The event is not open to the public and expecting more than 400 attendees during the two days of activities. Each participant is given time to think of a challenge they are facing and their interest for any particular visa and  building of international connections with speakers, and have the opportunity to directly speak about their projects also providing in-depth presentations during the one-on-one with lawyers. The chamber will have a solid staff for translation, and follow up continue relations.

This upcoming Visa Summit World Conferences will begin on the morning of Monday January 17 for the first round of attendees -200 per day-, followed by a social reception for all attendees. After an opening address on Tuesday January 18, second round of guests will have access to the first expert lecture seminar, followed by a lunch with networking activities. Every lawyer will have an hour presentation continuing with one-on-one meeting with customers. The forum will finish for the day with further social for VIP attendees.

Interested speakers may contact our event marketing team immediately by phone at 786.406-2190 or via email:  also, visiting:

About our Visa World Summit: An international exclusive conference target to the most top elite individual and families located in Colombia who may be interested in business, labor, and other immigration opportunities to U.S.A. , Israel, Spain and Canada. The premier and bi-monthly event is an education conference, where all participants can have a One on One with lawyers. All assistants will learn how to apply for different types of visas for executives, investors, government officials, tourists, students, business travelers, fiancé, future spouses among others.  Conferences hosted by the United States Minority Chamber feature high-profile immigration lawyers who provide insider perspectives on all kind of visa legislation and governmental stances on different programs.

About the Unites States Minority Chamber of Commerce: is the international’s largest U.S.  business institution around Latin America and the Caribbean. A private, independent and non-public funding founded in 2000 with more than 34,000 members and partners. Our members range from farmers- exporters and industries from 10 countries and U.S. minority  small businesses across the 400 counties in the United States, and connect them with more than 5 million of buyers and global corporations creating more business opportunities. For all of the minority businesses we represent, the Chamber is an advocate, training center, partner, and network, helping them improve society and community’s lives reducing poverty and criminal activities. Join the Chamber visiting:  

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