The Most Frequent Reasons Of Fire In Schools

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According to a recent five-year National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) study on fire in U.S. schools, there were 212 casualties from 2013 to 2017 – a 32 percent drop from five years ago. Considering that more than 16,500 school fires were recorded during that time, the numbers are impressive. Each year, school burns cost the economy $ 42 million in direct damage to property. While it is clear that schools do a great job of keeping students safe from fire, the communities they serve have a huge financial burden in the event of a fire.

This post will highlight some of the findings of the NFPA report to help people better understand the causes of school burns.


Cooking fires were the second most common cause of school burns, but they caused less damage to property than fires caused by other sources. The presence of kitchens and other staff at schools may separate cooking-related fires in schools and those in rural areas, where cooked fires cause damage if neglected. Most fires started by cooking utensils are small, according to research. This fact underscores the importance of ensuring that Hood pressure systems and portable fire extinguishers are installed in school kitchens, and both are regularly monitored and maintained.

Playing With Fire Resources

Play with light fixtures and matches is the cause of school burns in both primary and secondary schools. Not surprisingly, the incidence of these injuries is very high in elementary schools, where children are less likely to be aware of potential dangers or what they can do to protect themselves in the event of an accident. In elementary school, heat play caused 29% of injuries, while in middle and high school, fires caused by these acts accounted for 19% of all injuries.


Each year, 1 in 10 fires are caused by heaters. Containing fuel heaters or boilers, permanent and portable heating heaters, central heating systems, water heaters, and other types of heating elements were all involved in these fires.

Although fires caused by portable space heaters may be avoided by observing their location and use, most other fires caused by heating systems may indicate a lack of maintenance and repair of school equipment or infrastructure.

These fires cause a greater amount of direct property damage compared to other major causes of school burns. The NFPA study, which costs an average of $ 2 million each year, serves as a sobering reminder that prevention can go a long way in keeping both children and schools safe in the event of a fire.

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