The Breather Reviews: Is The Breather Respiratory Trainer Device Work? Read Our The Breather Reviews Before You Buy

Breathing is an involuntary process, but it’s something we all do every day. It seems like breathing should be easy, right? But for many people, this basic function can become difficult to manage.

As you get older your body naturally starts to lose muscle mass and flexibility which affects your ability to breathe deeply and fully. The result of this loss in strength is often a weaker immune system, less energy, and more stress on the heart. Even though you’re not aware of it most of the time, tight muscles are holding back your full potential for deep breathing that could improve overall health and well-being.


The Breather will help you strengthen your diaphragm so that you can take deeper breaths at any age. By doing simple exercises with this product, users have reported experiencing greater lung capacity by up to 40%. This product will make it easier for you to improve your overall health and live better. You’ll be able to enjoy better sleep, experience more energy and less stress throughout the day.

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What is the Breather? – The Breather Reviews

Focusing on better health often comes back to diet and exercise, but there are many other ways that consumers can support their own healing. Most people don’t think twice about how they breathe, but a lack of strength in these muscles can lead to detrimental health problems later on. That’s where the Breather comes in.

The Breather fills a void that most people don’t realize that they have. By following along with the available training videos, consumers can improve their airways and strengthen respiratory muscles. It was created by a medical professional, and it already has the support of scientists and doctors around the world. Engaging in respiratory muscle training can help users combat asthma, emphysema, COPD, bronchitis, and other conditions.

The whole reason that the Breather even was created was the result of Peggy Nicholson’s work, a cardiopulmonary rehab therapist. She discovered that Respiratory Muscle Training – which is what the Breather engages the muscles in – immensely helped her patients breathe better. The Breather comes years after perfecting her prototype and seeking feedback from users.

This device has already helped millions of people to improve their breathing and quality of life.

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Key Features of The Breather – The Breather Reviews


Getting proper oxygen during your workout makes a huge difference in how quickly you gain muscle and lose fat.

The Breather is the world’s first breathing trainer that helps athletes of all ages improve their lung capacity by up to 50% in just 15 minutes per day. By training with this device, you’ll be able to work out harder for longer periods of time without feeling winded or fatigued. Best of all, after using this product for 30 days straight, your lungs will feel like they’re used to working at maximum capacity – making any physical activity easier than ever before.

Adjustable dials

Breathe comfortably with the best breathing solution. The device is made with adjustable dials and has independent intensity control, making it easy for you to dictate how much air flows into your mouth at any given moment.

The independent dials allow you to adjust both inhale and exhale resistance levels, so you can adjust the settings according to your lung strength and train them without putting any sort of pressure on them. Beginners should start out by setting these numbers somewhere around 60% max capacity before moving onto higher levels where necessary.


The mouthpiece also detaches from its base easily if needed, which makes it easier to clean the device without damaging the functional parts.

For all age types

No matter what age group or weight range there’s something perfect on offer here and we mean literally every size imaginable: children all of the way to adults big AND small alike will be able to use this product as long as they have breathing issues.

Grip secure design

The ergonomic design ensures maximum grip so even those using the Breather while running or doing other chores around the house can handle the device without worrying about dropping it.


Convenient and portable

The Breather is small and compact, so you can carry it anywhere. It can fit in your bag or pocket, meaning that it’s never been easier to keep yourself clean of allergens without having a bulky machine sitting on top getting in our way. There are no batteries needed – just breathe normally while using this device and it will use the energy from your breath to charge itself.

30-day money-back guarantee

The Breather comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event that it doesn’t satisfy your needs. This is a great incentive as you can rest assured you’d be getting your hands on the best solution for your problems.

Free Breather coach mobile application

Once you purchase a Breather device, you also get access to their free mobile application that guides you through breathing plans formulated according to your needs. You also get access to an assortment of online videos and guides that help you breathe better.

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How to Use the Breather? – The Breather Reviews

You can use The Breather by following these three easy steps:

  • Adjust the dials to adjust intensity.
  • Practice breathing with the device for five to ten minutes to train your lungs.
  • Use it daily to expand your lungs, clear airways, and achieve a better breathing capacity.


The Breather kit comes with the following essentials:

  1. A Breather device with six inhale settings and five exhale settings
  2. Two mouthpieces and a 15 or 25 mm adapter
  3. Aesthetic packaging makes it perfect for gifting to a friend
  4. Access to the Breather app which shows you breathing training plans tailored according to your needs.

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The Breather Real Customer Reviews – The Breather Reviews

“After reading several articles related to controlling hypertension with breathing exercises, I purchased this device to see if it would work for me. Simple in concept and easy to use, It lowered my SBP (systolic blood pressure) by about 5 points with the very first use. After using it twice a day for two weeks, my blood pressure was nearly ideal… all without pharmaceuticals. Of course, everyone is different and you shouldn’t stop your meds or rely on this thing without consulting with your doctor but, for me, it works.” – Jack K

“As a former smoker, I damaged my lungs. The Breather helped me expand my lung capacity so I no longer get breathless taking walks with my husband and I am able to wakeboard again! I can feel the difference all over as I am now breathing correctly (not shallow breathing) so I am getting more oxygen to my vital organs and brain. I am more alert and I am sleeping much better too! And bonus, my husband says that I am not really snoring anymore! I did not buy this for sleep apnea but it was a happy extra therapeutic benefit I learned about! Brilliantly intuitive device!!!” – Kravjoy

“I am receiving therapy for Dysphasia (problem swallowing) – the therapist recommended The Breather to help improve the throat muscles. I do specific exercises every day. Since starting use of The Breather my throat muscles have improved a bit so far – I think it will do the job along with the other exercises. I have rated the product 5 star because it has helped toward meeting my goal.” – Lola F Galleghan

“The Breather is a resistance based Inspiratory/Expiratory trainer with levels of resistance from 1-4/5. I bought this for my mother, who has asthma. She has used it and reports that it helps decrease her shortness of breath.” – Cynthia L Marlowe


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Purchasing the Breather – The Breather Cost/ The Breather Price

The only way consumers can purchase the Breather is on the official website, which has three different packages available. Customers who plan to use the Breather for multiple family members will need to get a new one for each person to avoid cross-contamination.

Every package contains a Breather device, two mouthpieces, access to training videos for proper use, and access to the Breather Coach app. The available packages include:

  • One Breather for $49.99
  • Three Breathers for $119.98
  • Five Breathers for $179.97

The shipping and handling fees only apply if the user is buying no more than one Breather at a time.

If the user finds that this device doesn’t help them in the way that they’d hope, they have up to 30 days to request a full refund with no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Breather – The Breather Reviews

How long will users have to keep up with the use of the Breather to see results?

Users will need to practice breathing with this device for 10 minutes daily to get the desired results. The website provides no specific time that it will take for users to experience long-term effects.

Is the Breather safe for kids?

Yes. The device’s use on children will depend on their ability to follow the breathing instructions and perform the technique accordingly. The creators recommend that the Breather be used for individuals with asthma or pneumonia, but it can benefit anyone.

How is the Breather meant to be used?

First, sit upright. Then, use belly-breathing techniques to breathe in and out with the Breather. Users can adjust the inhale and exhale dials to meet the intensity that the user needs. These training sessions should be repeated daily for 10 minutes at a time. Customers should clean the device between each use.

Is coughing a normal response to using the Breather?

Yes. The Breather demands a lot of force out of users, which could make them start coughing. Coughing is beneficial for the use of this device because it helps to clear their throat while exhaling. However, the user should pause their session while coughing.

Are there any adverse effects associated with the Breather?

No. As long as the user follows directions like they should, there are no reported side effects or adverse reactions at this time.

Who shouldn’t use the Breather?

The only consumers that seem to not benefit from the use of the Breather are individuals who are currently sick. Anyone who falls ill should speak with their doctor to determine if they should discontinue the training temporarily.

Is it possible to use the Breather in place of an inhaler or existing medication?

No. This device is meant to offer therapeutic support to the user. While some people report needing their inhaler less frequently, consumers should first discuss any changes with a doctor. 

Will the Breather help users to swallow easier?

Yes. The technique associated with the Breather makes the airway muscles more robust, which are generally used to swallow food.

How should the Breather be cleaned?

Users should only wash the Breather with mild yet warm soapy water. It helps to reduce the amount of built-up saliva, which reduces germs. The Breather needs to be rinsed well before shaking off any water still dripping off of it. To dry, leave the Breather on a clean paper towel. While not in use, consumers can place the Breather in a plastic bag.

Can the Breather be shared?

No. The Breather should have only one user at the risk of exposing others to foreign and harmful germs. The website offers several multipacks to ensure that users have enough Breathers for their other household members.

How long will the Breather last?

As long as the user maintains proper care, the Breather can last for years. Customers average a total of two years of use before the device needs to be replaced.

The customer service team can be contacted at


Where to Buy The Breather?

If you are interested in trying this Respiratory Trainer Device, use the following link.

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Is the Breather Worth the Investment?

The Breather is a 100% safe, doctor-recommended medical device that works to optimize your breathing, strengthen your muscles and expand your lungs. It has over 3000+ positive customer reviews and has been proven effective in helping people of all ages breathe better.

If you’re someone who has difficulty breathing due to old age or medical conditions such as asthma or other lung diseases, we strongly recommend you invest in this fully-functional device. You will start to feel a big difference within a few weeks of using the device, that’s a guarantee from the millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

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Summary – The Breather Reviews

The Breather provides consumers everywhere with a helpful yet straightforward solution for their breathing issues. While it doesn’t replace inhalers and other medical devices, consumers often find that improved respiratory strength offers therapeutic relief. Some people report using their inhalers less than before, engaging their muscles in strength training. It works for consumers of all ages, and the website offers a discount to anyone who orders more than one at a time.

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