Sunpro Solar Reviews: Is Sunpro Solar Legit? How Much Sunpro Solar Cost? Please Don’t Get SunPro Solar Until You Read This SunPro Solar Consumer Reviews!

Sunpro Solar Reviews

Sunpro Solar gives homeowners access to renewable and sustainable energy through solar panel and battery installation, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and electrical bill. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team looks into Sunpro services and warranties to help you determine if this is the right solar provider for you.

Using solar power as a supplement or replacement for conventional electricity has become popular over the years, particularly in residential neighborhoods. With the cost of solar panel installation decreasing over the past 10 years and government incentives awarded to solar panel owners, solar energy has established itself as a viable alternative power source.

Sunpro Solar provides solar panel and battery installation services to customers in 13 different states. With multiple purchasing options and a 25-year warranty, Sunpro provides customers with lasting solar energy solutions. Read our review on Sunpro services, warranties, and purchasing options to decide if they’re the best solar provider for your home.

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Is Sunpro Solar Worth It? – Sunpro Solar Reviews

Sunpro Solar offers comprehensive warranties and system monitoring to help support customers once their solar energy system is installed. Their transparent purchasing options and A+ rating from the BBB make Sunpro a trusted provider for homeowners looking into solar.

Compare the pros and cons of Sunpro Solar below.

Pros Of Sunpro Solar:

  • Comes with 24/7 solar monitoring
  • Offers a 25-year warranty on panel, inverter, and labor
  • Guarantees panel power production for 25 years

Cons Of Sunpro Solar:

  • Doesn’t provide pricing estimates online
  • Not available nationwide

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Sunpro Solar Solar Power Services – Sunpro Solar Reviews

Sunpro Solar offers a variety of services, including solar panel installation, battery backup installation, and online monitoring.

Solar Panel Installation

If you’re looking to integrate solar panels with your home’s electrical system, consider solar panel system installation from Sunpro. To begin, Sunpro will send a team of solar consultants to your home to determine if your home can support solar panels. Solar panels are most efficient when installed on a roof that’s facing south with little shade coverage. If your roof gets too much shade or has too steep of an incline, you may not be able to install a system.

Once your home is approved for installation, Sunpro technicians install your selected solar panels and connect your system to the electrical grid. If you want to store excess energy collected by your solar panels, Sunpro offers battery backup installation.

Battery Backup Options

Most solar power systems work by sending excess power to the electrical grid for public use. This benefits you if your electrical provider supports net metering, which requires the utility company to credit your account for the provided energy. If your electrical provider doesn’t subscribe to net metering, or you want to keep excess energy in case of a blackout, a battery backup will hold your system’s excess energy for future use.

Sunpro Solar allows you to select your battery backup, letting you balance capacity and supplied power to fit your home’s needs, and gives you access to your excess solar energy whenever needed.

Online Monitoring

Sunpro is unique in that it provides solar panel monitoring through the Enphase MyEnlighten mobile app. In the app, Sunpro customers can monitor their system’s energy production, ensure system health, and share data with friends and family.

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Cost of Sunpro Solar – Sunpro Solar Reviews

To give you an accurate solar panel installation estimate, Sunpro Solar needs to evaluate your home. Here are some factors that may affect the cost of your solar panel installation:

  • Shade—If you have too many trees in your yard, the shade could affect the efficiency of your solar system and reduce your potential energy savings.
  • Energy use—The amount of solar panels needed to generate enough power for your home depends on your family size and the amount of electrical systems and appliances used. The more energy your home uses, the more solar panels it needs.
  • Government incentives—As of 2020, homeowners qualify for a federal tax credit equal to 26 percent of the price of their solar panel system. On the state level, you can save money on your solar system through various policies and incentives. Learn more about qualifying savings in your state by visiting the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

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Payment Options Of SunPro Solar

Sunpro Solar provides three options for purchasing your solar panel system and battery backup:

  1. Buy—If you buy your system outright, you’ll save money and qualify for the tax credits and state incentives available to solar owners.
  2. Finance—Financing qualifies you for government incentives provided through fully purchasing the system, but you’ll need to take out a loan.
  3. Lease—When leasing solar panels, the leasing company pays for the panels and cost of installation. However, the leasing company receives the solar incentives and rebates, while you receive solar energy at a monthly cost.

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Sunpro Solar Warranties and Guarantees

Sunpro offers three warranties to solar customers:

  • A 25-year power production guarantee
  • A 25-year panel and inverter warranty
  • A 25-year labor warranty that covers the efficiency and parts of your solar panel system


Sunpro Solar is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where it holds an A+ rating. This rating comes from the BBB’s understanding of how the company handles customer complaints.

Here’s a sample of the company’s BBB customer reviews:

I would recommend Sunpro Solar over any solar company in San Antonio. They came out and gave me a quote which beat all others I had been given. They go above and beyond solar panels. Larsen ****** was especially helpful in presenting the whole thing. Thank you Sunpro Solar!” — Janie T.

We are so excited about our new solar system from Sunpro Solar! Our salesman, Daniel, was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable! The electricians from San Antonio did a very clean and professional job! The installers were also very efficient! The project coordinator kept us up-to-date the entire time! It was a very smooth transition, and we couldn’t be happier! I will definitely recommend Sunpro Solar to everyone I know!” — Arlene T.

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Our Conclusion

Sunpro Solar is a reputable solar panel installer that offers comprehensive customer service and reliable installation. Although the company doesn’t list the cost of its services online, Sunpro is transparent in its estimate and installation process.

If you’re interested in solar services from a reputable provider, you can get a free quote by filling out this simple online form.

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