Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews (New Update): Do Not Buy Stealth Hawk Pro Until You Read This

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Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews. Flying a toy helicopter is something that not just children love but even adults. There is a thrill in watching the helicopter surge up in the air and being able to control its movement. If the helicopter works like a drone camera, it has an added benefit.

Drone cameras are expensive. When a camera is integrated into a toy helicopter, it can make it work as a drone camera. The helicopter can be taken to any position high above. From there, the camera can be operated to take photographs or videos of the best quality.

This is the concept behind Stealth Hawk Pro. It is a unique helicopter drone that is easy to use and very cost-effective too.

What is Stealth Hawk Pro Drone?

Stealth Hawk Pro Drone is a helicopter drone device. It is a unique combination of a spy drone and a toy helicopter. The small helicopter can be flown easily in the air and controlled by using a remote controller.

Once the device is in the air, you can use its camera to take photographs and videos. This makes the device work as a drone camera. Once positioned in the air, you can focus the image using a mobile app and click photos. You can also take high-resolution videos. This makes it very useful as a photography device.

The device can also be used as a surveillance drone. You can send it in the air around your house to keep an eye on your house and to check if any strangers are lurking around. It is a very useful drone camera in a helicopter.

Why use a helicopter drone? (Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews )

A helicopter that can be flown in the air is a toy that most people would like to own. When this helicopter is equipped with a camera, it becomes a drone. You can use it just like you use a drone camera to take photographs from the air.

The biggest benefit of the helicopter drone is its surveillance abilities. If you want to keep an eye on the surrounding of your house or any other place, the helicopter drone makes it possible. Send the drone up in the air and watch live videos of what is happening.

Of course, the helicopter drone is fun to use. It is also easy to manage with a controller that makes it a very handy device to use.

Features of Stealth Hawk Pro Drone

1) Equivalent to a military drone 

A military drone is used for surveillance. Stealth Hawk Pro has similar features to that of a military drone. It is a small device that can be used for surveillance from the air and you can get live videos. The speed at which this device moves makes it useful for surveillance.

It can fly up to 120 meters making it a very useful device for surveillance from a height.

2) Easy to use

The Stealth Hawk Pro is very simple to use. It resembles a toy helicopter and is as easy to use as a toy helicopter. It comes with a remote controller that is simple to operate. Anyone can fly this drone, even someone who has no experience flying drone before.

The auto-land and auto-return functions make this device very easy to use. With the press of a button, you can bring back the helicopter. This ensures it flies back on its own without having to be controlled. Also, it eliminates the fear of losing the device.

3) Sturdy device

The Stealth Hawk Pro is sturdy in nature. It flies steadily even in high winds. Even if the weather conditions are not good, you can still expect good quality images from the device.

It can run in rain and in weather conditions where temperature varies from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

4) Good quality images and videos

The Stealth Hawk Pro has a camera that is 4K W-iFi embedded. It delivers quality photographs and videos. You can get clear footage with high-resolution quality. It is easy to use to get live images. Operating the camera is simple.

5) Good battery backup    

The battery backup in flight mode is for 15 minutes, which is good enough for a basic drone. 15 minutes in the air is quite a long time to be able to take photos and videos or use for surveillance. The battery can be recharged and used again.

6) Cool design

The helicopter design makes this drone camera device a unique one. The helicopter design enhances the look of the device. It has real blades that move to propel it up in the air.

7) Compact and portable

The Stealth Hawk Pro is a lightweight device making it compact and easy to use. It has a case in which it can be placed after removing the blades. This makes it portable. You can take it with you wherever you go by putting the case in your bag. 

8) Value-for-money pricing

The pricing of the Stealth Hawk Pro is one of its major plus points. A device that works like a helicopter and has the functionality of a drone camera would be highly-priced. But thanks to the discounts offered, the device is truly value-for-money. It is priced at under $150, making it a great buy.

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How does Stealth Hawk Pro work?

 Stealth Hawk Pro is a helicopter drone device that is battery-operated. Insert the battery into the device and it is ready to take off. The device comes with a remote controller that can be used to make it take off, fly, land, and click photos.

There is a manual that tells you how to use the device. The device comes with sensors that ensure it does not crash into trees, buildings, or any other objects.

The controller makes it easy to fly the device. It is simple to operate and can be used even by people who do not know how to use a drone.

It has an auto-landing button that allows you to land the drone quickly and easily. Even if you are not accustomed to using a drone, you can use this function to make the drone land easily.

While flying the drone, if you are not able to spot it, don’t worry. You can use the auto-return function to bring back the drone wherever it is.

The device works on battery that lasts for around 15 minutes of flight time. Once the battery runs out, it can be recharged. You can recharge the battery by connecting it to a charger using an USB cable. This allows you to use the device immediately after it is recharged.

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Stealth Hawk Pro Product specifications

  • Product size: 230 mm x 80 mm.
  • Lithium-ion battery 3.7 V 600 mAH.
  • R/C Distance of 120 meters.
  • Gravity sensors. 

Pros and cons of Stealth Hawk Pro (Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews )

When you invest money to buy Stealth Hawk Pro, you will want to be sure that your decision is right. For this, it is important that you know all about the product. This includes knowing all about the pros and cons of the product. This information will help you come to a conclusion on how useful the product is for you.

The pros of Stealth Hawk Pro are listed below:

  • Stealth Hawk Pro is a helicopter drone that works just like a military drone. It can be flown in the air to take pictures and videos from the air. This makes it useful as a surveillance device.
  • The device works like a drone camera. It can be operated from below and the camera used to take photographs and videos. High resolution images can be captured from the sky making it a great device for photography enthusiasts.
  • It is a simple device, easy to use and operate. It comes with a remote controller that is simple to use and poses no problems.
  • The remote controller has options for auto-landing and auto-return. These functions make it very easy to operate the device and you don’t have to worry about losing it. Just press the auto-return and it will come back to you.
  • The device has auto sensors that help to detect any object like a building or tree. It then avoids the obstacles. This ensures the copter does not crash into objects.
  • It is a compact device, small and light in weight. This makes it convenient to take with you wherever you go. You can get the case that makes it easy to store the device and take it with you wherever you go.
  • Even though it is a compact device, it is built sturdily. Even if it falls or hits any object it is not going to be damaged.
  • The device can work in tough weather conditions like strong winds and rain. It can also tolerate extreme temperature ranges making it very easy to use.
  • The product is perfect for those who want a drone camera to take with them to take photos and videos. It is good to take while on a trip.
  • The speed of the device is a major pro of this product. It is fast thanks to its light structure, design, and blades. This makes the device great for use whether for surveillance or for taking photos.
  • It can even be used as a toy helicopter to fly in open spaces and have fun. Kids would love watching the copter drone fly in the air.
  • Competitive pricing is one of the key benefits of this product. For a product that has the features and benefits it has, the pricing offered is one of the best in the market.

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The cons of Stealth Hawk Pro are: 

  • Stealth Hawk Pro is a product that is not available in stores. If you want to buy it, you need to buy it only from their website. This makes the product availability limited.
  • Like most products of its type, it can fly for 15 minutes only. If you need to use it for more than this time, it is not possible.

Who is Stealth Hawk Pro for?

Stealth Hawk is a device that is meant for all those who want a drone with a camera facility.

This device is meant for those who would love to fly a helicopter and use it is as a camera to take great photos and videos.

If you would like a device that has capabilities like that of a military drone, then this device is for you. You can use this device for surveillance to get video feed from your surroundings.

If you want a device that is portable and easy to pack and take with you, then you must buy this device. 

Who should not buy Stealth Hawk Pro? 

If you want to use the device to take videos for more than 15 minutes, then this device won’t meet your requirements.

If you are not able to connect the product to a USB drive, then you won’t be able to recharge the device. You will then find it difficult to use the device.

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What is so special about the Stealth Hawk Pro?

 Stealth Hawk Pro is a unique device not like all other drones or surveillance devices. This is what makes it so special and one that you must consider buying.

While there are many drones in the market, they are quadcopter drones. This is a helicopter drone that looks like a helicopter drone but works like a quad drone. This makes it a special device.

Just like other drones, the device has a camera. The camera can be used to take high-resolution images and videos. This makes it as utilitarian as a drone camera.

The drone is as functional as a military drone in terms of its surveillance capability. The unique feature of this device is that it is fast. This makes it perfectly suited as a surveillance device. You can fly it around your home or any other place and get live videos thanks to the WiFi-enabled camera. You can use this video for security purposes making it apt as a security camera with drone functionality.

The remote controller that makes with the device makes it really easy to use. The controller is easy to manage and you need not have any knowledge of drones to fly this device.

A special aspect of this device is that it has two functions known as auto-return and auto-land. If you are worried about the device being lost, then the auto-return function will be useful. This function allows you to bring back the device wherever it is. Even if you cannot see the device in the air, press the button and it comes back.

Auto-landing is another special feature of this device. When you use this function, you can land the drone easily without having to control it.

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Pricing of Stealth Hawk Pro Drone

Stealth Hawk Pro is a unique product with many handy features. It has all the features of professional drones that are expensive. However, this device is offered at a very competitive pricing. This very useful device is priced at $298.

However, the actual pricing is lesser thanks to the discount offered. You must note that the discount offer is for a limited duration while stocks last. If you act fast, you can take advantage of the discount, if not you might have to pay full price. 

The discount offered is sizable, which is 50%. So, the price offered is $149, which is a very competitive price.

There are other special offers too. If you buy 2 devices, then the price is $249. If you buy 3 devices, then there is an additional discount. It would cost $297. You can buy 3 drones and give them to each member of your family.

In case, you want to gift these devices to your friends, you can buy 4 drones. This is the best offer and the total price is just $399. This is a huge discount of 70%.

There is another offer where if you pay just $9 extra, you will get you can get extended protection for the device. While the general warranty is for 1 year, paying this additional amount entitles you to get extended coverage for 3 years. 

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Where to buy Stealth Hawk Pro Drone?

Stealth Hawk Pro is not available in stores anywhere. It is only offered for sale online. You can buy it straight from the manufacturer by visiting the official website. Visiting the official website ensures that you are assured of a quality product. In case, you see this product offered on other websites, it could be a dubious one.

To buy this product, you need to visit the website of the company. You can place the order online and pay safely. The website is SSL secured and protected. You need to enter your shipping information and contact details so the product can be sent to you.

Payment can be done online using credit cards. It is a very handy way to order this product, which will be delivered to your home. 

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What do you get when you buy the product? (Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews )

 Once you place the order, the product is delivered securely to your home in safe packaging. The package contains the number of devices that you have ordered. Each order would have the following in the box:

  • The Stealth Hawk Pro helicopter drone with blades that can be fitted to the device.
  • Remote controller device.
  • The user manual for the device and the remote controller.
  • Lithium-ion batteries to be fitted into the device.
  • USB cable that can be used to recharge the battery.
  • Pouch to store the drone.

Details of money-back offered

A 14-day money-back offer is given with the product. In case, you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, don’t worry. Just contact the customer service department of the company. They will accept your return and refund your money without any questions asked.

The money-back is an assurance of quality from the manufacturer.

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FAQ’s on Stealth Hawk Pro

1) Is this product a toy or is it a drone?

This product works like a toy but it is a full-fledged drone. Even though this is a helicopter drone, it has all the features of a regular drone. It can fly just like a regular drone. It even works just like a military drone with surveillance capability.

2) Is the camera of this device good enough to take pictures?

Yes, the drone comes with a camera that has 4K resolution for images and videos. This allows you to take great pictures and videos. You can fly the device to the position you want and take photographs from a height. The camera is Wi-Fi enable. The photos and videos can be viewed using an app provided by the manufacturer. This allows you to save the photos on your mobile. You can also get a live feed, thus using it as a surveillance device.

3) How can this device be controlled? Can novices use this device?

This device can be controlled very easily using the remote controller that comes with the device. It is very easy to use the controller. There are two handy buttons. One is auto-landing, which allows you to land the drone easily without having to control it. The other button is auto-return. This button allows you to bring back the drone wherever it is. You don’t need to have technical information or know about drones. You can follow the instructions in the manual and learn how to use it. There is also an app provided that helps you control the device easily.

4) What if the helicopter drone crashes against a tree or building?

This is naturally a worry for every drone user. When the drone is flown, there is a chance of it crashing against a tree or building. This risk is removed thanks to the sensors present in the device. The sensor can detect any obstacle and move away the drone. This ensures it does not crash and suffer damage. Even if it crashes against some object, don’t worry. The sturdy build of the product ensures it will not be damaged.

5) How far can this drone fly and for how long?

This helicopter drone can fly for up to 120 meters. That is the range for up to which the controller works. The flight time of the copter is around 15 minutes.

6) What if I get a product that does not work?

The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee precisely for this reason. Once you get the product, try it out. In case, it is not working you can return it. Whatever is the reason for your dissatisfaction with the product, you can return it. Send it back within 14 days after talking to the company. They will refund your money after deducting shipping and handling charges. This guarantee ensures your risks are minimized.


All the information on the Stealth Hawk Pro helicopter drone was presented in this review. All information of this product, including its features, pros, cons, and details of pricing was provided. The detailed FAQ for this product would have helped you get all information you need about this product.

In case you still have any doubts about the product, then take a look at the questions that follow:

  • Would you like a helicopter drone that has all the features of a quadcopter drone?
  • Are you interested in using a helicopter drone that can work like a surveillance device and meet your security needs?
  • Do you want a device that can be controlled easily?
  • Do you want a drone device with the best features offered at the best price?

If your answers to any of these questions was yes, then you must definitely consider buying the Stealth Hawk Pro device. This device is a very useful drone with a camera. You can use this device just like you use a drone. Since it comes with a camera, you can shoot photos and videos using the device.

The pictures and videos are of 4K resolution. You can use a mobile app to view the pictures. This ensures you get live feed from the camera on your mobile. This is why you can use this device as a surveillance camera to get pictures from around you.

The device is battery-operated, making it easy to recharge using a USB port. The controller that comes with this device makes it extremely convenient to operate it. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to be able to use this drone. You can easily manage the drone thanks to the special functions in it.

The drone is compact and portable. Place it in the pouch and take it wherever you go. You can thus take the drone with you wherever you go to shoot pictures and videos. The product comes at an extremely attractive pricing thanks to the discounts offered. If you act quickly, you can get the device at a very competitive pricing.

There is also a 14-day money-back offer. All these make this product a very good one. You can definitely consider buying this product if you are in need of a helicopter drone with camera facility. 

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