Start 2022 off Right By Selling Your Home

Wherever you live is surely flooded with real estate agents that are hustling hard to promote their currently available real estate properties and even the ones that they have recently sold. The hard part for a person that finds themselves in the market to have their home sold is, where do you begin, and who should you entrust with this serious life-changing situation? 

It isn’t every day that you have to get your home sold. So, not having all of the answers is completely understandable. Real estate agents, on the other hand, have gone through the training to know much more about selling homes than you have.  

As we know, the normal trajectory for selling real estate has been to hire an agent to put in the effort and get the job done at the price of about 6% of your equity profit from the final sale. This still works and is the way that it is usually done. 

But now that it is 2022, how about learning how to step into the future and be able to be shown how not only to take control of the sale of your own home but also be able to keep that commission money for yourself? 

Take advantage of the help that is offered by HomeLister, a digital listing platform, to gain the confidence needed to handle your own real estate transaction. You may be wondering, what is the catch?

The overwhelmingly positive feedback that you can find in HomeLister reviews offers real estate sellers a better understanding of why it would be a good idea to choose Homelister in 2022. But in the meantime, here are a few of the many advantages when you become the captain of your own real estate journey with HomeLister. 

1. Pick Your Own Price

If you go the traditional route to sell your home by contacting a real estate agency, you will be expected to pay approximately 6% of the final sale price. Therefore, if your house ends up getting sold for $400,000, that will be anywhere between $13,401 to $23,401 that you will be losing out on.

Now just imagine if the final price tag ends up being even more than that? We are talking about enough money to purchase a brand-new car just with what you can save by using HomeLister.  

This is an expected cause of doing business that can be put to the side, and by using HomeLister, you can choose one flat fee from the available service packages, and there will be no hidden percentages of your profits to part ways with. 

2. Online Marketing Campaigns 

You will only receive offers from interested parties that are aware of the fact that your home is even for sale in the first place. Make use of the resources available through HomeLister to put the pieces together for a prosperous online marketing campaign. 

3. Professional Photography 

Don’t be that person who settles for some cellphone pictures of your house to offer up to potential buyers. This is your home that you are talking about selling, not a hand-knitted sweater on eBay. 

Having professional photography puts more trust in customers that it will be worth their time to take a look at this property inside and out. Using HomeLister takes the confusion of who to hire out of the equation so that you can focus your attention on stimulating the desire for people to put in their offers as soon as possible. 

4. 3D Video Property Tours 

Professional photographs are able to go even further when they are accompanied by a video tour of your home to push potential buyers to get that much closer to placing offers on it. 

Offering a 3D interactive video tour of your property is totally possible with the help of the HomeLister Live Tours app that lets you activate live virtual house tours and showings. Simply invite buyers by entering their contact information and selecting a date and time for them to swing by for a visit. 

5. Custom Assistance

HomeLister doesn’t expect you to be a fully licensed real estate agent who can answer all of your own questions. 

Whatever level of property knowledge you are currently at, choosing HomeLister gives you access to expert assistance via chat, email, or phone if you find yourself scrambling for answers along the way between putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign and the day that it becomes one that reads ‘Sold.’  

Make 2022 the year that you shift your financial future by successfully selling your own home, just like so many other previous HomeLister users have accomplished before you.