Remodel Your Home to Increase Its Market Value

Princeton,NJ/ 360prwire/ December 10/

Whether you are planning to sell your home or simply renovate it, making some changes to the current interior design can help you increase your home’s value. There are many ways of remodeling a home to increase its value, but not all ways pay off equally.

Here are the cost-effective ways of remodeling your home to increase its overall market value and get a big return on your investment.

Replace old cabinets

Cabinets, drawers, and other storage options are some of the first things that buyers check in a home. You should look for modern ways to make indoor spaces more functional and useful.

Old kitchen cabinets that have mold or pest infestation issues can reduce your home’s value and make potential buyers never return after the first inspection period. You should try replacing these cabinets with storage options that can better meet a homeowner’s needs by providing him/her more room to store things.

Upgrade your floors

Updating floors can give your home a completely new look. If you currently have hardwood flooring, you may have a problem concentrating on your work due to the background noise of footsteps. You can tackle this issue by carpeting the floor.

Similarly, if the floor is already carpeted and it takes more time to clean up due to the mess your kids or pets create, then it is high time to replace the carpet with tiles or hardwood flooring. It will save you time and give your home a fresh look.

Use wall decoration items

Clean and decorated walls can make your home attractive, which can further increase its market value. Wall decoration items are found in different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. You can choose items that fall within your budget and help you meet your wall renovation goals.

Using picture frames is a cost-effective way of decorating a wall. They allow you to display your favorite family photographs or exquisite art pieces in any room. Wall frames are manufactured in different designs, colours, and dimensions, so that buyers can easily find one that meets their needs.

Make your home energy efficient

Energy-efficient homes that bring energy bills down are now becoming highly sought-after homes among buyers. Replace older appliances that are frequently used with energy-efficient appliances. This may sound like an expensive approach to increasing a home’s value, but it will certainly pay off well in the future.

Other ways of making your home energy efficient include replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs, installing new filters as the older ones can consume more energy, yet not offer the optimum output, and using energy-efficient windows.

Add more colour to your home

If you are planning to use wall decoration items, you should first get your walls painted. This will give your home a clean look, especially if your walls are stained and the paint colour has dulled over time. You should choose paint colour wisely, as it directly impacts the appearance of a room.