Recently, there was a tragic vehicle accident in Perth!

A horrific catastrophe happened just a few weeks ago in Perth. On Perth’s Mitchell Highway on December 7, a truck and two cars crashed. The collision resulted in the death of one person and the serious injury of two others.

The injured were sent to the hospital right away. One of the injured is in critical condition.

In addition, the road was closed for a period of time following the accident.

The rate of car accidents in Western Australia is higher than in any other Australian state.

Despite all the precautions taken to avoid collisions, many collisions still occur on WA roadways. Almost one person dies every two days in these accidents. In 2021, 155 people died in car accidents, according to the Road Safety Commission. Many times, more people were injured.

What can be done to reduce the number of car accidents?

To avoid car accidents, it is vital to first understand what causes them and then take appropriate safeguards.

According to the study, “speeding, fatigued driving, distracted driving, driving under the influence, and not wearing a seatbelt” are the five most common causes of accidents.

So, what are the safety precautions that should be taken?

Compliance with established traffic rules, in particular, should be a major focus. You should wear your seat belt and not be weary when you leave. Furthermore, while driving, any distraction should be avoided.

It is not permissible to exceed the posted speed limit on the roads. The most common cause of accidents is excessive speed.

When driving, the weather should be taken into account. When driving in the rain, for example, pay attention to the following distance. Traffic restrictions must be respected, and the vehicle’s headlights must be kept on.

It is important not to become fatigued while driving, and long trips should be broken up with stops.

In the event of a car accident, what should you do?

There is always the chance of an accident, whether you are driving, a passenger, or a pedestrian. Because no matter how cautious you are, another person’s negligence can result in an accident.

If you’re in a car accident, you should seek medical attention right away if you’re injured. If you are not injured, you must ensure that no one else need assistance. Furthermore, the accident should be reported to the authorities as soon as feasible.

If you are able to do so after the accident, keeping track of all relevant facts will make your job easier later. Many details, including as the time and location of the accident, the license plates of the vehicles involved, the drivers’ license information, and witness testimony, can aid you in obtaining compensation for your injuries later.

Assume you were involved in a car accident in Perth. What can you do if you don’t know what your legal rights and obligations are in relation to the occurrence you’ve involved?

You can call the car accident lawyers in Perth if you find yourself in this predicament. Lawyers will explain everything that has to be done, including if you are eligible for compensation and what rights you have.

You may also schedule a free first consultation with no win no fee lawyers in Perth to learn more about your rights to compensation and how to file a claim. Then you can pick what to do.

What does it mean to have no-win, no-fee lawyers?

It is known as a “no win no fee lawyer” if the lawyer you engage with does not earn a fee if the requested compensation is not received. You don’t have to worry about following the process if you’ve been injured in an accident and are working with a lawyer. As a result, all you can think about is healing. It also demonstrates that you do not need to contemplate any further fees because the lawyer you work with will not be compensated if the amount sought is not received.