Puralean Reviews 2022 – Does It Really Work Or Just Scam?

Recently, there’s been a spurt in the number of Puralean reviews on the internet. Most of these Puralean reviews hype it to the moon and call it the best natural weight loss supplement that you can find.

We review weight loss supplements for a living and after reading some of these Puralean reviews, were quite excited. It’s very rare that one comes across a natural weight loss solution that works.

Most weight loss pills sold online are pure junk. So with our hopes sky-high, we logged on to the Puralean website and also checked for Puralean reviews on Amazon. But we found a lot of things amiss about this weight loss supplement.

That’s why we decided to do a detailed Puralean review, as it might help you come to an objective decision while researching this diet pill. This is what we found while researching Puralean Pills.

Top Alternatives to Puralean

  • LeanbeanBest Alternative for Women

  1. PhenQBest Alternative for Men

What is PuraLean?

Puralean weight loss supplement is one of the latest weight loss pills to hit the internet. It is touted to be a 100% natural weight loss pill that helps you lose weight in a healthy way.

But if you log on to the official website, you will find that the claims are not consistent at all.

For instance, there’s a paragraph with a header that says ‘Strength’. But under the heading, there’s very little about how Puralean weight loss supplement boosts strength. Instead, it talks about Puralean’s benefits for boosting immunity.

What does Immunity have to do with strength? The next heading says ‘Power’.

Then there are icons that say heart health, weight loss support, and vitality and energy. But again, there’s no explanation of how Puralean pills can deliver on these fronts.

To be honest, anyone can create a fancy website with cookie cutter templates and talk about things that they can’t deliver. But that’s not the kicker. The kicker is that when we looked up on Amazon for Puralean pills, we found an entirely different formula, with the same label and design.

How does it work – Puralean Claims

As we said, the claims are all over the place for Puralean weight loss supplements. They claim to help detox the body, boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health, and support weight loss.

But how the supplement does this remains a mystery. To find out more, we dug a little deep into the ingredient list to see if it made any sense, or whether they really made the claims on the basis of the ingredients.

Once again, the ingredient header claims that the Puralean Pills contain a ‘proprietary formula’ of the most ‘protective superfoods’ in the world.

Almost instantly, there are two red flags there.

  1. It’s a proprietary blend. (We will explain why this is a red flag)
  2. They claim to have a formula of the most protective superfoods in the world. Even a 7-year old can see through that. There’s no definitive list of superfoods, let alone the most protective ones. Protection from what exactly?

Also, how does any of this work towards weight loss? To lose weight, you need legit weight loss pills that help curb hunger or boost metabolism. From our experience, superfoods do little to help you with losing weight.

What ingredients are in PuraLean?

As always, we shift focus to good old science to decipher some of the mysteries that surround the Puralean weight loss formula. Ingredients have always helped us separate the chaff from the wheat.

On most occasions, we have come across weight loss supplements that are junk and grossly overpriced. From the looks of it, we realized that Puralean diet pills were not very different. Here’s what Puralean contains, according to the official website.


Banaba is a genus of a plant that grows mostly in the southern United States. It contains a substance called corosolic acid.

Corosolic acid has been studied for its anti-diabetic effects and also as a weight loss supplement. But one study conducted on mice showed little effect on either blood sugar or weight loss. Puralean claims it helps control appetite and stabilize insulin levels.

There’s no scientific evidence that Banaba does either of these.


Guggul is a resin from the Commiphora Mukul tree, found in India. It has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

The active compound in Guggul is called guggulsterone. There is some evidence that guggulsterone may help improve blood lipid levels and reduce body weight. However, the amount of guggulsterone in Puralean pills is not disclosed the same like Plenity Pills, so it’s hard to say how effective it would be to help you lose weight.

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon is a fruit that is widely used in Ayurveda medicine. It is claimed to help regulate blood sugar levels and has been used as a natural treatment for diabetes.

There is some scientific evidence that bitter melon may help regulate blood sugar levels. However, there are no studies on its effects on weight loss.


Yarrow root is a plant that has been used since ancient times. It is often dried and made into tea to help ease stomach cramps, nosebleeds, and diarrhea.

There’s a lack of scientific evidence on whether Yarrow helps reduce weight or make it easier to lose weight. At best, this is a folk remedy with no scientific backing.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is a plant found in India and Africa. It is claimed to help regulate blood sugar levels and has been used as a natural treatment for diabetes. But Gymnema can do little to help you lose weight, apart from stabilizing blood sugar levels.

It can be beneficial for cardiovascular health though because it contains compounds that are cardioprotective.

White Mulberry

White Mulberry leaf extract is currently one of the hot topics amongst researchers for its ability to boost the levels of Brown Adipose Tissue, or BAT. Mulberry leaves can also potentially improve insulin resistance and glucagon levels. However, all of these are claims for now.

The research is at a very nascent stage and it remains inconclusive whether White Mulberry can have a long-term impact on weight loss. Even if it did, it would depend on the concentration of mulberry that is in the supplement.


Vanadium is a trace mineral that is found in many foods, including plants and shellfish. It is claimed to help regulate blood sugar levels and has been used as a natural treatment for diabetes.

So, the only way in which it might help you lose weight is by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Vitamins C & E

Both these vitamins play several important roles in the body and offer many health benefits. But their role on metabolism levels is ambiguous.


Licorice root has been used medicinally for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Licorice is demulcent, meaning it coats and soothes the throat and digestive tract. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Licorice may be helpful in treating heartburn, gastritis. But weight loss? We don’t think so.

This makes Licorice a fancy addition to the product label with no translatable benefits.


Like Licorice, Cinnamon has been used medicinally for centuries. It is a warming spice that can help improve circulation. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Cinnamon may help improve your lipid profiles by flushing out bad cholesterol.

But what’s the concentration of Cinnamon in Puralean? We don’t know.


This is probably the only ingredient with some benefit in Puralean. Cayenne is a compound derived from the fruit of Capsicum plants and contains Capsaicin, a chemical compound said to help with circulation and metabolism. It is also a stimulant, which could potentially boost your energy levels if dosed properly.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are the fruit of a common coniferous shrub. They have been used medicinally for centuries as an expectorant and diuretic agent for respiratory problems.

They may help flush out water from your body which is not the same as losing weight by the way.

Biotin Pure

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that helps with metabolizing fats and carbs. It has been studied as a potential weight loss supplement, but the majority of evidence suggests it doesn’t help you lose much weight, as biotin is not well absorbed by your body. Might help with hair growth though.

Other Ingredients

Puralean also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Taurine, Manganese, Chromium, Magnesium & Zinc. These in our opinion are the best ingredients in these weight loss capsules. They deserved a top spot on the product label.

Instead, they are mentioned like an afterthought, in the last few lines of the label.

Is PuraLean legit?

Despite the natural ingredients, we feel that Puralean leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to supporting weight loss in a safe and efficient manner. As we said at the onset, we review dietary supplements for a living and by now, we can spot anomalies from a mile away.

There are many of these anomalies in Puralean.

It’s a proprietary blend

Proprietary blends are a red flag when it comes to weight loss supplements. This means the manufacturers don’t want you to know the exact quantities of each ingredient in the product.

Why? Because they generally add the cheapest fillers in high concentrations and the more expensive ingredients in very low doses. Even if one of their ingredients is effective, a proprietary blend just casts a huge black cloud on the veracity of the claims.

They don’t reveal the concentration of the proprietary blend

We have come across numerous dietary supplements with proprietary blends that make weight loss claims. But they at least reveal the concentration of the total blend, even if it doesn’t make much of a difference. In this case, Puralean supplement offers no information on the quantity of the proprietary blend. This is a huge red flag for us.

There’s no picture of the Puralean supplement product label on the official website either. Whatever happened to transparency?

The Puralean Ingredients as listed on Amazon are entirely different

On Amazon, Puralean capsules are listed as a Ketogenic weight loss supplement. The Puralean ingredients on the label are a blend of beta-hydroxybutyrate salts.

We’re not sure why the Amazon listing is different from the one on the official website. There could have been two versions of the supplement. But there’s no mention of this on the official website.

No product label, different product labels. It just does not add up. But it definitely makes you question the veracity of the claims made by PuraLean.

PuraLean Side Effects and Safety Concerns

Most of the Puralean Ingredients seem to work by helping reduce your insulin levels to suppress the appetite. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can potentially reduce your blood sugar levels to alarmingly low levels.

Long-term low blood sugar levels can cause problems like fatigue, lightheadedness, and shakiness. So if you’re planning to take Puralean for an extended period of time, be on the lookout for these symptoms.

Also, many of the natural ingredients are unproven and folk remedies. We do not know their long-term effects.

Puralean FAQ

Q. How long does it take PuraLean to work?

  1. There’s absolutely no way that we can tell you how long it will take for this product to work. For one, we do not know how much the active ingredient dosage is. Secondly, most of the ingredients work by stabilizing blood glucose levels and hence may do little on their own to help you keep off weight gain.

Q. Is apple cider vinegar good for weight loss?

  1. We are not sure, nor is the scientific community. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those things that’s increasingly being touted as a panacea. But there are very few studies to support the claims being made.

Q. How much weight can you lose in a month with Puralean?

  1. There’s no way to tell. There are too many variables in the equation that don’t add up. The ingredients are dubious, there’s no dosage information available and most importantly, there is no verifiable track record of this product.

Puralean – Final thoughts and alternatives

Should you buy Puralean pills? Based on our analysis, the ingredients, the official website, and the claims, there’s just too much that doesn’t add up about this product. Then there are the customer reviews on Google.

Most Puralean customer reviews talk about how they had weight gain rather than weight loss and how the brand refused to refund the money as covered by their 60 day money-back guarantee.

Overall, we feel that this is just another fly-by-night diet pills out to make a quick buck. There are much better choices that support natural weight loss with proven ingredients and success rates. We are going to recommend two such options for you.

#1 – Leanbean – Curb Hunger Effortlessly to lose weight

Hunger management is the key to calorie control. Calorie control is critical if you are looking to prevent weight gain in the long run. But as we all know, curbing hunger and staying off your favorite foods is one of the hardest things to do.

That’s why Leanbean has quickly become the UK’s #1 weight loss supplement. It contains scientifically proven ingredients that help to suppress your appetite while also boosting your metabolism.

This means that you can eat less while still burning more calories, leading to effortless weight loss. Plus, Leanbean comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it at no risk.

  • How Leanbean helps in your weight loss journey

We like that Leanbean does not make outrageous claims that are all over the place. They have designed a formula that is firmly rooted in science. The primary ingredient is backed by more than 10 clinical studies, each one of which demonstrates that it is an effective weight loss aid.

Here’s how you can achieve your target weight with Leanbean.

  • Eat your target calories only

Leanbean contains a potent and high concentration of a soluble fiber called Glucomannan, which absorbs water and turns into a thick jelly. This slowly moves through your gut, making you feel satiated and reducing the amount of food you want to eat. No more unhealthy cravings.

This also supports gut health.

  • Burn Calories

Leanbean is a perfectly designed supplement. Ultimate Life knew that for shedding stubborn fat, you need more than appetite suppression. That’s why Leanbean contains scientifically proven herbs that will boost your metabolism.

  • Stay Energized

Lastly, Leanbean ensures that you do not suffer from fatigue or exhaustion despite the drop in calories and the fat burning properties. You can use Leanbean in conjunction with any exercise regime, be it cardio or lifting weights – you will not feel drained of energy.

Leanbean Ingredients

Here’s a look at the natural ingredients in Leanbean.

  • Glucomannan
  • Green Coffee
  • Acai Berry
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Zinc
  • Choline
  • Chloride
  • Turmeric
  • Vitamin B6, B 12
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Piperine

Leanbean Pricing

Leanbean is one of the most affordable dietary pills considering that you get a 30-day supply for $59.99. If you buy a 3-month supply, then you get an additional month free at just $189.97.

Click here for the Lowest Price on Leanbean

Leanbean vs. Puralean weight loss supplement – Final thoughts

Leanbean is a solid weight loss supplement that makes no outlandish claims. Instead, it focuses on the science behind losing weight. It provides all-natural ingredients that work synergistically to suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and eliminate fat in problem areas like thighs, hips, and stomach.

#2 – PhenQ – Losing Weight Made Easy with Thermogenesis

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that helps to achieve your goals in an easy and convenient way. It is what’s called a Thermogenic fat burner, which works by increasing your body temperature and boosting your metabolism.

This results in increased calorie expenditure, making it easier for you to lose weight. Enhanced energy levels give you the motivation to exercise regularly which boosts your weight loss regime.

How does PhenQ help you lose weight fast?

PhenQ is a multi-dimensional weight loss supplement that attacks weight gain from all angles. Here’s how it can help you lose weight effortlessly.

  • Metabolism Boosting with Thermogenesis

It is a potent thermogenic fat burner, meaning it helps to increase your body temperature and metabolism, leading to increased calorie expenditure. Even a mild increase in your resting metabolic rate can result in significant weight loss over time.

  • Appetite Suppression

PhenQ contains ingredients that help to suppress your appetite, meaning you’ll eat less without feeling hungry or deprived. This is an important factor in weight loss, as it’s very easy to give up if you’re always feeling hungry.

This also maintains stable blood sugar levels, which keeps your insulin resistance in check.

  • Motivation at its peak

PhenQ also helps to improve cognitive function, keeping your mind clear and focused so you can make the most of your workouts. No mental fogginess, and no distractions.

You will also experience stable energy levels, without spikes and crashes, which means you can exercise for longer without feeling tired.

PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ contains a blend of natural ingredients that work together to help you lose weight.

  • Nopal
  • Capsimax Powder
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Piperine extracts
  • Caffeine anhydrous

PhenQ Pricing

PhenQ is available from online stores at a cost of $69.99 for a month’s supply, or three bottles for $139.97. This is an affordable price point considering that this is the bestselling fat burner for over 9 years.

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PhenQ vs. Puralean – Final thoughts

PhenQ is a safe, all-natural, and effective weight loss supplement that can help you achieve your goals in an easy and convenient way. It contains ingredients that work synergistically to boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and provide sustained energy levels. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee too.

To Sum it all up

Rather than taking chances with a supplement like Puralean, which has not been around as long and may not have the same safety record, go with tried and tested products like PhenQ & Leanbean.

With its all-natural ingredients, affordable price, and money-back guarantee, these are the obvious choices for anyone looking to lose weight safely and easily.