Nutrisystem Reviews: does nutrisystem work? (Updated 2022)

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What is the Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is a well-known weight reduction programme that has been in operation since the 1970s. The diet’s principle is simple: eat six short meals each day to help decrease hunger, making it simpler to lose weight. Calorie restriction allows you to lose weight by restricting the number of calories in your meals.

The programme claims that it may help women lose up to 13 pounds (6 kg) and men lose up to 18 pounds (8.2 kg) in the first month, and some individuals have experienced success with the diet (1). Nutrisystem prepares some of your meals for you to make the calorie restriction procedure simpler. These meals are either frozen or shelf-stable, however they are completely prepared and simply need to be reheated. Nutrisystem also sells smoothies that may be used as snacks. Get Nutrisystem For The Most Discounted Price

Meals that are examples include:

  • Breakfast consists of multigrain cereal with skim milk and a banana.
  • Snack number one is a protein shake prepared with skim milk.
  • Sandwich with turkey and cheese on whole wheat bread for lunch
  • Snack number two: whole grain crackers and cheese.
  • Dinner consists of baked salmon, brown rice, and a salad with vinaigrette dressing.
  • Snack 3: 2–4 dark chocolate pieces

How does it work?

Nutrisystem is a four-week diet plan. You may, however, continue the 4-week programme as much as you wish. You should consume six small meals every day on Nutrisystem, including breakfast, lunch, supper, and three snacks. Several of them will be Nutrisystem-provided frozen meals or drinks that are nutritionally balanced, with a blend of fibre, protein, and fats.

The first week is a little different from the rest of the curriculum. You’ll consume three meals, one snack, and one specially prepared Nutrisystem shake each day throughout this week. This routine, according to the business, “prepares your body for weight reduction achievement.”

However, you should attempt to eat six times each day for the next three weeks. Nutrisystem advocates picking lean, low-calorie, and low-sodium alternatives for meals and snacks that are not supplied by the business. You may also have up to eight “Flex Meals” every week — two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, and two snacks — to account for meals that aren’t ideal for weight reduction but are necessary for a holiday or special event. Avail an Exclusive Discount on Nutrisystem


The ease of the Nutrisystem diet, as well as its ability to enhance blood sugar management, particularly in patients with type 2 diabetes, are additional advantages.

Controlling blood sugar levels may be easier.

Nutrisystem foods have a low glycemic index (GI), which means they have a lower impact on blood sugar levels than other meals. The GI is a 0–100 scale that classifies foods according to how rapidly they raise blood sugar levels. Glucose, which your body utilises for energy, has a GI of 100, whereas strawberries, which contain a little amount of natural sugar, have a GI of 40. (7Trusted Source). The high fibre, high protein components used in Nutrisystem meals assist to reduce the GI of these foods. However, there is no information available on the actual GI ratings of Nutrisystem meals on the internet.

Furthermore, there is substantial disagreement as to whether the GI is a reliable system. It assigns a low GI to less nutritious items and a high GI to healthy options. Ice cream, for example, has a lower GI than pineapple (7Trusted Source, 8). The additional things you consume with it may influence how soon a meal raises your blood sugar. While GI is a useful tool, it does have certain limits (7Trusted Source). Nonetheless, a 2009 research found that Nutrisystem D, a high-protein, low-GI diabetic diet, improved blood sugar management much more than a diabetes education programme without accompanying meals over the course of three months (6Trusted Source).


Nutrisystem might be a handy approach to lose weight since it delivers the majority of your meals. While many weight reduction plans require you to cook more at home, Nutrisystem may help you save time by providing ready-to-eat choices. As a result, busy individuals or those who detest cooking may prefer Nutrisystem over other weight reduction plans since it needs less meal planning, cooking, and grocery buying.

Nutrisystem Special Offers & Discounts

While it’s best to check the Nutrisystem website for the most up-to-date offers and discounts on a regular basis, there are a few specials worth noting right now:

  • When you purchase two shipments, you will get a 50% discount on the retail price of both shipments. You’ll receive two for the price of one. For all subsequent 4 week plan shipments, the deal remains once your second shipment arrives. To take advantage of this deal, just change your delivery type to two shipments at checkout.
  • If you order three shipments, you will get a 55 percent discount on both shipments’ retail price. The shipments will come individually, and the promotion will remain for all subsequent 4 week plan shipments once your third shipment arrives. To take advantage of this promotion, just change your delivery type to 3 shipping after checkout.
  • You may enjoy a 50% discount on Protein Shakes for the first month. They’re great for burning fat since they’re high in chromium, protein, and fibre. To take advantage of this promotion, just click the option to add Shakes at checkout.

Final Verdict

Nutrisystem is a well-known diet programme that provides ready-to-eat meals. It’s easy to use and may result in short-term weight reduction as well as better blood sugar management. It may, however, be prohibitively costly and limiting. Nutrisystem meals and snacks are also heavily processed, making them inappropriate for vegans, dairy-free people, and gluten-free people. Although Nutrisystem has helped some individuals lose weight and keep it off, there are alternative, more sustainable methods to reduce weight and keep it off. Visit Official Nutrisystem Website Here