Multi Carrier Shipping Software

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A multi-carrier shipping software is an AI-driven platform that allows ecommerce businesses to integrate with multiple carriers for shipping and order fulfillment. The benefit of using a multi-carrier shipping software is that it enables ecommerce stores to reach wider audiences, save on shipping with discounted shipping rates and avail additional services. A multi-carrier shipping software is also better suited for medium and large businesses because it uses advanced shipping APIs for order manifestation and carrier selection, so that businesses can start shipping faster. On top of all that, an ecommerce multi-carrier shipping software is faster, more efficient and saves logistics costs.

2)List of Top 6 Multi-Carrier Shipping Software for Ecommerce Shipping


ClickPost is a leading multi-carrier shipping software that provides integrations with 150+ carriers that ship to 220+ countries worldwide. It helps ecommerce companies reduce RTOs with NDR management. It can automatically allocate the best carriers for a shipment based on several parameters. Apps and platforms like Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce can be easily integrated with the ClickPost dashboard for easy shipping. It also features a self-serve returns portal. 


AfterShip is a tracking and multi-carrier shipping software with over 900 integrations. It’s mainly known for its excellent tracking services with a branded tracking page that also sends branded email notifications to customers on order status updates. Aftership can also integrate with ecommerce platforms and selling channels. Receive regular analytics reports on shipping. 


Narvar is a multi-carrier shipping software with keen focus on post-purchase customer experience. It provides in-store and home delivery options for customers. It can ship and track orders via a branded tracking page and also notify customers about order status. However, Narvar does not provide real-time updates. Predict EDDs and manage consumer expectations with Narvar. 


Easyship is a US-based multi-carrier shipping software that offers amazingly discounted shipping rates when shipping with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. It also offers other carrier integrations. It can arrange picking, packaging, shipping, tracking and delivery of orders for ecommerce businesses. Customers can see dynamic shipping rates at checkout. EasyShip is most helpful for small ecommerce businesses.


WeSupplyLabs is a logistics and multi-carrier shipping software that helps online stores manage the post-purchase experience of their customers with dedicated services. They can integrate online companies with several carriers for domestic and international shipping. Businesses can opt for their returns management service for hassle-free handling of returns through a self-service returns page. It can also help you increase sales and boost conversion with a branded tracking page.


Convey is an ecommerce multi-carrier shipping software that hastens the delivery process through automation and works to improve the after-sales journey of online shoppers. It can help businesses with a branded tracking page that offers space for promotional activities and enhances customer experience. It can track orders in real-time and inform customers of their order status at every order milestone. They also have good customer care that addresses customer questions effectively. 

3)How to Choose the Best Multi-Carrier Shipping Software?

3.1)How many carrier integrations does the multi-carrier software provide?

3.2)How many locations does the multi-carrier shipping software deliver to?

3.3)What is the onboarding duration? Does it offer technical support?

3.4)How can you track orders in real-time with the multi-carrier shipping software?

3.5)How much does the multi-carrier shipping software cost?

3.6)What additional benefits does it offer?

3.7)Does it offer customer support?

3.8)Can the multi-carrier shipping software handle returns?

4)Final Words

You can ship with 1 or 2 reliable 3PLs till your business is small, but as it starts expanding you will need the support of a multi-carrier shipping software like the ones mentioned above to help reach larger audiences and increase customer satisfaction. This list of the top 6 best multi-carrier shipping software will surely help you in your decision. All the best!