Mini flow meters: Tips to use Coriolis Mass Flow Meters to tackle vibrations

The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter offers accurate measurement and provides numerous benefits when compared to other available measuring devices. But every measuring principle that exists is known to have its own challenges and the same holds with Coriolis principle. Using Coriolis devices can prove to be a tough task especially in low flow applications that is required by heavy industries. Here, you are to tackle a variety of vibrations. 

About Coriolis Principle

Doing some research can help you to know about the benefits offered by low flow meter Coriolis mass device. All instruments of this type help measure direct flow of mass considered to be a vital feature. This is because it helps eliminate inaccuracies resulting from the fluid’s physical properties. Coriolis instruments are mini flow meters and also stated to offer accurate measurements, with no mechanical parts present in it, having high repeatability and dynamic range. 

Can vibrations influence Coriolis mass device measuring accuracy?

It is quite common for industrial applications to experience different types of vibrations in varying amplitudes. The Coriolis micro flow meter liquid helps measure mass flow. For this, it uses vibrating sensor tube that fluctuates to get out of the phase intentionally as the fluid passes through. 

To unwanted vibrations having frequency close to the sensor tube’s resonance frequency, measurement technique is said to be somewhat sensitive. This again is based on the design of the sensor tube like 360 Hz. Or even higher frequency harmonic. Such unwanted vibrations in occur higher in any industrial environment. Hence, manufacturers of low flow flowmeter Coriolis device try to diminish vibration influence on measured value. For this, they use several commonly used technical solutions like:

  • Dual sensor tubes
  • Higher driving frequencies
  • Mass inertia (like mass blocks)
  • Diverse sensor shapes
  • Pigtails
  • Active & Passive vibration compensation, etc. 

Therefore, it can be stated that vibrations does influence significantly the Coriolis low flow flow meter measuring accuracy. However, this occurs only if vibrations have frequency that is near resonance frequency. The remedy for this is based on the type of vibration experienced. 

What vibration types generally exist?

When purchasing flow meter low flow rate devices, you need to ask yourself several questions. One important is the type of vibrations that is generated by industry zone frequencies. They are as follows:

  • Usage-based vibration sources (conveyor belts, pumps, installed machines & equipment)
  • Building-based vibration sources (electrical & mechanical installations such as air conditioning)
  • Environmental-based vibration sources like industry activities, rail transportation, truck, etc.)

The professionals at can provide you with more vital information. 

Vibrations generally travel through various types of medium like air, floor, fluid or pipes. If Coriolis frequency is disturbed, then to some extent, measured flow is likely to be incorrect. Paperless Recorder does offer accurate measurement when purchased of high quality material. 

To reduce vibration effects, it is essential to identify the exact sources. At times, moving the gas flow meter a bit can be useful. Then turn it. Coriolis device can be less sensitive towards vibrations by moving the meter about 90 degrees.