Marvel Studios & Announce Their Mobile Gaming Partnership

Marvel Studios joins forces with Mobile Gaming Portal Moira.Club for Spiderman: No Way Home, a new two-part mobile game for iOS and Android.

Marvel Studios and Mobile Game content producer have officially announced their cooperation for Spiderman: No way home the latest addition to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) lineup. While Marvel’s existing video game cooperation’s with Sony Playstation on titles like Avengers & Marvel´s Spiderman (PS4) allowed the Sony to publish console video games, the partnership marks the first official collaboration between the two publishers for Mobile Gaming Content.

Moira.Club´s Spiderverse Missions and Mystero´s Trap is a two-part mobile game for iOS and Android launching today, Jan. 10, on The title will make its way to Disney+ starting Thursday, Jan. 22. This is worth mentioning, as the comic’s Marvel Unlimited launch coincides with Eternals’ streaming debut on Disney+ today. For more details check out and