Mainframe Technology in the Global South

The internet world stats show the Global South region is leading in internet usage but lagging in internet penetration. Asia has the highest number of internet users at 53.45, followed by Africa at 11.5%. Latin America and the Caribbean are third at 9.6%, according to statistics released in 2021. 

Combined, the Global South region’s internet usage stands at 74.5%. This shows the region produces massive amounts of data daily that businesses in the region can tap into to improve service. A large number of mainframe vendors have eyed the region to tap into this opportunity. 

Using technology to process data

The Global South region is one of the fastest advancing regions in the use of technology. Most fast-growing businesses in the region have adopted the latest technology to satisfy their need for fast data processing to meet market demands. To achieve their growing demand, there is an urgent need for mainframe modernization to improve their current mainframe footprint in several ways. The modernization plan will help improve performance, reduce data processing costs, and increase maintainability. 

The enormous size at which big data is growing can no longer be accommodated by traditional technology. The region has to change both hardware and software tools they use to analyze, process, and extract data from large and complex data sets. The current big data processing technologies adopted by the region are operational and analytical big data technologies. The former indicates the amount of data generated daily. It is the source for big data supply from sources like social media or daily business transactions. The latter deals with processing big data to give real-time insights. It provides real-time analysis for important business decisions. 

Benefiting from the mainframe

As businesses in the Global South work towards modernizing their mainframe applications for optimized operations, they gain the benefits of enhanced technology in various ways. 

Secure system

Data security is a top priority for companies in Global South due to the sensitivity of every transaction involved. Mainframes are designed to offer guaranteed security features for safe business processes. Large scale companies like the financial sector, insurance providers, and the health sector trust the mainframe to provide unparalleled security for their sensitive data.  

Reliable infrastructure

The mainframe has for many years proved to be a reliable computer system. The modernized mainframe offers greater value for reliability to businesses. It has a self-recovering feature in times of failure. If self-recovery fails, the IT specialist gets an immediate notification to take the necessary action. 

Highly durable

Once installed, businesses owners worry less about the mainframe durability. It can perform without challenges for more than a decade. This time is long enough for a business to have recovered its cost of installation and maintenance. After the mainframe reaches its lifespan, a company may decide to replace or upgrade it. 

A scalable machine

The hardware and software of a mainframe are built to offer scalability. This enables it to perform multiple tasks regardless of complexity. It has multiple processors that provide the mainframe with super speeds. 

It is compatible

The mainframe is installed with an operating system that can support varied hardware and software. It will support software that is more than a decade old and another that is a few months old. This is what makes mainframes easy to upgrade even when they have served for many years. Users can install several operating systems into the main without affecting its performance. 

Virtualization abilities

The mainframe uses virtualization processes to overcome memory limitations. Its system contains multiple segments that can control a large number of virtual devices to increase overall performance. 

Digital transformation in the Global South and the place of mainframe

The last few years have recorded the highest growth in digital technology globally. Consumers rely more on digital technology, which is influencing buying behavior in a big way. This has brought a shift in the way businesses relate with customers.

The Global South region accounts for the biggest population globally. Businesses in this region handle millions of transactions daily, something that triggered them to undergo digital transformation. The process will infuse digital technology in every business department so that it can deliver services from a global perspective. Digitization brings a shift into the way a business produces, processes, and reacts to data. It helps a business change its operational strategies to make it competitive and meet its goals. 

Apart from boosting growth, accelerating market penetration, and increasing productivity, digitization also changes the IT infrastructure of a business. The IT infrastructure upgrades from a data center hub to a cloud computing and managed service center. The amount of data produced increases which creates a challenge of resiliency and security. Since the mainframe is designed to fit with any type of hardware or software, it perfectly fits in in a digitally transformed business environment. 

It offers the scalability required, unparalleled data privacy, and high resilience. As a result, multiple business sectors in the Global South region can solve the challenges evolving from big data production. 

Benefiting from big data

The mainframe gives businesses in the Global South an advantage to handle big data. However, this data needs to be processed to give them a better way to serve customers. They combine other technologies such as AI, NLP, and data analytics to take advantage of big data. They gain a lot of benefits from these processes. 

Improved services and products

Knowledge about the latest market trends can help a business create products or deliver services with added value. Manufacturers add certain ingredients to products, remove others from the market, and create new ones. 

Understanding customer mind

Customers shop online using different platforms. They use specific keywords when searching for products and ask unique questions. This is information that gives businesses insights into understanding their customer’s minds so that they can deliver customized services. 

Increasing revenue

Data is important when serving a global market. It helps a business do target marketing where they create content for each market segment. It can also use insights from the data to create products or services that fit within each market segment. It creates better payment methods, modern communication channels, right prices, and applications that serve customers better. A business increases revenue by implementing these strategies.