Life Coach Jose M. Baltazar Shares Sage Advice

International best seller book shares tips to “Live a Healthy, Happy, Long Life and Prosper Without Stress”

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2021 / — “We are designed to live a life of happiness and peace. Happiness and peace allow us to live healthy, long, and prosperously.” Dr. Jose M. Baltazar says, and while the modern world has many obstacles to impede the fulfilment of this design for happiness, his experience as a life coach has equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate these pitfalls in order to live a good life – and help others do the same. This information is what he shares in his book, “Live a Healthy, Happy, Long Life and Prosper Without Stress.”

Baltazar explains that while there are many different ways to pursue happiness and peace, most paths may take people to the wrong destination. Such as the “work hard” ethic, which Baltazar says emphasizes the accumulation of money, a belief that working hard and getting rich will lead to happiness. Unfortunately, this philosophy does not work for most people.

“The emphasis on the accumulation or earning of money to achieve peace and happiness has created a society and a world in which everyone is running around overly busy and stressed and overloaded with responsibility. At the end, most cannot find peace and happiness because they are in too much debt or are chronically ill at a younger age.” Baltazar explains. He adds that most do not come out winners in this game of financial accumulation, resulting in imbalance and dysfunction not only among individuals but also throughout society. “We are a sickened society from the results of so much stress from pursuing peace and happiness by following the wrong paradigm of living.”

He proposes a different way and model that he calls the Life Transformation Paradigm, which prioritizes peace and happiness first, which Baltazar holds will make it less difficult and stressful to attain the other goals people seek. This approach turns conventional wisdom on its head, by first finding and enjoying peace and happiness, one can then live life however one sees fit – and finally attain health, prosperity and longevity. And this is one that Baltazar has applied in his own life.

“This book is about my model and how to work with it so you can start living the life you are designed to live. I have lived by this model since my early thirties. I am almost seventy and, take it from me and the thousands of other people I have taught and coached to follow my model — it works.” Baltazar says. Now he shares his wisdom to readers everywhere so that they may make the necessary life shifts in order to live well.

About the Author
Dr. Jose M. Baltazar runs a life and health coaching practice in El Paso, Texas. It is his passion to help people achieve their dreams and desires while maintaining healthy bodies, minds and spirits. He has a doctorate degree in Mind-Body Medicine and has worked in higher education for over 45 years and has won awards for his work as an administrator, counselor, instructor and trainer.