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The final quarter of 2021 saw the NFT take the world of gaming and art to the forefront and show no signs of slowing as we move into 2022. No matter if you believe they’re an unsubstantiated fad, or a fantastic opportunity for artists and gamers, they are still making headlines when they’re sold for millions of dollars.

What exactly are they? From the way NFTs operate, how you can create them, and the FOMO around them, we’ll go over all the details that are important to know about NFTs in this easy-to-follow guide.

NFTs are now making waves in the collectibles and digital art world to the forefront. Digital artists are witnessing their lives transforming due to massive sales and an entirely new audience of crypto users. Celebrities are also taking part of the trend as they discovered a new way to connect with their followers. However, digital art isn’t just one method to make use of NFTs. They are also be used to represent the ownership of any property, for instance, the property rights for an item that is of physical or digital realms.

What’s an NFT?

NFTs stand for Non Fungible Tokens and can be used to record the ownership of exclusive items thanks to the blockchain. They allow you to tokenize real-world items such as art, collectibles as well as real properties (real estate or concert tickets for example). They can only have one owner at a time, and they’re protected by the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, noone can alter the record of ownership or copy/paste the NFT as with other digital files.

Non-fungible refers to a financial term meaning they are unique and can’t be duplicated. These digital items are not substitutable with other ones due to their unique and original characteristics.

What are the methods used to make NFTs work?

Traditional art pieces such as paintings are valued for the reason that they are unique of the unique. Digital files, however, can be quickly and easily duplicated, copied and hacked. Through NFTs, artwork is “tokenised” to create a digital certificate of ownership, which makes it possible to be bought and sold on NFT Marketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible. Similarly to crypto-currencies, the owner of the item is kept on a public database referred to as a public ledger, also known as blockchain.

The data it contains cannot be altered since the ledger is kept on thousands of decentralized computers all around the globe. NFT are made of smart contracts that can give the artist, for instance, an amount of the proceeds of any future sale that the token generates (royalties).

If you go through a gift shop or an art studio, it’s likely that you’d see numerous copies of famous works and paintings, but this isn’t possible with NFTs anymore. 

NFTs typically involve a license for the digital file that it is linked to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that copyright ownership is automatically granted. Copyright owners are still the original owners of their work through the signature they used to create the NFT.

How to Buy NFTs

If you’re looking to begin the process of buying an NFT, you can do it by the following ways:

First, you’ll need to acquire a digital wallet which lets you keep NFTs as well as cryptocurrency. You’ll probably need to buy some cryptocurrency, such as Ether or Bitcoin, depending on which currency your NFT provider will accept. 

You can purchase cryptocurrency using credit cards through platforms such as Coinbase, Kraken, eToro and even PayPal or Robinhood today. Then, you can transfer the crypto from the exchange to your Metamask wallet.

Then you can go on artists website or NFT Marketplaces to buy the NFT you want using your crypto wallet.

It is important to keep in mind the fees. The majority of exchanges charge an amount of a portion of the transaction when you buy cryptocurrency. And you also need to pay network fees every time you interact with a blockchain, such as when you are buying an NFT.

What Is, Discord

Discord is a no-cost video, voice, and text chat app utilized by millions of users aged to chat and connect with their families and friends. It is a great tool to build and manage communities and users utilize Discord frequently to talk about various topics, from art projects to anything they like to do. It’s a community platform gaining in popularity and used by groups of all sizes, small to big, who meet there frequently.

Most discord servers are invitation-only places for members to keep in contact and enjoy time with each other. There are other larger and more open communities typically centered around particular topics, including popular games like Minecraft or Fortnite. The conversations are all opt-in therefore, users have full control of who they talk with and how they interact on Discord.

Why do people join Discord?

People are drawn to Discord because it’s a place of refuge and an alternative to meet their communities of friends privately. It’s a space where they have the freedom to express themselves as well as to connect with others having similar preferences and interests. There’s no algorithm that decides what content they should view, ads or scrolling forever and there’s no news feed. Discord conversations are motivated by common interests.

Discord is used by people to hang out and organize events including live karaoke parties, painting group screens, or virtual wedding celebrations. There are people who make Discord servers for yoga classes, gaming and comedy fan clubs and even run complete podcasting companies. But also, of course, for NFT communities.

Why do people love Discord?

Discord is used by people Discord to do all sorts of social gatherings. Discord users make servers for classes, gaming as well as comedy fan groups and even manage entire podcasting companies. it is a great option for everyone who needs a space to chat with their family, community and friends. Below, you’ll find some of our most loved stories about the activities of people on Discord and the reasons why they enjoy it. 

What differentiates Discord from other platforms?

  • Find servers (or create one)
  • Meet new people
  • Connect accounts and create an account
  • Texting it up
  • Make yourself Heard
  • Be aware of who you are and be aware of what you
  • Go Live
  • Discord Nitro
  • Mobile

How to Use Discord

You can use Discord in conjunction with, but not separate from the other activities you’re engaging in. If you have a group of friends that you engage in online games with. All of them can connect to this Discord server. You can launch it and connect to it on any device while you go from talking about Street Fighter V skills on PlayStation 4 to cackling about the calamities of Mortal Kombat on the Xbox One version of the game. Cross play already lets players of certain online games to play players on different consoles, which is why Discord is a great choice for teams of players that benefit from the cross play feature. Discord is an excellent alternative to the inferior voice chat application that is available on Nintendo Switch Online.

What’s DeFi?

DeFi is a general term for financial services and products which are available to all who have access to Ethereum or any person who has access to the internet. With DeFi the market is always open, and there are no central authorities who could stop payments or block you from accessing the service. The platforms that were once slow and prone to human error have become automated and more secure since they’re now handled with code that anyone can inspect (open source).

There’s a flourishing crypto economy available that allows you to credit, loan lend and borrow for long/short payable interest and more. For example, Argentinians who are crypto-savvy have utilized DeFi to fend off the ravaging inflation. Companies are streaming their employees’ earnings in real-time. Some employees have even obtained loans and paid them off amounting to millions of dollars without needing for a personal identification or down payment.

DeFi offers a free and international access to financial markets that are now a part of the digital age and viable alternatives to a shady financial system tightly controlled by a few and supported by decades-old infrastructure and computing systems that control your personal finances you do not really own. DeFi lets you access the global financial markets , and gives you investments alternatives compared to local currencies or traditional banks offerings. 

DeFi’s products freely offer new kinds of financial services to anyone with an internet connection. And the best part is that they’re mostly owned and operated by their own customers. Since their inception, millions of dollars of crypto have flowed through DeFi’s applications, and it’s growing faster every day.

Building DeFi

DeFi is an open source movement of blockchain backed financial applications. The DeFi protocols and apps are all available for you to look over with new opportunities and investment capacities. Because of this layering stack (they all have the same blockchain base and assets) protocols can be mixed and combined to make unique financial combo possibilities.

What do you get from DeFi?

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain network used for the vast majority of decentralized financial services. Moreoever, Ethereum provides the possibility for anyone of creating financial products that are totally exclusive and brand new. And the list is constantly growing.

  • Transfer money all over the world at the speed of light
  • Money can be swung freely without intermediaries
  • Access to stable digital currencies as hedge against inflation
  • Collateralized loans can be used to secure personal fundings.
  • Lender is secured by borrower’s collateral
  • Openly trading of tokens 24/7 and in total confidence
  • Diversification of your portfolio
  • Purchase insurance
  • Buy and trade digital art (NFT)

What is DeFi used for?

DeFi is based on the fundamental premise of Bitcoin which is digital currency — and extends beyond it, creating a complete electronic system similar to Wall Street, but without all the costs associated with it (think office towers and trading floors, as well as banker wages). It has the potential to make a more accessible, fair, free and transparent market for financial services that is available to everyone connected to the internet.

What are the advantages?

The Open account doesn’t have to fill out any forms in order to “open” an account. Access is gained through the creation of your own wallet 

Pseudonymous: There is no need to disclose your email address, name or any other personal data.

Flexible: You can transfer your assets around the world anytime, at any moment, without having to ask permission, waiting for transfers that take a long time to be completed, or paying high charges.

Rapid: Interest Rates and rewards are often updated fast (as fast at as often every fifteen seconds) and may be substantially more than the traditional Wall Street.

Transparent: All parties involved can be aware of the entire list of transactions (private companies are not able to provide that type of transparency)

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