Kibo ECLIPSE Review: The Best Web-Based Software and Training Program

Kibo ECLIPSE holds a significant value nowadays for your e-Commerce business. So in this article, I will give you thorough information on everything you need to know about this amazing product, the Kibo ECLIPSE.

Basic Information about Kibo ECLIPSE

The Kibo ECLIPSE is a web-based software and training program for e-Commerce. It was created by Steve Clayton and Adam Booth, and it will be launched on January 25th 2022. The product price is $3, 497 that’s is worth your penny. There is no special training required in using this program, so you can learn anytime and anywhere. You also get a bonus for accessing this product, and you’ll get your training upon purchase. Aside from this, you’ll get a friendly and effective response from the training creators themselves if you need more support. So, it is very recommended.

What is Kibo ECLIPSE

Now that you’ve got basic information about this e-Commerce solution. It’s time to know this better. Kibo ECLIPSE is a web-based training program, and it is where you’ll learn how to make money using this e-Commerce solution. Many people have made millions of dollars using this style in the past couple of years, so no wonder that you can be the next millionaire if you apply this unique strategy from the Kibo.

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When is the Launching of Kibo ECLIPSE

Everybody in e-Commerce is excited to launch this training on January 25th 2022. What’s cool is that the team behind this amazing program is now giving away a bunch of copies of their free pdf version or eBook. It is beneficial for people who want to make their E-Commerce business’s best. It’s perfect for advertisers, for those setting up their e-commerce store, and those who want to make money online. It will help you drive traffic in your business.

Creators of Kibo ECLIPSE

Behind this amazing training program are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. To give a brief background, these two creators are well-known experts in e-Commerce. They are both successful marketers, and they have been a partner since 2013. They have created many successful online courses to share their true wisdom with the world. Last year, they sold a lot of Kibo Code Quantum when released in January 2021. People got great results; that’s why many enthusiasts are in the corner waiting for the release of this new and improved Kibo.

Aidan grew up in New Zealand until he moved to Argentina, where he began his online business and relied heavily on his niche website and e-Commerce to make income. They have multiple online businesses, including niche sites, eCommerce stores, online marketing services, small businesses, physical stores, and more. On the other hand, Steve was already productive and successful before joining an online business. He became more successful as he continues to venture on online business. 

What is the Cost of the Kibo ECLIPSE

The Kibo Eclipse is a web-based software training program that everybody in e-Commerce is looking forward to. It sounds like a lifetime chance to take advantage of this unique training program. The full training costs $3,497, and you can pay in cash or installment for a few months. If you’re not satisfied with the content, you’ll get a refund because there’s a 30-day refund policy. So, there is no money to lose. Besides, you get what you pay for. It’s not a cheap course that will give you a good result, and it’s an excellent price for this. Think about it as an investment; you’ll get a massive return of investment after a while when you apply it correctly. 

Nevertheless, if you open an e-commerce site using the Kibo ECLIPSE method, you should be aware of other costs like domain, hosting, and of course, vastly reducing advertising costs.

How does Kibo ECLIPSE work

You should note that the Kibo eclipse is not about working with Amazon or mastering the Ads in Facebook. Instead, you’ll do the following:

  • Snag a catchy, aged, and brand-worthy domain
  • Set up your eCommerce store using the domain
  • Choose a store theme that will help sell the products
  • Discover the products that sell and provide great profit
  • Put up the products in the store
  • Use the new methods of lead generation and send traffic to the store

Using this training program, you’ll know how to fine-tune your store and discover more products.

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What are the Contents in Kibo ECLIPSE

You’re lucky enough to read this article because you are way too far advanced from others. So, here’s the content of this program.

Module 1: Central Intelligence

It is the Central Intelligence which will give you detailed information of what you are expected to learn. You’ll learn the art of pricing production, everything you need to know about starting and running a business, what you need to do from scratch, how to sell your first product within 48 hours, and various secrets and tips that are worth knowing.

Module 2: Storestorm

You’ll be able to build your website in just 60 seconds. It is excellent to use because it will save you a lot of time, allow you to focus on other things, not just set up your stores, and set up your store quickly based on the same concept you are about to learn from the course.

Module 3: Handpicked Products 

The handpicked products will make you earn up to $200 per day from 3 products. Fantastic if you have this passive income. You’ll get a list of products to determine whether it’s a potential product earner. So, in this module, you’ll uncover the methodology and the secret formula for finding the amazing high-demand products to sell. It’s a powerful module to help you increase your daily income.

Module 4: Profit Vault

The profit Vault will assist you in finding profitable products. You’ll learn to filter from millions of products to find the best ones and the best supplier, as well as the images and the descriptions to use.

Module 5: Traffic Black Box

The Traffic Black Box is the most powerful of this training program because you’ll learn the art of getting traffic for your product to sell and what’s more, you’ll focus on getting free traffic. So, you’ll know more about SEO techniques and ways to generate leads and set up an effective funnel to bring more traffic and sales.

Module 6: Oracle X

The Oracle X is where you’ll learn the great art of logos and get in-depth access to the software that allows you to have your stores published in just seconds. You can also get further information about the correct domain.

Module 7: Kibo Academy

The Kibo Academy is where you will be taught from the vast knowledge of the ecom guys that will help you through. This is an exclusive Kibo community to support you throughout your journey.

What Are the Bonuses in Kibo ECLIPSE

You’ll also get a breathtaking bonus package if you get access to the Kibo Eclipse. The premium bonuses you’ll get from this training are the ff:

  • $997 worth of value for the course about How I Made $10,000.00 in a Day
  • $597 worth about the 100 Best Recurring Niche Affiliate
  • $3,997 value on How I got 4 Silver Play Buttons from Youtube
  • $997 worth about the Google Ranking Secrets
  • $497 worth on a Million Dollar Ad
  • $997 price on How to Rank Youtube Videos
  • $997 worth on How to Create High-Quality Videos with Little to No Work

My Thoughts about the Kibo ECLIPSE

Every day as the launch of the Kibo ECLIPSE, more and more people become very excited about the content of the course and how it will make them happier and more prosperous. Although it’s a bit pricey, think about the saying: “You get what you pay for.” You pay for the best web-based training software to grow your e-Commerce business. Wait for its launch and take advantage of the best it has to offer to make you successful.

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