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Kibo Eclipse is an online step-by-step course on how to run a successful online eCommerce store and increase profits by targeting people who need what you provide.

Kibo Eclipse program is developed by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton , these guys are behind many successful products like 7-Figure Cycle, 100K Factory, Parallel Profits , kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum.

Kibo Eclipse FREE Book

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Some of Kibo Eclipse Course Content 😉

To give you some context, most training courses which show you how to set up an eCommerce business selling products online generally advise to choose ONE niche, then pick (or create) ONE “hero” product to sell in that niche – certainly as a starting point.
Clearly, that can and does work and many people and companies have made a lot of money doing it “this” way…

However, kipo eclipse team always saw an ISSUE with this strategy for one very simple reason…
By choosing just one niche and one product, essentially what you are doing is putting ALL your eggs in one basket.
…and once you have bought the domain name, designed your branding and have ordered your first batch of inventory (which could cost thousands of dollars), you are basically “ALL IN”.
If there’s demand and you start to successfully sell, then that’s great… you’re making money.
BUT… if you were unfortunate enough to have read the market incorrectly and the product doesn’t sell, then you are in a whole world of hurt and subsequently could be down thousands of dollars in unsold stock.

Plus, the entire process is brain-numbingly complicated with many moving parts that could go wrong, especially when you are sourcing and shipping in products from China.
That’s why in kibo Eclipse course do things VERY differently.
As a member in kibo Eclipse…
• You DON’T need to spend weeks researching a niche and “hero product”.
• You DON’T need special permissions, licenses or reseller certificates.
• You DON’T need to invest in inventory.
• You DON’T need to deal with overseas suppliers.

Instead… what kibo eclipse team do is this…
They search for products based on what will MAKE PROFIT (not based on a niche or a “trend”)
They test multiple products in multiple niches all at the same time.
They Implement FREE traffic strategies to target people who are actively looking to buy these products.
They Get INSTANT traction and sales.
They then eliminate products that don’t sell (and keep the ones that do).
Then they keep rinsing and repeating the process to identify more and more profitable products to further increase our income.
The end result?
They end up with a large number of top-selling products that ALL convert to sales and profits!
In other words, they don’t limit themselves to selling ONE product, in ONE niche…
They sell MULTIPLE products in MULTIPLE niches on MULTIPLE marketplaces… and make considerably more money… ( while eliminating ALL the risk associated with buying inventory upfront).
Plus, they are not reliant on any one product, marketplace or supplier which dramatically decreases the risk even further.
For me, it’s the easiest, fastest, safest, and most rational way of building an online business.

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CORE Kibo Eclipse Model

STEP 1 – Activate Your Profitable Products

Now, if you’ve done product research before, you’ll know that there are many ways of identifying products that have the potential to make money…
…and I’m sure you’ll also know that actually finding winners isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

But this is something you WON’T need to worry about, as we have a HUGE breakthrough technology you can take advantage of which will make finding winning products fast, simple and VERY effective.

STEP 2 – Generate FREE Traffic & Sales

The second step is all about aiming to reach an initial milestone of $1000/week in profit by taking advantage of instant, hyper targeted FREE traffic from the Facebook marketplace.

STEP 3 – Scale Up By Multiplying Your Marketplaces and Traffic Sources

At this point, if you followed the process correctly, you are successfully selling your initial products and making money…. And like I said a moment ago, the aim here is to hit $5000/week in PROFIT.

5 huge benefits of Kibo Eclipse business model:

  1. There are NO traffic issues.
    2. You can get RAPID and ongoing results.
    3. There are no supplier issues.
    4. The financial risk-factor is VERY low.
    5. You can do this without giving anything up.

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What Makes Kibo Eclipse Course Unique ?


Cost of the Kibo Eclipse

The price of Kibo Eclipse is $3497. Also , you can choose the four-payment option, which requires you to pay $997 Month. The single-payment option will help you save around $491.

Kibo Eclipse Guarantee

30 days money-back guarantee no-question. That means you can ask for your money back if you do not get any good results within 30 days after purchase.

Is This Program Open Forever?

No, unfortunately, you have to act fast because The Kibo Eclipse registration closes on Friday 3 February 2022 at 11:59 PM. So you don’t have much time left.

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