iMemories Review 2021: is it Legit Product or Not?

If you are one of those people who do not forget the paper and who likes new technologies, but not so much as to give up certain things from before, this article may be of interest to you. Nowadays there are multiple ways to take photos and videos of everything around us, as well as to store everything on the computer, on the cell phone, on the tablet, etc.

But what happens if we want to have these precious memories printed on paper? It is a good way to keep them forever and not suffer from any possible loss of data. But it is even more attractive to be able to see these photographs and videos through a projector to see everything whenever you want and in a very attractive format. This is what iMemories does.

What is iMemories?

This product is a new way to have in digital format all those photographs and videos that you have on your computer or mobile phone and which may be forgotten in a file among all the computer data that you collect every day. iMemories allows you to keep a DVD of all your most precious memories in your home.

What you can send to iMemories?

iMemories can convert an older format of video or photographs in a more modern format, such as the VCD players, even convert it to DVD or Blue- ray disc. No matter the format, this service accepts any type used in the 1980s and later. It is an excellent opportunity to recover everything saved for years in VHS and convert it in

to a newer and safer format that will allow us to enjoy the most important memories with our loved ones and close ones. More specifically, you can send both black and white and colour videos, analog photos, tapes of all types and sizes (even camcorder tapes), even if you have a damaged file you can send it, iMemories can help you recover it.

How much does iMemories charge?

It all depends on your preferences; the price varies according to the plan or package you choose as a user. For example, if you decide to send video tapes for digital preservation, you will be charged $19.99 per video tape, regardless of the length of the video, the price will always be the same. You will find these and many more details on the company’s website.

How the process works?

You will only have to send the original material, wait for the digitalization process to be carried out, save copies in the cloud service and, for longer storage time and always at the user’s discretion, pay a subscription.

How long does the process take?

It is an easy process, as it has mentioned above, just send your videos or photos and you will receive the result in the format you have chosen via email. But this will only be a preview that you will be able to modify and personalise in your own way to receive the final result in four weeks at the most.

Services available from iMemories

One of the services iMemories offers that is worth mentioning is its own app, which is completely free and can be downloaded from various app shops and even Amazon. This app allows you to find all the digital files you have on your phone, tablet or computer and transfer them to save them on another server to save space.

You can also use an 8GB USB memory stick, which is perfect for when you are away from home. iMemories offers a package in which you can also find this option to save your photos and videos and take them always with you safely, plus they will also be automatically transferred to a digital cloud so you can send when and whoever you want all those multimedia files you want. The price is $19.99.

Therefore, there are many people who believe that security is priceless and that is why iMemories has a strong privacy policy that safeguards the confidentiality of each and every one of its customers. For that reason, it also offers a digital cloud service so you can save all your photos and videos without worrying about space or data loss. No matter the format or the quantity, from this pioneer company in digital conversion you will be able to eternalize that which was thought to be obsolete. With no limits, with a cloud service to store all the data in any multimedia format and with a clear security of no loss, iMemories is a way to keep your photos and videos safe


If you want to enjoy all the services mentioned above, you only have to pay a little more money if you want to store a large number of videos and/or photos in the cloud. People believe that security is priceless and that is why iMemories has a strong privacy policy that safeguards the confidentiality of each and every one of its customers.

Gatopy is the perfect company and trademark behind this service, in addition to selling it and advising the customer in everything necessary either for possible doubts or because they need help for the correct operation of iMemories. It is also important to highlight that it has for sale many other products related to the multimedia world. A safe and reference web site to keep up to date with new technologies and all the services they can offer.