How To Verify Mailing Lists For Your Email Marketing Campaign

It is incredibly important to know how to check the database of email addresses for validity if you work in a company that deals with email marketing as a part of business strategy. Before sending out a mass mailing, you must first verify your email address list. After all, it ensures that letters are sent successfully and that a large percentage of them get delivered. There are particular services that can assist you so that you don’t have to do it yourself. Email validators are what they’re called. You can check a lot of things with their help:

  • Syntax – incorrectly spelled emails: mistakes in domain spelling, missing “@” sign, etc.
  • Duplicate emails.
  • Spam traps – if you send a letter to one of these addresses, all subsequent mailings will be classified as spam for a long period.
  • Contacts from which a lot of spam complaints are received.
  • Disposable mailboxes – no one will ever read the mail coming to them.
  • SMTP connection with the recipient’s server shows whether a particular email account actually exists.
  • Whether the user is currently using the specified mailbox or it’s been inactive for a long time.

Although this isn’t a comprehensive list, it does a fair job of highlighting the numerous risks associated with an unverified contact list. For instance, if contacts were gathered by questionnaires, polls, or flyers. Alternatively, if Double Opt In is not enabled in the website’s registration form, a subscription confirmation is required.

Very often mailing to an unreliable contact base can lead you to the waste of money, the risk of being blacklisted by mail servers, your reputation as a sender may suffer, etc.

So let’s have a closer look at some popular email verification services and their best features.

  1. Pabbly Email Verification is one of the most popular email validation services that promises that you will only send emails to verified users. It can help you lower your error rate by deleting all incorrect, false, and duplicate addresses from your mailing list and updating it. In general, the check takes 24-48 hours. This service has many advantages, including search for high-risk keyword addresses and TLDs, slow query submission for more accurate results, round-the-clock support, etc.
  2. MailGet List Cleaning is an online email database validation system for entrepreneurs. Registration can be done only from corporate mail. You can upload the database for verification using CSV or Excel files. This service not only evaluates whether the message will be delivered, but also provides a comprehensive report on a variety of other factors. It’s email filter checks the list at nine levels, paying special attention to syntax mistakes, domain checking, spam traps, and other factors. It also provides a full report on numerous indicators.
  3. Mailvalidator is an online platform for quality control of the contact base. The list of emails can be imported as a file, and it is also possible to connect to the service directly via API. There are two forms of verification: express verification for email addresses that have a known postal history and full verification for everyone else. Express check result: list of valid and conditionally valid emails. A full check will show which of the conditionally valid emails actually exist.