How to Get More Australian Instagram Followers

This article is going to be about how to increase Instagram followers.  I will list the most effective and easiest ways to get more Instagram followers from Australia.

Having a large number of followers on Instagram is a must for social proof of online businesses.  If you don’t have any or very few Instagram followers, your business/profile/online presence could be seen as illegitimate.

But don’t worry!  You’ll find out the most effective and easiest ways to gain followers on Instagram from Australia in this article. We reached out to IamFamous, an Australian Social Media Marketing Agency, to get their help on how to do that. Whether you want to increase your follower count for social proof, your personal brand, or the growth of your business, just continue reading!

Let’s get started!

1. Complete Your Instagram Profile

First and foremost, you need to make sure your Instagram profile is 100% complete.  This means you need to add a description and also fill out the about section of your profile.

Not only will this help new followers know who they’re following, but it will also increase engagement with your photos because people will have more knowledge about what to expect!

2. Use Relevant Hashtags in Your Photo Captions

Hashtags are extremely important for Instagram because this is how people find your account.  When you upload photos onto Instagram, you’ll want to include 10-15 relevant hashtags in your photo caption.

Use the most appropriate hashtags that relate to your photo so that you can maximize your discoverability.

3. Increase Engagement on Your Instagram Photos

The best way to get more followers is by increasing engagement on your photos!  Engagement consists of Likes and comments.  To encourage people to engage with your photos, try asking a question in the caption or commenting on the content of the photo. 

For example, you could ask “What are your favorite flowers” or comment “What a beautiful frame!”

“On the foods to cook?” or “I can’t wait to wear this dress in the summer!”

Another way to increase engagement on your Instagram posts is paying for followers and likes. You actually can buy Instagram followers Australia to increase engagement on your Instagram account. The likes you buy will also increase your engagement and encourage other users to hit the like button when they see a lot of likes on your post.

4. Increase Your Post Frequency

In order to have a large number of followers, you need to be posting very often!  If you only post one photo every two weeks, you probably won’t get many Instagram followers because people will see that your account is not very active. 

But don’t post more than three times a day because that can actually decrease engagement with your photos.  You’ll want to shoot for a post every 1-2 days.

Post at Optimal Times

Another way to increase engagement with your photos is by posting them at the optimal times!  The two best times to post on Instagram are around 11:00 pm and 02:00 am.

Post around these times so that your followers will be more likely to see your photo as they’re scrolling through their feed.

5. Get Verified on Instagram

After creating your Instagram profile, there is one major but not the least hurdle you need to take in order to get more followers!  Specifically, you need to get your Instagram business profile verified.  If you have a website for your business, there is a good chance that this will happen automatically.  If it doesn’t, email Instagram about getting your account verified!

6. Increase Your Social Presence on Other Platforms

Don’t forget to maximize the growth of your Instagram followers by increasing your social presence on other platforms.  This means that you should be sharing content from your Instagram account on other social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, the most effective way to get more followers is to have someone recommend you!  For example, if a friend of yours recommends that their friends follow you on Instagram, those friends will likely follow your account as well.  This is called referral marketing and it’s a great way to get more Instagram followers Australia!

7. Increase Engagement with Other Accounts

Something that may help you increase your engagement (and therefore the growth of your follower count) is by engaging with other relevant accounts.  For example, if you have a food account, you may want to engage with other food accounts.  If you don’t know what accounts to engage with, try using hashtags relevant to your industry or niche!  This will increase the likelihood of others engaging with you.

8. Increase Your Aesthetic Appeal

Another way to get real Australian Instagram followers is by increasing your aesthetic appeal!  Aesthetics includes things like having a high-quality camera, taking photos in natural light, using the appropriate hashtags, and editing your photos using a good photo editing app. Investing time and money into editing your photos will pay off because people are more likely to engage with them!

If you want to get started immediately, check out these 7 Instagram apps that will increase your aesthetic appeal!   Increase Engagement on Your Instagram Photos, Increase Followers on Instagram with Photo Editing Apps, Increase Your Social Presence on Other Platforms, Increase Your Aesthetic Appeal, Increase Instagram Followers!

9. Make Sure You Are Sharing Quality Content

Last but not least, you need to ensure that your photos are of high quality!  To do this, you should be posting relevant photos and avoiding low-quality content such as screenshots from TV shows or Tumblr posts.  If your photos aren’t of high-enough quality, you’ll find that engagement with your account decreases.

10. Increase Instagram Followers with Referral Marketing 

Are you looking for more Instagram followers Well, I’ve got great news for you!  You can actually get free Instagram followers from Australia by engaging in referral marketing!  Specifically, you can get more Instagram followers by sharing your Instagram account through word-of-mouth.  If someone likes your Instagram photos enough to want their friends to become Instagram followers of yours too, they’ll be happy to recommend you!

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