How to Find a Long Lost Person

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People come and go in our lives on a regular basis. There are those people who even after losing contact with, stay in your mind making you wonder about their well-being often. There are ways to find a long lost person online and find out how they have been doing.

To better your chances on a positive result, you will need to have all the details you can remember on the person written down. This will give you more search options to look up with. Such lookup options include middle name, username, age, social security number, last known phone number, email address, last known residential address to name some. 

With such information you can search in countless websites online. 

Search on Search Engines

Search engines have a lot of information on people. Searching on them might give you the results you need. They allow searches with information like names, social security number, phone numbers, residential addresses, email addresses and so much more.

Name searches are usually tricky. Common names tend to come back with a large amount of result to go through. These can be narrowed down by including information like location (city), age and occupation after the name on your search. 

Search engines that you can try for a search are Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo to name but some.

Search on Social Media Sites

Social networking sites are the greatest source of information. Quite a significant number of the world’s population is affiliated on them. It is highly possible that the person you want to find is a member on some of them. 

Searches on them can be done with name, username, email address, residential address and phone number among them. Some of them will allow you search even based on age and certain distinct features. 

Results include names, phone numbers, addresses, photos, posts, email addresses, age, education background, occupation and more other available information. The result deemed on what information the user deem fit to include on their profile. 

The site to consider for a social media search are Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace to name but a few. See more info on how to find someone on all social networks free.

Search on Public Records Sites

Public records keep such data as birth, marriage, divorce, court, criminal, tax, death records. A public records might prove fruitful. 

Searches are possible with a name, phone number, social security number, residential address, email address and a lot more depending on the site you are on. 

If searches yield no positive results from a search on public records online, you can visit your nearest county office and request for them. Take a moment read more on how you can a birthday lookup.

Search the Online Phonebook

White pages information has been made available online for free which is something that should be taken advantage off. Basic searches can be done using a name, phone number and residential address.

Name searches return a phone number and residential address as basic information. Phone number searches will give you a name and a residential address as results. Residential address search will result in a name and phone number.

With these options you can find a long lost person online. It is impossible to exhaust them all. If these bring no positive outcome, a private investigator would be an ideal step.