How to Choose the Right WPC Composite Decking?

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Your outdoor setting’s look may bring a lot of charm to your home. WPC composite decking has become a popular way to enhance the look of your outdoor space. WPC stands for wood plastic composite, and it was created specifically to meet your decking needs. WPC composite decking has grown in popularity as a natural-looking alternative to natural wood. If you want to improve your outside space, WPC composite decking is the way to go. In this post, I will tell you about what should be considered when selecting WPC composite decking

What should be considered when selecting WPC composite decking?

In the following list, I have summarized the top seven considerations that you should keep in mind while selecting WPC composite decking. 

Floor space

The type of floor decking to be utilized is mostly determined by the available floor area. If your location has significant temperature changes between morning and night, as well as low air humidity, then round-hole hollow plastic wood WPC composite decking is recommended. Solid WPC composite decking is ideal in other circumstances when the floor receives a lot of traffic.

Design style 

When choosing WPC composite decking, you should consider the overall design style of your home to decide whether you want to choose a cold color or warm color composite decking. The design and color should be chosen carefully, as it adds so much beauty to your house design. It is advisable to consult a professional designer before choosing the design style. In addition, you should look for a reliable WPC composite decking supplier. Wallong provides a variety of WPC composite products with multiple colors, and you can always find a product that suits you. 


The cost varies depending on the manufacturer. However, keep in mind that the low-cost option is preferable as long as the quality is not compromised. If your budget is limited, 1st generation composite decking will be your ideal choice. It is cost-effective and has better performance than wood flooring or anticorrosive wood. If your budget is sufficient, it’s your call to choose the appropriate decking. Wallong co-extrusion products have superior performance, natural colors and wood textures, which is suitable for your courtyards. If you want to install composite decking next to the swimming pool, Wallong ACME Wood Rubber composite decking will be a perfect option to go. Rubber decking with elsatic surface and the slip resistance grade is up to R11 which will bring safety to your family and friend.

Durability (Lifespan)

The lifespan usually depends on the type of wood plastic composite decking, the amount of maintenance, and the intensity of use. But normally, WPC composite decking is designed for work for an average service life of 25-30 years. 


The important aspect is the performance. Some of the important performance parameters of WPC composite decking include anti-slip, stain resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, and moisture resistance. 


The warranty is important. Also, choose the supplier who offers you more warranty. Usually, a warranty period of 15 years is good to go. It is worth mentioning that Wallong has provided a 20-year warranty for their products. Their reliability and perfect after-sales service are well received by many sellers. 


The WPC composite decking should be such that it requires very little maintenance. The composite decking that requires frequent maintenance is usually not recommended. Both 1st generation decking and co-extension products have strong stain resistance. So you can choose either of them according to your budget. 

Three excellent WPC composite decking from Wallong, you can’t miss 

Following all the above-mentioned considerations, Wallong proudly presents a range of decking solutions. In this post, I will recommend the top three WPC composite decking solutions that you can choose from. 

1.ACME wood decking WL-ADK15023

It is a composite decking that has softwood along with an elastic shield around the core. Thanks to the elastomer shield, the wood plastic composite decking offers many advantages such as anti-slip, superior sound absorption, and durability. It is suitable for swimming pools, balconies, universities, hospitals, parks, and gyms. Some of the advantages of the ACME WOOD Decking include:

  • Anti-static
  • Soft touching decking
  • Ultra-anti slip
  • Anti-scratch
  • Sound absorption
  • Maintenance-free
  • Zero rot

2.SANDBLASTED decking WL-SSDK13923

SANDBLASTED decking  is considered as the most successful exclusive innovation of Wallong, which is an updated version based on co-extrusion. It has an ultra-rough shell, giving the surface superior resistance against slip, stains, and fading. Moreover, it has higher moisture resistance and fire rating. The decking is available in 6 different colors. 

3.CONVENTIONAL decking WL-DK14025

Conventional decking WL-DK14025 is one of the most economical WPC composite products on the market. Its superior performance makes it popular for projects which have a relatively tight budget.  It’s a good choice for swimming pools, balconies, universities, hospitals, and many other applications. Conventional Decking WL-DK14025 is available in a wide range of designs and styles. 


Wallong Technology, which was founded in 2008, is a pioneer in the manufacture and sale of WPC composite decking for more than 13 years. Wallong is committed to providing the best quality composite products(decking, wall cladding, and DIY tiles). Wallong has built long-term partnerships with both domestic and foreign consumers. It is one of China’s fastest-growing and most well-known WPC producers. Other reasons to choose Wallong:

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