How a Group of Enthusiasts Makes the World a Better Place

Princeton,NJ/ 360prwire/ December 14/

Making the world better has always been a challenging task. But teams of enthusiasts like Innowise Group, a global software development services provider, strive to do it and make progress every day.

How it started

In November 2007, Innowise Group was just a small company of IT geeks from Belarus, and their passion was making not just any software, but the software that would help people improve their life. They specialized in software development in Java, .NET, and PHP.

Expanding and becoming a truly international software development company

In over 14 years, our team has grown from a dozen developers to 800 skilled IT professionals, each of them a brilliant expert in their field. With a diverse technology stack and profound expertise throughout a variety of domains, we provide top-notch software development services.

Innowise Group has gathered top data scientists and engineers, software developers and architects, designers, business analysts, and other experts to become a one-stop shop for high-quality software solutions.

At this moment, Innowise Group caters to an array of industries and customer bases. Its services range from outsourced software development or staff augmentation services to full-cycle software development, starting with business analysis and proof-of-concept all the way to fully functioning solution and its maintenance.

Eventually, Innowise Group has become one of the fastest-growing custom software development and staff augmentation companies with numerous rewards (top recommended agency in Belarus and Ukraine, and top software development company in Belarus) and affirmative reviews on platforms like Clutch.

It’s not just about outsourcing software development

Working in staff augmentation and custom software development is not the only vector of the company’s movement. Innowise Group is working on ambitious projects of its own.


One of those is VOKA — a tailor-made polyvalent multiplatform medical solution. Its aims to assist medical staff from various standpoints:

  • is a Mixed Reality surgery assistant for Microsoft HoloLens that allows medical professionals to see 3D models of damaged organs, bones, or tissue “inside” patients. It facilitates diagnostics, planning and conducting surgeries, and has the potential to be used as a telemedicine solution;
  • VOKA Pathology 3D is a mobile application catalog of human pathologies. Created with the assistance of leading medical experts, it contains interactive 3D models of possible pathologies accompanied by a comprehensive review of each condition: its etymology, methods of diagnosis, course of the disease, and medical treatments.

The platform has already earned the trust of medical professionals: is already used by clinicians in the fields of cardiology, neurosurgery, surgical oncology, and traumatology, while VOKA Pathology 3D has been adopted by users globally, reaching the US, Germany, Italy, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and more.

All things considered

Innowise Group is uniting excellent talent around the world not only to build software but to create a better future through its solutions. We look for profound technical expertise, creative approaches to problem-solving, and open minds eager to embrace innovation and growth.

Our main principles are competence, efficiency, and adaptability: if a project demands a high workload, the Innowise Group team can quickly ramp up a dedicated team and find the required expertise to provide quick and high-quality service. Our attitude and hard work have earned us a large loyal client base coming from over 30 countries worldwide.

The team has grown significantly over the years, but we are still a group of enthusiasts passionate about cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art solutions. Each member of our team strives to make the world a better place and works tirelessly to provide the best solutions they can. We grow and evolve, but our values stay the same throughout time, and our team is our best asset in nurturing all the things we care and stand for – trust, collaboration, and, most importantly, great software.