Gifts for Your Spouse That Say You Care (About Their Health)

Are you not sure what gift to get your spouse for that special occasion, anniversary, or holiday? Often gifts can seem shallow and meaningless. Maybe they don’t serve a specific purpose and get pushed to the wayside. Gifts such as these bring little value to the lives of the person you value most in this world. Instead of buying your spouse the next fad or trendy gadget, how about giving them something they can actually use that will make life better. Here are five suggestions for gifts that let your spouse know you care about their lasting health.

1. A Gift for Mental Clarity and More

Health is just as much about the mind as it is about the body. CBG oil comes in numerous flavors and scents, and studies have shown it can help improve everything from depression to migraines. Like CBD, it is non-intoxicating and full of antioxidative properties to help treat inflammation.

2. A Gym Membership

There are few things better for your health than cardiovascular activities. Getting a good workout is good for the mind and body and the best workout equipment can be found at your local gym.

Gym memberships always seem like a good idea, but people often find trouble taking the time out of their day. Visiting the gym shouldn’t be viewed as an option, but instead as an integral part of your week. Commit to going a certain number of times and decide what days work best and stick to it.

When you give the gift of a gym membership, give it as a double as your promise and commitment to meet health goals you set out on together.

3. Healthy Eating Cookbook

While vegetarianism has shown to have many health benefits, you can still eat healthy as an ommivore. This year, cut down on the burgers and fries and spend more time cooking at home with the person you love. The gift of a cookbook filled with recipes for healthy eating will help you both meet your fitness goals faster. Throw in matching aprons and chef hats to make it more fun.

4. New Sneakers

Nothing takes a greater beating during the day than the often overlooked and taken-for-granted feet. Feet carry a person through the long day at work, and when you get home in the evening rarely do they get a needed break.

For these reasons, what cradles your feet is important. The more you walk, the more support you lose in your midsoles. Experts say you need to change your shoes out at least every six months. The heavier you are the more often they need to be replaced.

Surprise your spouse with some new sneakers. Sneakers can disguise themselves and born worn at the office as well as on the court.

5. A therapy Day

A day at the therapy can include so much. Make sure it includes an all over therapy. If you’ve ever had a full-body therapy then you know how it makes your body feel like it’s melting like butter on the table, and you know at that moment that’s where you want to spend the rest of your life. The best thing about the therapy is that you get to carry that great feeling with you even after you leave the centre.

For men and women, all the special treatment a person receives at the therapy can give them a refreshingly new lease on life. Such a great gift should never be given without being shared, so be sure you get a therapy pass for yourself as well.

Nothing says “I love you” more than showing you care about your spouse’s longevity and happiness. These are just five ways you can give the gift of better health to your spouse and each one of them focuses on a key area of health. If you’re really feeling generous this year, why not give them all?