Engine Control Module Mercedes-Benz OH 1526

Do you know that the world’s first bus was discovered by the Germans in 26 years? Karls Benz was the real maker of this bus. No doubt, Gottlieb also started to do work on it. They started to export these buses to England. After that, they started to work on a double-decker.

So, before the start of First War 1. Engine Control was the major feature of this invention. British and English have done well in this sector. Now, these buses adopted different kinds of shapes in the entire world.

Mercedes – Ben do BrasilLtda

In 1952, a technician from Brazilian Malaysian some things in the vehicle. After two years, then did some changes to it. So, on 28th September 1956, the makers started to introduce an industry with the name of Mercedes. All the major countries tried their best to altar something with time.

Mercedes – Ben Argentina

In 1967, the makers of middle-distance buses started to do some replacement in the Engin. The model of 0120 replaces to 0140 and 130-hp engine.

With the addition of L608D, the factory of VirreydelPino released a new version of LO 608D. It converted into a 608 variant.


The mass production of chassis for busses started to steer again. It is a major success to make the 0140 model. A very outstanding engine changed into 156 hp and reinforced into the axels and suspension.

After some time, the company began to make chassis. The new model of Chasis is OC. they used ad OM 352 engine like the LO 1114 bus.

Mercedes – Ben Turk

It is one of the best companies in the foreign. They started to invest in this sector. More than 807 million pounds were invested in this sector. After increasing the export, it became the major company of vehicles at the international level. So, in 1994, there was not any competitor of this firm.

Since the start of Mercedes in Turk, more than 75000 busses, 215000 trucks, and 1,000 mid buses made. Then, they did not stop manufacturing. When the company started to advertise in Turkey, then they raised the importance once again. The manufacturer made a new plant in Turkey also. Istanbul place was a known name in the entire world. Mercedes Ben added all the important features in the vehicle’s body, tires and strongness. Over time, they increased the prices also. But, there is not any change in the demand for these vehicles.


The company did not stop its productions. The division of buses combined to form a new service of EvoBus GmbH. both Mercedes and Seta started to work together. But, they do not maintain jointness. So, both companies started to divide their work.

After the end of one year, the new service bus range presented in 0550. They begin to mix up the three-axle 15 meters in the market. The Intego, EVO buss, Mercedes-brand O405 with twin axle low floor rural bus caught the market. Changes were the major habit of this company.

It was the major first Urban Bus made with CAN data bus. there was a coordinated production among the Seta and Mercedes in 1997. The new version of Citaro low floor was presented this year. All the people like it to use it for tourism purposes. It has consisted of three versions and V8 Engines. The demand for these vehicles increased day by day. Moreover, the company did not compromise on the quality of parts. Parts were manufactured in different countries. However, the price of these cars jumped very high. People always checked the quality instead of the price. Here are some more features of this bus.

Before 30 years, the price of petrol raised too much. It was not easy to run the vehicles through the use of petrol. So, the makers tried to change something in the bus. Yes, the Engine Control oil system changed into the grass. So, the first model of a bus was converted into 0405 CNG. all the modes of these Mercedes Buses changed into fit odle of M-447 hG.

Then, most of the busses were exported to Brazil. Then, a huge mega-industry created history in the market. CNG gas kit decreased the expenses for users. And the demand for buses, vehicles, and cars remained the same. Most other companies also start to compare the parts with it. But, they failed due to durability and reliability.

Final Words

We have discussed all the major parts of Mercedes Ben for viewers. All the major features are added in the above detail. You can get descriptions in different kinds of languages. Mercedes Ben was the first invention of Vehicles in the market. There was not a single competitor of this product. Japan, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, and Germany are major producers of this product. The company started to change some things with time.