Empower, Educate, Enrich & Elevate: IM Academy CEO Chris Terry’s Motto for Success

Most people think of a leader as someone who leads a team or accomplishes business objectives. Multiple articles in books, blogs, and vlogs have demonstrated that a leader leads a team to victory. We asked Chris Terry, CEO of IM Academy, to explain his mindset on empowering others to elevate yourself.

Chris explains that IM Academy had always the goal to empower others to achieve success; He goes on to explain “IM Academy has a mission, and the mission is empower, educate, and elevate everyone we come in contact with. It’s to educate. It’s to elevate. It’s to enrich.”

Simply said, to provide the image of growth, you must desire the same thing for everyone as you want for yourself. It is leaving them feeling better than they did before meeting you.

Do you ever tell yourself, “Well done,” after you’ve won and congratulated your team? You see, for a team to win, the leader must be a member of the team, and there is no hierarchy. We are taught that the relationship in a team is one of follower and leader, but I believe we are all leaders in our own way. “You can’t help somebody else elevate, unless you’re elevated”, continues Chris Terry.

Chris Terry’s thought pattern on how leaders might elevate themselves is as follows:

  • Improve your leadership abilities by motivating others. Listen carefully and question assumptions.
  • Take use of your professional and personal experiences to enrich and grow.
  • Celebrate your victories, both professional and personal; it can only get better from here.
  • Attend educational webinars and classrooms to exhibit your dedication to bettering yourself and your employer.
  • Pause and reflect: It serves an important purpose and can discover several other options.
  • Engage with people who you find inspiring and motivating.

Developing an empowering leadership style may help individuals within teams to feel more secure in their responsibilities. When a person feels empowered, they are more inclined to take the lead, and pay attention to details than they otherwise would. To empower others, your mentality must be helpful, acknowledge accomplishment, have trust in your team members, and accept responsibility. Team members who feel empowered are more motivated and in a better frame of mind to study and deal with stress. Consequently, the company will adhere to a procedure and achieve its goals.

As Chris Terry said: “If we provide value and empower, what we’re doing is we’re keeping people’s hope alive. They’re in the business because they want to get educated. They want to be elevated. Their whole life they want to be empowered; they want that.” The ability to delegate gives both the leader and the workforce flexibility and empowerment. Competent team members will become tired of going to the boss for every decision that must be taken. Finally, delegating gives your team the impression that their mentor trusts them, which is priceless.

About IM Academy

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