Employment abroad

In search of a better life and improved family well-being, many compatriots decide to work abroad. It is very difficult to independently understand the nuances of the laws and requirements of other countries without help. If you need working abroad without knowing the local language, then it is worth visiting the site https://razem.work/vacancies/bez-znaniya-jazyka. On this site, you can find many interesting, proven and reliable offers from real employers.

It is also important to decide on vacancies and conditions for them. Think over how you can apply skills in practice, use the baggage of knowledge.

Official employment: countries and requirements

In the European Union and the countries that adjoin them, there are many vacancies. To work legally, you need to collect the necessary package of documents. You can do it yourself, or you can turn to special firms for help.

You will be prompted to select a country. Here you should already be guided by your preferences, pay, and work specifics.

Today, the most often searched for:

  • Service workers. Since the salary, by the standards of residents, is small, our people most often work there.
  • The sphere of medicine. It so happened that in Europe, there is a catastrophic shortage of medical personnel. There are special employment programs for doctors and nurses, and they are much more profitable than at home.
  • Handymen specialties. Low-paying and hard work is not very popular with the locals, therefore, our people are very much expected there.
  • Production lines and factories. Monotonous and hard work, with which many of our compatriots, without special education, begin their labour activity.
  • IT programming. Our specialists are much better versed in new technologies. They are in great demand in the labour market.

It is important to consider that with legal registration, you will receive a guaranteed payment for labour and insurance. Everything should be spelled out in the contract, which will be your guarantee against illegal employment.

Blue card work

The blue card, which implies a long-term residence permit for employment, is very popular among our compatriots. The cardholder can:

  • Stay in the country.
  • Work at the place where the card is issued or change the place of work.
  • This is a document that allows you to stay and work in the country at the same time.

To get it, you must have a higher or higher special education and agree for at least one year, but not more than 2 years.