Car Shipping To Africa From Usa

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We offer very competitive prices, work to continually expand our network, and find ways to make international vehicle transport more efficient and cost-effective for our customers. Car delivery to Africa doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a company like us – we simplify the entire car delivery process. Numerous tactical staff pick us to move their vehicles, SUVs, RVs, weighty gear, boats, yachts and bikes. We are proud to serve the active military community, delivering vehicles from the United States to South Africa and importing vehicles to the United States from South Africa around the world. American Forwarding & Logistics offers professional car and vehicle delivery services directly from all major US ports to and from Africa.


We are a licensed and insured international automobile transportation company. We are confident to provide safe delivery of any vehicle overseas (West Africa). We use ro-ro ships (ro-ro ship services), container transportation and air cargo to ship from the United States to other counties. Vehicles, automobiles, SUVs, minibuses, SUVs, motorcycles, etc. As an alternative to our roll-on-roll service, we also provide containerized automobile transportation in their own special 20-foot or 40-foot shipping containers for vehicles that need to be secured and transported in the United States.

Contact us if you have any questions about the costs of transporting your vehicles from the US to Africa. As far as expenses, think about spending, in any event, $ 1,500 to deliver your vehicle from America to Africa.

Using automatic open or closed delivery or transporting the driver to their final destination will also cost more. If your vehicle is not working, you will need to use container shipping. RoRo delivery is only possible if your vehicle is in good working order.

Therefore, the cost of transportation and imports need to be weighed against the cost of replacing cars in South Africa. The cost of transporting a vehicle from the USA is usually much lower than the cost of replacing a vehicle, and when you move to South Africa, you want to save as much money as possible.

Many used and new cars can be shipped from the United States to South Africa without any problem if you know how to proceed skillfully. International road transport to West Africa can be simple if you ship with the help of one of the leading overseas freight forwarding companies such as AFL. There are two ways to ship a vehicle to Africa: it can be a reliable and very cheap forklift/unloading service, or a slightly more expensive specialized container service from the USA. Both services offer a great way to ship any car to Africa and both can be trusted when trying to pick up a vehicle safely.

Transporting dump trucks in Africa will always be the cheapest option as the vehicles enter the ship and are attached to the lower decks with wedges and straps. It is also possible to transport vehicles of any type and size on a roll-on-roll boat since the deck can be adjusted in height so that even agricultural machinery has enough space.

Most international road transport is carried out in containers, but there are benefits for other services as well. Delivery of cars abroad in consolidated containers offers the highest cost per vehicle. In this case, the cost of delivery is distributed among different people in one container.

Shipping costs vary greatly depending on the port of departure and destination, as well as the type of vehicle. Car shipping to South Africa from the US starts at $ 3,300 for full-size vehicles and up to $ 7,000 for large SUVs and vehicles. Car delivery to the USA usually costs between $955 and $6500 depending on destination port and vehicle.

The cost of shipping a vehicle overseas from the United States is affected by several factors, including shipping method, container shipping, roller shipment, or air freight, even the distance to the nearest port to the export agent and the country of destination. For instance, transporting a vehicle to Europe in a common holder from the east coast can cost $ 1,000, yet delivering a vehicle abroad in your own 20-foot compartment.

Depending on which country in Africa you plan to ship your vehicle to, you may be subject to laws and regulations that can increase shipping costs. Your best bet is to contact the Department of Commerce (or equivalent) in the country you intend to ship your vehicle to and inquire about import costs and vehicle tax liabilities. Shipping a car from South Africa to the US is somewhat easier, but importers will need to modify their vehicles to meet US safety and emission standards before the vehicle can be legally imported.

Services of transport companies in Africa include weekly delivery of any car or vehicle from any port in USA to any port in West Africa. With international shipping companies, you get an experienced team of international vehicle transport specialists and a variety of shipping services including shared containers, 20ft or 40ft disposable containers and air freight. We offer international car transportation services. We are a US transportation company with an excellent reputation and extensive experience in exporting US vehicles too, Africa, West Africa, the Middle East, South America. Many clients use this service because we manage the entire process of road transportation from the point of departure to the point of destination.

If you need a specific departure date for your vehicle, for example, if you want to ship it to Africa before Christmas, it makes sense from a logistic point of view to use exclusive container shipping. Customers can choose to have their vehicle transported in a 20ft container, a 40ft container, or a 40ft cube container. The base cost is the cost of transporting the vehicle from your supplier in the United States to the port of the vessel. The closest port to dispatch your vehicle will be determined by the shipping method you will be using, such as RO-RO or container, as well as the condition of your vehicle, be it Run & Drive Vehicle, Non Runner, Forklift Emergency Vehicle or clean vehicle. …