Can diabetics eat mango?

In approaching summer, the fruit market remains packed with this juicy delight, MANGO. And not to forget that mango is the king of fruits. Wait, wait!! Does it crop up the same joy when a diabetic notices this fruit? Now, this has been a topic of debate among dieticians and experts. Hence, if you like to know more keep on reading to learn some fascinating facts about mango.

Incredible Benefits of Mangoes for Diabetics

This forbidden fruit for any diabetic patient is a wonder fruit. Now, the question arises, how? Even though mangoes contain high sugar content, they also comprise lower carbs. What does this mean? Any fruit with lower carbs or sugars implies that a person may relish more of it. However, it does not indicate that a person can’t enjoy the higher-carb fruits. Remember to just keep a track of the total carbs of a day. The total carb consumption for a diabetic patient on average must be 100 grams per day. Also read: Best fruits for diabetes.

Give a glance at other vitamins that mango contains. How does it help a diabetic person? Mango consists of a considerable amount of vitamin E, K, and B complex. Also, the fruit is rich in fiber, calcium, potassium, and copper. The fiber content of mango aids in limiting the rapid absorption of the sugars. Also, mango comprises some omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, on the whole, the fruit is very low in fat content. So, in total, having mangoes is undeniably a good idea. Keeping the blood glucose levels under control is the foremost thing. Maintaining a healthy overall diet also implies a person must take note of how much nutrition a food gives. This might relate to the number of calories a particular food offers; i.e., it’s nutrient density along with its fiber content.

Adding Mangos into Diet

Mangos can be disreputable messy to have, hence a person may be curious to enjoy them in dried or juice form. Still, they are healthy but are much more concentrated sources of glucose, hence they aren’t a good option. To enjoy a fresh mango, master the easiest approach to cut one. Rather than peeling it, and then slicing the slippery fruit, a cheek can be cut from the flat pit with the skin over it. The tip of the knife can be used to score the soft fruit into slices or cubes. The skin can be turned inside out. The pieces would slice away from the skin simply. The fruit is ready to eat on its own or as a constituent in salad or salsa. Also, mangoes are an excellent garnish for fish, poultry, grilled meats as well as other healthy entrees.

Do Mangoes Benefit Blood Sugar

A commonly used assessment to measure the increase in glucose levels after intake of a carb-rich food is the Glycemic Index. It assists to determine how rapidly a given food raises the levels of blood glucose, comparing it to the effect of pure sugar. Thus, food having low GI creates less impact on blood glucose as compared to food with a high GI. Fortunately, mangoes with a low GI (average- 51) than other tropical fruits including papaya (59), or pineapple (56). Also, a reasonable portion of mango or 1/4th of fruit or roughly 1/2 cup of cubed fruit would have only minimal impact on the blood glucose levels.

Is Mango Good for Diabetes or Prediabetes?

Based on research studies, mangoes have a considerable role in treating metabolic disorders. Consuming a mango daily could help guard against high cholesterol and diabetes. High cholesterol is the main sign of metabolic syndrome associated with prediabetes. As per the recent guidelines, about 15 grams of carbs must originate from a single serving of fruit for diabetics and under 25 grams for individuals having prediabetes. This is equal to ½ of a small mango. Therefore, the solution is not avoiding, but having the correct portion.

An alternate option, raw mangoes for diabetics

By now, people might have concluded that having mangoes in moderation is the key and not avoiding it. But, for a diehard mango lover having a calculable amount might be quite disappointing. Due to this, most diabetics are recommended to taste raw mango. Raw mango is free of added sugar content. If raw mangoes are taken along with yogurt or rice aids to cut the glucose levels in the body. If mangoes are found appealing, then just remember to restrict the portion. The bottom line for any diabetic is to maintain blood glucose levels.

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