Black Friday 2021: How Lofree 2 Square Meters Influences Your Workplace

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We like our workplaces as much as we adore our homes; in fact, the office desk is like a second home to us. A well-decorated and arranged desk space may inspire us and reveal a lot about our personalities. It can also increase our self-esteem and productivity. You will not get bored working in front of a well-organized office desk, no matter how extensive your office task is. In this post, I’ll explain a novel idea called Lofree 2 square meters.

The concept of Lofree 2 square meters

The importance of your desk setup is already mentioned in the previous paragraph. Let me introduce you to the 2 square meters concept of Lofree. Lofree believes that the three elements that are essential when designing your desk decor: adding green elements, practicing minimalism, and focusing on functionality. Let me tell more about the three elements and how to utilize them in designing a desk setup.

Add green elements

Having a potted plant at your office might have a significant health benefit. A green plant on your desk has been demonstrated in studies to help control work pressure, boost concentration, and increase job efficiency, among other things.

Practice minimalism

A cluttered desktop can distract you from your job and make it difficult to concentrate. When creating your desktop, it’s usually a good idea to follow the minimalist philosophy.

Focus on functionality

The next step is to concentrate on functionality. The Lofree dot keyboard, mouse, calculator, tiny fan, ambient light, and Bluetooth poison speaker are all crucial components of your desktop. The goal of Lofree 2 square meters is to decorate your workplace’s desk while keeping these crucial components in mind.

How does Lofree 2 square meters benefit you? 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of the Lofree 2 square meter approach. Lofree 2 square meters’ designs infuse creativity into your workplace, making it more practical and attractive. Second, it is intended to boost your concentration while also lowering your work stress. Finally, if your office is attractive and well-organized, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on increasing your productivity. 

Lofree has five different mechanical keyboards to practice the 2 square meters concept. 

Lofree has adopted the concept of 2 square meters and created some amazing products for you. The keyboards listed are also created with the Lofree 2 square meters in mind.


The mid-summer contains five amazing products, including a green wireless mechanical keyboard, a wavy potato-shaped wireless Maus mouse, a dot calculator, a reversible mat, and a palmer. The vintage green color scheme, combined with the Morandi color scheme, will give your office a fresh new look.

2.Milk tea mechanical keyboard

Milk tea mechanical keyboard is, without a doubt, the prettiest mechanical keyboard you’ve ever seen. The Lofree milk tea series uses the milk tea color as the main tone of the keyboard and white for the keycaps. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the keyboard is extremely comfortable to type on.

3.Lipstick keyboard

Isn’t it thrilling that each key on the keyboard has a distinct cosmetic color? The lipstick keyboard from Lofree is a unique vintage Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard could be the best gift you can offer to your girlfriend. Every keystroke is a beautiful carving of each immersive makeup, allowing you to convey the material as exquisite and magnificent as you are after makeup. Your workspace will be filled with the greatest vibes, thanks to the keyboard.

4.Lofree wanderfree portable mechanical keyboard

The Lofree wanderfree portable mechanical keyboard is your best choice if you want a quiet and comfortable keyboard. It’s one of our most popular items. The keyboard is protected from harm by a portable suitcase design that also makes it easy to transport. Furthermore, the gadget has excellent compatibility, as it works flawlessly with all systems and operating systems. It’s made to provide you with a one-of-a-kind typing experience.

5.Black gold collection 

If you prefer the color black, we have a Black Gold collection for you. The black gold collection gives your office a really elegant appeal. A black gold keyboard, a stylish mouse, a minimalist calculator, a speaker, a lamp, a palmer, and a reversible mat are all part of the black gold set. The black gold collection is an all-in-one package.

Lofree has promotions on Black Friday. 

We have got exciting news for you. This black Friday, you can buy all of the Lofree products at a discounted price. 

Black Friday month: 10% OFF SITEWIDE& Up to 50% flash sale

You will have up to 50% off for the first five sets during 20:00-21:00 on November 29, 2021. And the first ten orders will enjoy 20% off on November 26 on the Lofree website. And you may get a 10% discount on all products excluding the wanderfree series during this Black Friday month.

Add free Brush Set Gift with purchase of $299

If you spend more than $299, you will receive a free brush set as a bonus from Lofree.

Get a free cute action figure (“Lonely”) for an order worth more than $169 

You will receive a free cute action figure if your order is one of the first 50 and the purchase price is more than $169. So, what are you waiting for?


Lofree is a forward-thinking firm devoted to bringing creativity and innovation to your workplace. Please contact us straight away if you are interested in purchasing their one-of-a-kind items.