Binance Set To Rescue Crypto Rival FTX After liquidity Crunch

They are market participants as well, occupying about 90% of the overall trading volumes. The main profit source for crypto liquidity providers lies in trading fees other users are charged. Our objective is to provide short and mid term trade ideas, market analysis & commentary for active traders and investors. Posts about equities, options, forex, futures, analyst upgrades & downgrades, technical and fundamental analysis, and the stock market in general are all welcome. Also, both crypto and stock investors can end up dealing with slippage, which happens when someone sells a large amount of an asset during a low liquidity period.

Financial terms were not disclosed, and the transaction does not affect FTX US and Binance.US, which are two separate companies, said FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried in a tweet. The deal comes as Binance is under investigation by the U.S. He tagged Zhao in a later tweet, saying “I’d love it, @cz_binance, if we could work together for the ecosystem.” Although it’s nice to stay anonymous, this can also bring some risks to the table. For instance, you may end up losing your currency to potential hackers, or you might forget the password to your account.

The stock markets of a country are heavily regulated by a central authority – be it the central bank or the government. In India, the SEBI is the principal regulator of the stock market. When you think about the word ‘market’, what picture comes to your mind?

Stock Market Liquidity vs Crypto Exchange Liquidity

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Could LUNA Hitting a New ATH Ignite a BTC and Crypto Bull Run?

Higher liquidity indicates increased investor participation. The market is vibrant and prices are stable when liquidity is high. The high level of liquidity allows traders to buy and sell assets at market prices. If we are talking about illiquid assets, then there will be no correlation between supply and demand. As a result, the selling price will be below the market price. Traders and investors cannot purchase virtual assets from nowhere.

Stock Market Liquidity vs Crypto Exchange Liquidity

LUNA was Terra Network’s peg for its algorithmic stablecoin, TerraUSD, which collapsed earlier this year and wiped $40 billion from the market. Cryptos and stocks can be great for investors in many ways, and each one of them brings different benefits to the table. It is essential to know what makes them different if you want to start investing, so you know which one is more suitable for you. Either way, stocks and cryptos are different, and whether you are a newer or more experienced investor, you need to know what differentiates them. So, in this article, we will look into crypto and stocks and see their strong points and weaknesses.

Why is Liquidity Important?

Retail similarly latches onto whales and feeds from their market-moving trades. However, the whale has no person above it to feed from, so it must accept the lack of liquidity as part of the game. The software provides end-users with the best prices available in the market. The software also minimizes the risk of low liquidity during periods when the market is unstable. Unlike stocks, the cryptocurrency community is not subject to central regulations and supervision.

  • The market makers, however, do not want to enter illiquid markets as there is not much volume to be made from takers and there is also additional business risk involved.
  • Stock markets, on the other hand, are only open during business hours in their particular home country.
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  • Having plenty of active buyers and sellers helps to ensure fluent market action and tighter spreads.
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Stocks are considered liquid by many investors, but when it comes to cryptos, their liquidity varies from one crypto type to another. Polygon is less liquid than Bitcoin, for instance, which is due to the trading volume. People have been putting money into the stock market for a very long time.

The total value of the global crypto sector dropped 12%, according to data from CoinMarketCap, with Bitcoin tumbling 13%. Unusual options activity occurs when trading volume in an options contract is high above its average. This type of activity What is Crypto Liquidity is often due to institutional investors and it can be a signal that smart money thinks the price of a stock will move soon. A bull trap is a price movement that lures bullish investors into thinking that the price of a stock is about to rise.

Traders can buy and sell digital assets confidently without worrying about volatility or market manipulation by individuals with large accounts . “Bid price” is the price buyers are willing to pay for an investment, whereas “ask price” or offer refers to the minimum price sellers are willing to accept for a share from the market. The difference between the two is called a “price spread.” The “spread” must be tight in order for the market to be liquid.

In late 2019, Binance invested in FTX, then a far smaller exchange, before exiting the investment in July last year. By then FTX had mushroomed into a growing rival to Binance, which dominates the crypto industry with over 120 million users. WASHINGTON/LONDON, Nov 8 – Crypto giant Binance signed a nonbinding agreement on Tuesday to buy FTX’s non-U.S. Unit to help cover a “liquidity crunch” at the rival exchange, marking an abrupt change in fortune for the digital currency billionaire and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. However, Saturday afternoon nearly 23 million FTT tokens, worth around $580 million at the time, were moved to a Binance exchange wallet, Etherscan data shows.

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The primary function of a liquidity aggregator is to combine digital channels from multiple providers and create a single digital stream. No government can ban cryptos as one can easily transfer their money to a bank account of a different country and buy/sell cryptos from that country. Where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, etc. Cryptocurrency is the face of the digital age, so it’s certainly something worth exploring. Users who don’t want to pay their own money for crypto can even get it for free.

Stock Market Liquidity vs Crypto Exchange Liquidity

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Liquidity solution as proposed on the Aurix chain whitepaper

As a rule of thumb, bigger exchanges will have more liquidity than smaller ones, and more popular cryptoassets will have more liquidity than less popular ones. While talking about a crypto exchange daily turnover, most trading platforms deal with crypto liquidity providers. These companies hold a large amount of digital assets, stimulating the trading flow within an exchange.

Stock Market Liquidity vs Crypto Exchange Liquidity

Charts for illiquid markets are slow and boring, while more liquid markets have highly precise and developed charts. Control by Whales — An exchange’s market could be controlled by a single act, conducting a large transaction where the market lacks liquidity. The following are some of the benefits of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto liquidity refers to the relative ease of converting a coin into fiat money or another coin. Each day Shrimpy executes over 200,000 automated trades on behalf of our investor community.


Binance has agreed to buy rival cryptocurrency exchange FTX after a surge in customer withdrawals triggered a liquidity crisis at Sam Bankman-Fried’s company. As the name implies, market liquidity refers to a market’s ability to easily exchange between two assets without dramatic shifts in the comparative value between the two assets. As you can understand, high liquidity levels are the ideal situation for the crypto market and pretty much every market. In fact, high liquidity means that there are enough buyers in the market who are willing to buy a crypto asset at the current price.

What Are Stocks?

A majority of my crypto sells at the market price, but 10% sells below it. The truth is that as a retail trader, I will never have to care about liquidity. I need dozens of millions before liquidity ever becomes an issue while trading Bitcoin. For an altcoin, the same threshold will be around six figures. However, some people choose coins from the top 100 list only.


She added that the company “returned most of its loans by now.” As of June 30, Alameda had $14.6 billion in assets and $8 billion of liabilities on its balance sheet, according to CoinDesk. An investor will have to pay transaction fees that will affect their returns.

In reality, any upward movement is short-lived and quickly overtaken by bearish activity, causing traders who bought into the bull trap to lose… When the supply of shares is “thin” due to a smaller number of buyers and sellers, the spreads become wider indicating thin liquidity. Conversely, high crypto liquidity implies greater investor participation. The buy and trade orders can be executed faster as a result of the increased participation. Overall, the market will be stable and have minimal price fluctuations. Most investors joined crypto not because they think blockchain is the eighth world wonder, but because it offers up to 5000% annual profits.

Market liquidity is very important to be aware of in crypto markets because they are so new. Even in highly liquid exchanges there will be very illiquid pairs. A good way to judge the liquidity of a pair is to compare the 24 hour volume of that pair with how much you wish to purchase. If the amount you wish to purchase is more than a fraction of one percent, it suggests the pair is illiquid compared to your position size.