Better Butter Spreader Reviews; What’s The Better Butter Spreader Cost? Does The Better Butter Spreader Work? Please Don’t Buy Better Butter Spreader Knife Until You Read This!

Better Butter Spreader Reviews

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Isn’t it fulfilling to watch cold butter melt on your freshly made toast? Forget the appeal, the aroma alone is sure to awaken everyone from the inside and out. But wait, this is just the final product, the process itself for some can be daunting. Why? Well, think about it, the standard knife is highly unlikely to produce ringlets of fluffy butter. There’s also the issue of chunky butter, leaving consumers to contemplate between storing it back or throwing it out entirely. How can anyone neglect the risk of clumping butter in one region with little movement possible? Clearly, we need a solution that ensures these common butter problems are smoothened out, as they should be. The purpose of this review is to introduce the innovative “Better Butter Spreader™” by Dot Com Product Inc.

What is the Better Butter Spreader Knife? – Better Butter Spreader Reviews

The Better Butter Spreader™ is a 3-in-1 butter knife designed to overcome the challenges that arise due to cold butter. As maintained by the Dot Com Product Inc. team, this invention can transform cold butter into smooth, spreadable butter in a matter of seconds. Surprisingly, this strategy does not involve heating the knife in any way, which is one of several features worth celebrating. Matter-of-factly, the secret supposedly rests in its design and the pressure we apply to it. To have a complete feel for how the Better Butter Spreader™ might facilitate enjoyable breakfasts daily, let’s review its list of features.

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What features does the Better Butter Spreader have?

For starters, individuals may be wondering what it is that makes Better Butter Spreader™ a 3-in-1 knife. It turns out that the three primary benefits of using this knife is that it can cut, curl and scoop butter. On the knife itself, there are 21 mini oval-shaped holes (i.e., promotes slotted-hole technology) for the curls, a large oval hole at the top to scoop swirls and serrated edges along the knife to cut through butter. Interestingly, at the very bottom of the knife, a weighted design has been considered to promote spreading without any frustration.

For people who prefer to have their bread as is, the butter will still melt. How? When the knife is pressed into the butter and dragged to produce the curls, the surface causes butter to melt up to five times faster than an average knife. This is evidently what allows for smooth spreading regardless of whether one’s bread is toasted or not. Another feature that is often overlooked is inclusivity. With the Better Butter Spreader™, both left- and right-handed people can find comfort in it thanks to its ergonomic design.

That’s not all, this knife is also multi-functional as it can be used on any chilled butter, jam, cheese and even vegetables. In the latter cases, individuals will no longer have to go through the trouble of grating cheese and vegetables and cleaning up after the mess. Of course, we cannot skip the quality of the knife itself, which is deemed durable, thick, and made with 18/10 stainless steel.

Better Butter Spreader Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions About Better Butter Spreader Knife (FAQS)

By now, buying the Better Butter Spreader is likely a no brainer decision at this point, but it is always important to fully understand the product at hand. Here are the most pressing questions regarding the innovative product to use for spreading butter better:

What are the dimensions of the Better Butter Spreader?

It is 8 inches long and has a 4-inch blade and handle respectively

Where was the Better Butter Spreader made?

The Better Butter Spreader™ is made in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A and ships from a facility in Boise, Idaho.

Is the Better Butter Spreader easy to clean?

Yes, the Better Butter Spreader™ should be treated as any ordinary knife when it comes to maintenance. In fact, it is also dishwasher safe.

Is the Better Butter Spreader only suitable for cold food items?

Not necessarily, this knife can be used on room temperature and cold toppings and vegetables as seen fit. Of course, this knife will not cut through extremely hard surfaces that do not benefit from the added pressure. Hence, restricting its uses to cheeses, jams, peanut butters and other others with similar texture is recommended to upkeep its overall integrity

Do we need to apply a lot of force when sliding the Better Butter Spreader?

No, just enough force to notice butter curling up with every glide

Will the Better Butter Spreader break, bend, or rust?

The Dot Com Product Inc. team insists that the Better Butter Spreader™ will not break, bend, or rust because high-quality, 18/10 stainless steel has been employed. The latter issues are deemed common among low-grade steel knives, often exported from other countries.

Is the Better Butter Spreader protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the Better Butter Spreader™ has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Once the team has been notified of a return, individuals will have to send their items to be inspected. Only when an approval has been granted, will individuals know whether they qualify for a refund or not. For more clarity on the refund processes, consider the following points of contact:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (833) 568 2565
  • Corporate Address: 4122 Keaton Crossing Blvd., Suite 104, Ofallon, MO 63386
  • Return Address: 2260 S. Cole Rd, Suite 110, Boise, ID 83709

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How much does the Better Butter Spreader cost? Better Butter Spreader Cost – Better Butter Spreader Price

As with most kitchen knife purchases, why stop at just one unit right? For a limited time, Dot Com Product Inc., decided to reduce the per unit cost on all bulk orders. To understand the degree of the savings opportunity endorsed, review the following options available on the official Better Butter Spreader website:

  • 1 Better Butter Spreader™ knife: $12.95 each + $6.95 in shipping
  • 2 Better Butter Spreader™ knives: $12.95 each + $6.95 in shipping
  • 3 Better Butter Spreader™ knives: $12.95 each + $6.95 in shipping
  • 5 Better Butter Spreader™ knives: $10.36 each + free shipping
  • 7 Better Butter Spreader™ knives: $9.25 each + free shipping
  • 10 Better Butter Spreader™ knives: $8.99 each + free shipping

For an extra charge of $4.95 per knife, individuals can get their units personalized with names engraved on them. Other add-ons found at checkout include an elegant butter dish ($14.95 each) and a gift box ($6.99 each).

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The Innovators Behind the Better Butter Spreader

Earlier we introduced, Dot Com Product Inc. as the maker of Better Butter Spreader™. Well, this is not the only innovative gadget created by them, as the team is generally known for their efforts in minimizing time and cost linked with everyday tasks. The Better Butter Spreader™ on its own represents convenience, multiple functions, and reduced messes, which are rarely seen with knives. This idea of simplifying tasks appears to be the foundation of the brand, as almost every product listed on their official website reflects the coming together of several features. 

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Final Verdict.

Ultimately, the Better Butter Spreader™ is a multifunctional knife that goes beyond producing fluffy butter with every glide. In addition to helping consumers overcome the hurdles of cold butter, the team at Dot Com Product Inc., took the time to factor in other condiments, cheeses, vegetables, and inclusivity all around. Sure, this respective knife can’t glide or cut through extremely hard surfaces, but it could save consumers from the need to use a grater. If this isn’t time efficiency, we don’t know what is. The ergonomic touch that allows both right- and left-handed users was the selling point for our editorial team, as different users are often neglected in product designs. Seeing that various results can be produced by a single Better Butter Spreader™, allows our editorial team to feel comfortable about the listed prices, which we believe are more than justifiable.

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